What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 48

Omake 3 – Secret

The other day, I found out that Labra-chan was the Heroine and what’s more she was also a reincarnated person.
This realization came out from the stuff that she talked with Renbart-kun.
At the time when I heard the word reincarnation came out from Labra-chan mouth, I was convinced about it immediately.
If we considered about how Labra-chan had always managed to fall into a lucky perverted kind of situation, it made sense to consider that she was really the Heroine.
As opposed to the staple light novel’s Heroine such as the irrational kind or the pitiful misunderstood young lady among many other things, Labra-chan, however, did not even try to capture the Prince and instead befriended me and said that the Prince came along as a bonus due to that!
I unintentionally retorted saying how pitiful it appeared the foolish Prince was.

Back to the story, based on my understanding of their conversation, it seemed that Labra-chan and Renbart have a personal mock experience in regards to this world, was what I thought.

I wonder what was my role in this world, huh?

Until now, I had always thought myself as someone who held the position as a villainess, I wonder if that position existed?


“Labra-chan is the heroine right?”
“……….You can forget whatever that man has been saying!”
“Since Labra-chan is the Heroine, then I should be the villainess, right?”
“…….Naru is my best friend!……And right now…..a capture target.”
“Ha~? Whose?”
“That pink gold hair guy just now.”
“……..Ru- I have to get away from here quickly!”
“I will help you! Or, maybe you should try to hasten your marriage to Broudo-sama?”
“B- but! I promise that I will marry him once I graduated from school….. Right now, I still wanted to spend my school life with Labra-chan….”

Labra-chan appeared to be drowned in emotion as she hugged me.

“Naru, I like you.”
“Me too.”

The both of us were grinning at each other.


“I, Broudo-sa….. There is something that I need to discuss with Broudo!”
“……….Yes. However, you could not suddenly say that you no longer wanted to marry me….”
“It is not about that.”

On this day, I have decidedly to put forward my resolution.

“Then, what is this all about?”
“I have the memories of my previous life.”

Yes, I decided to confess about my previous life’s memory to Broudo-sama.

“Previously, I lived in a world different from this, a world without magic. There, I worked as a pharmaceutical researcher….. Broudo-sama previously told me that I did not act like someone my age, didn’t you? It was obviously a natural thing as I was over 40 years old mentally. Broudo-sa….. I’m telling you this because I do not want to keep any secret from Broudo…..”

After I finished with whatever that I wished to say, I looked at Broudo-sama’s face who had the kind of expression as if he had lose something important.

What should I do, it seemed that he is getting mad.
I did not know if he discovered my startled expression or what, but Broudo-sama quickly approached me as he forcibly capture my arm and pulled me close as he roughly kissed my lips.
Before I knew what had happened, my mouth was forcibly open as our tongues started to tangle with each other.

Wh- what? Why?

Heavy breaths and sliver of saliva were hanging from our mouths as our lips gradually separated.
“……Why is this?’
“Naru, I wanted to have all of you.”
“In your previous life memory, how many men had whispered sweet nothings to you while looking at your expression which I have yet to see?”
“With men other than me….”
“Wa-wait a minute! Why did we suddenly talk about other men?”

With a frustrated like expression Broudo-sama continued.

“You said that you were already 40 years old previously… So, you must already been married to someone else, no?”

Wa- what? Did he become jealous thinking about the me from the previous life?

“………I did not do it.”
“Because I have been treating my job as my lover, I did not even have a friend…..In all my previous memory until now, my first kiss was the one that I shared with Broudo-sama.”

Towards the stunned Broudo-sama, I lightly pecked on his lips.

“I was previously satisfied pouring my love for my books, and as for having a kiss with a beloved man, Broudo-sama is the first person for me.”

Broudo-sama looked so surprised that he face turned red as he crouched down.

“……….I am sorry.”
“I see?”
“I am sorry…. Because of my ugly jealousy, I did some terrible things.”

Broudo-sama held on his head.

“Terrible things?”
“I am sorry for forcibly kissing you.”

Broudo-sama continued to wildly mess with his hair.

“Broudo-sama is jealous, and you also wished to possess all of me, right?”

Broudo-sama’s body seemed to tremble.

“Broudo-sama, stand up.”

Broudo-sama froze for a moment before he immediately stood up.
I quickly hugged Broudo-sama.

“Even I will feel jealous if I saw Broudo-sama get along well with other ladies. Even for me, in regards to Broudo-sama……I wanted to monopolize Broudo all to myself.”
“It is because Broudo is mine!”
“Y- Yes.”

Broudo-sama heaved a deep sigh of relief as he hugged me back.

“Thank you very much and I am sorry for being jealous.”
“You should not put yourself down too much.”
“I also wanted to say sorry.”
“I was flirting with Labra-chan a while back.”
“……..How so?”
“It was like how we were hugging at this moment.”
“………Can I kiss you?”
“Wha- why?”
“Kissing is a privilege given to the fiancé, right?”
“…….That’s right, but…..”
“I will not accept any refusal.”

After Broudo-sama declared so, he kissed me gently.

“By the way, it appears that those intelligence personnel don’t seem intent to interrupt us today?”
“Since I was going to tell Broudo-sama about my secret, so I have taken them down in advance.”
“If it is like that, then, I can kiss you as much as I want.”

Broudo-sama repeatedly devoured my lips greedily after he said that.
Broudo-sama did not know, that my previous self, never had any chances to experience this kind of feeling of being desired by a man; that I could not help but being immersed in this new founded happiness.
I was thinking of such things as I continued to cling onto Broudo-sama.


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