What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 47

Omake 2 – Thourough Resistance
(Labra POV)

In front of my eyes, there was a boy with a pink-gold hair.

Should I fly kick this guy who tried to jump into Narus huge boob directly in front of me?

Before I could come to a decision, Naru effortlessly evaded his advance as he humbly kissed the ground.

I have seen this guy before!
He was the main protagonist of the 2nd instalment of the game with the similar setting like this world.
Since the in-game Cardinal Brauze was too dull, many voices was raised up among the fans and the sequel of the game was produced as a [Galge].
However, it was a [Galge] in name only, as its content leaned more towards [Eroge].
Therefore, I must get rid of this pink-gold hair guy who obviously tried to aim his paw on my precious Naru….

“You! I could see your poor concealed motive!! Stay away from Naru!”
“……Heroine? Since you already finished with capturing your target, this should not be your problem right? I mean, could you please stop getting in my way of capturing Cardinal?”
“You are a reincarnated person!  Again, stop bothering Naru!”

The 2nd generation protagonist ended up laughing like an idiot.

“So it seemed that you are also a reincarnated person. Then, congratulation on your success in completing the Prince’s route! That’s why, stay out of my way”
“It is not like I am aiming to complete the Prince’s route! It is because I get along well with Naru that the Prince end up as a bonus along the way!”
“Labra-chan, for you to utter such line, that stupid prince is so pitiful.”

Without hesitation, Naru threw her retort in.
As expected of Naru!

“Therefore, the most important person to me is Naru! With that seemingly pink-colored hair, you could not be even be considered as a man!!”
“Ha~a? I have been told that my pink gold hair color is the hair color which complement best Cardinal’s hair color!”
“You did not suit Naru at all!! The only person that suit Naru is Broudo-sama!”
“Compared to that Yandere, of course Cardinal will be happier to spend her [Kya!Kya!Fu!Fu] moment with me!”
“Eh~ too bad! I will make sure that Cardinal will only have her [Kya!Kya!Fu!Fu] moment with Broudo-sama!”

Naru who suddenly turned bright red upon my declaration was so cute!

“E? Cardinal is truly cute! So moe!!”
“Don’t look at her! Down!”
“Labra-chan, it is weird to push him down him like that!”

I quickly hugged Naru.

“You! How cunning!!”
“I will not let you see Naru’s humongous boob!!”

I tried to bury my face on Naru’s big boobs.

What with this outrageous feeling!
This is the happiness!

“La-Labra-chan! You can’t! I have made promises with Broudo-sama!”
“La- I could not hug Labra-chan…. Apart from Broudo-sama, I must not flirt with anyone else…. Is what I have been promising him.”

Naru turned red as she uttered that.

“He really wanted to monopolize this outrageous boob to himself!”
“Th-that’s normal! Isn’t it obvious that only my intended can touch it?”
“I am your best friend!”
“Be- Best friend…. Then, lets’ keep it a sec- secret from Broudo-sama!”

While saying that, Naru hugged my head close to her chest.
This elastic feeling [Poyopoyo] that came from her boobs were truly exceptional!!

“That move is so sly! Heroine!”
“I am healed~!!”

Therefore, I continued to enjoy the privilege given by Naru!

“Kana, I am going to report this to Broudo-sama.”

The moment Naru heard Vertemic-sama’s voice, she quickly separated herself from me.

“Onii-sama! Please keep it confidential~”

Naru, why did you appeared to be frightened?

“Are you scared of Broudo-sama?”
“I- I mean….. Broudo-sama, he might thought that I was cheating on him with Labra-chan….. And because of his jealousy, then our skin ship will become even more intense…..”
“………..Do we need to have another proper conversation with Broudo-sama?”
“Onii-sama! Broudo-sama had properly took my feeling into his consideration! It is okay as long as I do not flirt with Labra-chan, so, please keep silent about this~”

I looked at the 2nd generation protagonist who seemed to be staring enviously at Naru.

“As you can see, Naru and Broudo-sama are so romantic and happy with each other that there is no longer a place for you to interfere….”

Oh well, this guy might as well give up, since there were many other capture targets available apart from Naru.

“I want to bury myself in that boobs!”

I could hear the small murmuring from that 2nd generation protagonist.

A~ this guy is actually a stupid one! The enemy of all women!

“As I thought, I really could not let you approach Naru after all!”

I decided to declare a thorough resistance upon this 2nd generation protagonist.
I will protect Naru!
It was my happiness to be able to protect Naru!

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