Cinderella Did Not Leave Her Shoe – Chapter 07

Volker: That Nape…

‘I will call upon you again.’ I said as I kissed the back of Miss Fredericka’s hand and left the Castley home.

As soon as I boarded the carriage I loosened my tie and top button, and breathed out a heavy sigh of relief,
‘Ah~…I was so nervous.’ I said to Xavier.

I had been more nervous in that drawing room that I had ever been on the battlefield. I had thought she would have shouted at me, looked at me with eyes full of disdain like she was looking at a disgusting bug. I thought I would be killed.

‘Miss Fredericka was rather adorable, and she’s lovely too.’ I said to Zazie.

Xavier had been forced to come with me just in case I ended up being accused of indecency of some sort. Freed from a potentially tense situation, I was a bit more relaxed, therefore more loquacious than usual.

‘She was acting. Didn’t you notice?’ Xavier replied.

Xavier looked as though he was shocked, ‘Maybe because of you, Young Master?’

I didn’t like his expression.

I sat up in shock, ‘Acting? That loveliness?’

My body sagged. How come?‘

She had no choice but to act that way. Young master looked like you were headed for the guillotine, so she quickly conveyed her gratitude. Apologising first was intentional. See how relieved she was when you calmed down? Under normal circumstances, who would admit that their lace underwear tore and fell off?’

Xavier’s insight! I cleared my throat and made myself more comfortable in the carriage.

‘She was blushing from her ears down to her neck. Although it didn’t show on her face, Miss Fredericka was embarrassed. She is still young. She could not fully hide her shyness.’ He added with an evil sounding chuckle.

Xavier is a bad guy, I thought.

‘Hey? How did you notice that?’

‘Her hair was up.’

Indeed, Miss Fredericka’s hair had been styled prettily into a loose knot off to the side. I am glad I didn’t notice or I would not have been able to concentrate.

‘What kind of a cad would abandon such a beautiful lady? Doesn’t he have eyes in his head? Why did her love affair end so sadly?’

I sighed.

‘If you think you do not want to hand her to another, don’t worry.’ Xavier said.

I was struck by Xavier’s words. Truly, I did not want to let her meet another man. But she is a young lady and she has just had her fiancé break their engagement. She would be hurt.

She is beautiful and gentle.

She had attempted to cheer me up. During the visit, her father had told funny stories and she had laughed heartily. She hadn’t been scared rather she had been like a kitten studying me curiously.

‘Look into plays that the Society ladies like.’ I commanded.

‘Yes, young Master.’ Xavier replied.

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