What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 43

(Kokoru POV)

The time when I first encountered Yard and the interval before I fell for him was like in the blink of an eye.
He was a well-featured boy, who speak gently while proclaiming that his most favourite things in this world were his older sister and frog.
I listened to him while smiling indifferently…I was just listening to it, though.
While I was still smiling, inside, I felt like smacking someone’s head.
He had always been chasing after the frog.
And the 2nd words that came from him in regards to me was [Stupid].

Why did I start to develop my feeling for Yard?
…….Was it because Yard had never once told a lie to my face?
Every time I did a stupid thing, Yard will quickly criticize me as [stupid], and I guess, the reason why I did not turn into an arrogant person was because Yard had claimed that it was actually stupid to act like one~.
Besides that, Yard had always remembered everything that I said to him.
He had always remembered all those small details that I like and had always managed to give it to me in the form of a surprise gift.
How did he manage to turn into such a good guy?!

I remembered the day we enrolled in the academy.
Yard was so popular with the girls!
Even though I had always thought that I will be able to be with Yard regardless of time and place; however, there were so many girls around Yard that I could not get close to him…..
Despite him maintaining his cold demeanor, those girls had considered those points of him as being cool and sophisticated……
I think that I am really going to cry now.
Since I could not be next to him, I could not help but kept crying and felt like that I could never recover from this kind of cold feeling.

“Kokoru-sama, are you okay?”

The one who stay by my side at the moment was El Onee-sama.

“My place by Yard’s side is…..”
“That’s right, Yard’s side belongs to Kokoru-sama.”

This was the first time that I got to hear the voice of this cutesy El Onee-sama!
Her voice was so adorable!!
It seemed that when El Onee-sama’s voice finally came out, Yard’s older brother, Vert Onii-sama, had changed so much that he kept on doting El Onee-sama regardless whether they were on a public eyes or not.
When I observed her face who was being hugged closely while sitting on Vert Onii-sama’s lap and being spoon fed by him, she appeared as if she was ready to cry at any moment.
She looked so embarrassed by it that she seemed ready to dig a hole and buried herself in…..
Yard will never do such things to me……
Even I will feel troubled if he suddenly does that kind of thing to me….
Nonetheless, it was still understandable how envious I was over this.
I also wish to spend my time flirting with Yard!
………And yet….. Since we entered the Academy, I could never find the time to talk with him….. This is not because Yard had came to hate me, right?

I wonder what kind of rank do I stand in Yard’s heart anyway?
The first one, should be Onee-sama, right?
The second one should be the frog.
Then, third? I wonder if it was El Onee-sama?
The fourth one? His tea-making hobby?
The fifth place…. I wonder if that was my place in his heart?

Yard, I want to talk to you……..

I could never find the time to have a proper conversation with Yard and before long, the day of the dance party arrived.
I wanted to dance with Yard.
But, like before, Yard was surrounded with many girls…. probably….. It was impossible for me to intrude that…..
In order to attract Yard’s attention, I thought that it will be good for me to adorn a green dress with the same color as the frog, however, all my ladies’ attendant looked at it detestably that they forced me to wear this cobalt blue dress complimented with dark blue accessories instead.
I did not have any veto power over my own decision.

“Today’s Kokoru Hime-sama was truly beautiful. I wonder if you will grace me with one dance!”

While I was gazing at Yard, my hand was suddenly grabbed by this guy and I was shocked to find him kissing the back of my hand without my permission.
If I am not mistaken this guy should be from the Marquis’ house…what is his name again?

His name, ma~ whatever!

Besides that, I would like to have my first dance with Yard.

“A~ that, I…. please release my hand.”
“Then, let’s talk about your engagement with me.”

……This person is dangerous!

I desperately tried to escape from his grasp, however, I could never match with the power of a man.

“No, let me go!!”

That person was grinning as he continued to ignore my plea.

I do not want this!! I am scared! Yard, save me!!

“Didn’t you hear that Kokoru disliked being held like that?!”

The one who appeared before me was indeed Yard.


When I called out Yard’s name, he started to look sullen as he continued.

“You are truly a stupid girl who do not know how to read the mood.”

Kya-in! So- so abusive!

Was- Was it okay for me to cry now?

“Yardral-sama, did you heard something coming out from Kokoru Hime-sama’s mouth?”
“You, quickly release Kokoru’s hand.”
“This matter is completely unrelated to Yardral-sama.”

Yard started to look even more sullen as he furrowed his brows.

“Since you incur Kokoru’s hatred, quickly release her or I will accuse for acting disrespectful to her.”

The Marquis’ son unwillingly released my hand from his grasp.

“Then let’s do it over, Kokoru Hime-sama, will you grace me one dance?”

The Marquis’ son once again held out his hand to me.

No, I had said it earlier that I only wanted to dance with Yard.

I looked at Yard.
Yard appeared to be quite grouchy by this display.

Scary! Yard looked so scary!

I do not want to dance with him, but I wonder if it was okay for me to say so?
Looking at the flustered me, Yard opened his mouth.

“This is bad, Kokoru had promised me that she will dance with me, maybe you can come and ask her later?”

Eh? When did we ever make that kind of promise? We could not even find time talk to each other these past few days, you know?

“Kokoru, your hand.”
“I- I am not a dog you know!”
“………A~I see. Your dress today really suit you well…..You look like the poison dart frog.”

It seemed that all the young ladies around me looked at me like I am a pitiful person.
But this was good!
It is because, frog was Yard second most favorite things!

“Ya-Yard, do I look like a frog?”
“Aa……….do you feel dissatisfied with that?”
“No, I am glad.”

As I was about to cry out, Yard held into my hand and his sullenness just now changed into as smile.

“Whenever you cry, you look like a frog, Kokoru; so, you should never cry unless when there is no other people except us two.”

I tried my best to hold back my tears however tears seemed to flow down uncontrolled.

“My make-up will ruin.”

Hearing my word, Yard quickly pulled my hand and walked to the door, leaving the dance hall.
As soon as we passed the door, Yard wiped my teared-stained face with his handkerchief.
I love this gentle Yard.
My tears seemed unable to stop.
I was so overjoyed that I was able to see Yard after so long that I cannot held back my tears.
Looking at me who kept sniveling, Yard seemed to release a deep sigh.
He must be disgusted with me.

“I do not want that….Yard, please don’t hate me….”
“You really do not understand anything. Stupid.”
“I am stupid. I really could not stop crying!”
“Then, I will stop it for you.”


A little while later, something seemed to paste on my lips

I- I- was- was- could it be that I was ki- kissed by him?

Yard was grinning as he lifted his lips from mine.

“Did you already stopped crying?”
“U- yes……….”
“I see, then, let’s go and fix your make up, first.”
“Um- Um- Yard?”
“What is it?”
“Um, I mean…..”
“What is it?”

I was still contemplating on the right words when Yard once again kissed my lip.

“……..Wh- Why?”
“Your face seemed to indicate that you wanted me too.”
“I- I am not!”
“I see? Then let’s do it again.”
“………Wh- why?!”
“It is because I wanted to do it again.”

I could hardly comprehend the word that he uttered to me.

“Let’s go, Princess Frog.”
“Un, I like Yard.”
“I know.”

I felt that it was good that I finally revealed my hidden secret since I could see Yard’s ears turned red as he walked ahead of me.

“Yard, I want to become your bride.”
“……..I understand. If Kokoru want that, then, I will grant your wish.”
“You will? I like you, Yard!”
“That what I had told you, I know it.”

After that, I fixed my make-up and went to the rooftop.

Mou~ I no longer wish to attend that dance party!
I wish to spend the remaining time with Yard, just the two of us!

Since I was able to have a conversation with Yard after so long, I felt so contented that I could not help but smiling happily.
I was really happy seeing Yard paying attention to my story with a gentle expression on his face.
As expected, I am not good if I am not with Yard; I wonder if Yard also feels the same about me?
On the night of the dance party, I finally reconfirmed my love for Yard again.

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