Cinderella Did Not Leave Her Shoe – Chapter 11

Slender vs Glamorous (1)

Four days had passed since that messenger came with the dissolution contract.

My father informed me that the documents had been submitted to the House of Lords and the dissolution of our engagement had been accepted. I was officially an abandoned woman. From now on, we were unrelated people.

It seemed that everything had been completed without issue, but immediately after Eugene appealed for engagement to his destined woman. The Duke Cajes seemed to have been caught by surprise; for according to father, his jaw dropped and he turned red, then blue, then dark red with rage. I really would have liked to be a fly on the wall when it happened. It would have been a sight to see.

According to Father, Eugene’s fateful person was named Julia. She was rich, and most importantly, she was slender very cute with orange hair and golden eyes. I know very well Eugene preferred very slender women. He hadn’t liked it when my ample chest brushed against his arm when we were about together. He said a woman like me was dirty and common.

It had been worrying at the time. Nothing I could do worked. I tried crushing my breasts, didn’t work. I tried concealing them by wearing clothes with high collars. I had tried using cloths to compensate. Even though I hadn’t been liked, l tried not to be totally disliked.

But it had been in vain.And in all the nonsense, my breast changed shape a bit.

I did useless things to change myself according to the taste of a man who did not even like me.

I sighed.

Marie looked at me and asked,
‘My lady, is it painful?’

She relaxed the cords of my corset,
‘Am I getting fat?’ I asked.

I pinched my waist; there was certainly some extra fat. But food has been really delicious lately and I have been having snack eating competitions with Marie.

‘I think you have become more feminine rather than fat. Your breasts are bigger and your hips are slightly rounder. You had been getting too thin.’

I was too thin before! Even now I am thinner than normal.I smiled vaguely at Marie as she continued to dress me.

Today, my clothes were serviceable and business like. I was going out with my father. After conducting his business thing, we could stop by the jewellery store I like. I haven’t been recently.

‘We’re going to play with the General today.’ My father suddenly announced in the carriage.

Eh? Why?

‘…Because I am still laying the groundwork,’ Father muttered, not meeting my eyes for some reason. He fixedly looked out of the window. What? Laying the groundwork for what? Was it necessary to lay groundwork to see a play?

‘Yes, that’s fine, but…’

When I thought about it after, I decided the general’s invitation to the play had only been out of politeness. There was no reason for him to invite me out. When we were having tea together, he had asked what I did at my leisure time. I told him I couldn’t go out these days, but I like going to see plays. Then he said, he also liked watching plays when he was free. I wonder if he just said that because he was trying to make childish me feel at ease, and he was nearly as old as my father.

But, I like him…no

Maybe it did not matter.I absently stroked the back of my hand.

‘You’ve been doing that a lot lately.’ I heard father say. I looked up to find him watching me. I looked down at my hands,
‘I didn’t notice.’ I shook my hands out. I was embarrassed father had noticed it, for some reason.

This habit was childish.‘What kind of sandwiches did you make today?’ he asked changing the subject.

I patted the large picnic basket beside me, ‘Cream cheese and salmon, thick cut bacon and potato salad, shrimp and avocado.’

Father had asked me to make lots of sandwiches for some mysterious reason. Though, it was not for work. I wondered if I made too much. Usually a noble lady like myself did not step foot in the kitchen, but it didn’t matter if it was normal or not. It was nice to be able to make something for myself if I was peckish. As long as I’m not bothering anyone, it’s good. Right?

‘Did you make roast beef?’

‘Yes Father, because you said you like it.’

But Father gave a vague reply and went back to looking out the window again.

What was wrong with him today? Was he depressed? Male menopause?

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