What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 45

Heroine-kun (END)

I was very likely that the Heroine was going to enroll in the Academy at the same time as Yard!
Since then, in every single day, I have been engaging myself in human observation!

Eh? This is weird? Ma~ this is still good.

One day, I finally find someone with pink gold’s hair.
That person was walking while following Yard’s around…..

Eh? That is a boy, right?

“A! You are Bara Hime-sama! This is bad, you are totally cute!”

A boy with pink gold hair was chasing after Yard came to me when he noticed my presence.

“Don’t talk with my precious older sister.”
“Eh?…… Didn’t Yard hate your older sister?”

Th-this boy is the Heroine?
Could it be that this is not an Otome game but instead a BL simulation game?
And Yard was the capture target for that?

Wh- whats more, it was the classic light novel trope, the reincarnation?

“No matter what others say and no matter how others view you, Bara Hime-sama, I will always be by your side.”

Wh- what is this? Why was it that I could not understand whatever stuff that he had been spewing from his mouth? This child is scary!

“A, Etto~………. Thank you very much.”
“Let’s get along with each other, okay. My name is Renbart! Now then, please call me out!”

What an outrageous vigor.

“A~ Hmmm, is Renbart-san, Yard’s friend?”
“Anesama, I am not his friend!  So it is alright and you do not have to get along with him as well.”

Renbart-san was staring at Yard bitterly.

“Besides that, apart from Broudo-sama, I will not forgive any other man who tried to stand beside my older sister.”
“Ha? When you said Broudo-sama, do you mean the one who is the younger brother of the King? He is a Yandere who likes to confine others…..
“Broudo-sama will never confine other people around. Even though he was somewhat a recluse, but he is an adult man with good common sense! I will never get along with a person who decidedly talked behind his back. Mo~ please don’t talk to me anymore.”

E-Eh? I wonder if my outrageous manner just now appeared like how a villainous lady usually act.
Right now, did I somehow become the villainous lady who bullied the Heroine?
I see, if this pink gold hairs Renbart is the Heroine, therefore, it was unreasonable if I do not bully him!!
Yosh, since Renbart-kun is the Heroine, then I am not going to get along with you!

While Renbart looked shocked upon my word, I was gloating inside my mind.

But still, what should I do as a Villainous lady?


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