Cinderella Did Not Leave Her Shoe – Chapter 13

Volker: Slender or Glamorous


She is too thin.

Her body in my arms was as fairy light as before. I didn’t have to bother with more than one arm, and she fit comfortably leaving loads of room.

The Viscount didn’t eat much, so surely Miss Fredericka did not eat much more as well.

I’m afraid I will break her, so I could not hold her closer.

I was surprised that the Viscount, who had said he would come round to play when he had time, really appeared at the training grounds. But the surprise at his appearance was over taken by the sight of Miss Fredericka in his wake. She was wearing a simple green dress that suited her well. Her soft golden hair was shining in the sun, and swaying fluffily. She was beautiful in her natural glow; she didn’t need any extra accessories.

The sight of her beauty left me speechless, my heart became full, and then I seemed to have said something stupid and hurt her. She said something and gave a lonesome smile. That smile filled my heart. While I was wondering how to speak to her, Miss Fredericka’s expression fell and she ran off.

‘Excuse me,’
I said to the viscount and went after Fredericka. While it is not good for her to run like that… her running figure looked lovely.

As I called out to her, she tripped. I immediately caught her.

‘Are you alright?’ I asked.

‘Well…yes.’ She replied.‘Thank you for saving me.’ She said. Her ears, neck and face were gently stained with vermilion. This was what Zuzie had been talking about, how adorable!

I had missed her, I thought, as I took her to the command tent. But I was conscious of the silence between us, and I was sorry that we were meeting in a place like this. It was break time, the soldiers were resting, or entertaining visitors and rebuilding broken practice tools.

‘Fredericka, what were you doing?’ her father asked when we returned to the tent.

There, the Viscount was sitting comfortably, getting served tea by Nicolo, my adjutant. The Viscount looked like it was only natural for him to be there, and Nicolo, who was my adjutant, was acting as his servant. 

‘You can put me down now,’ she said quietly pushing against my chest, but I did not feel like she was being totally resistant to me. But I did not want to let her go, I want to hold her and cuddle her to me. 

‘I’m sorry father; I didn’t want to be in the way of your discussion. So I decided to walk around.’

I remembered her gradually retreating backside. Did you remember you were going to fall? You had your hands on your cheeks and tripped.

Did you know, Miss Fredericka, that when you fell the slender nape of your neck was exposed? 

Why did you put your golden hair in so high? That tempting nape would be revealed just by the wind blowing! It was a hairstyle that could not be managed in a crisis!

As I thought of more suitable hairstyles for Fredericka, the Viscount gave me grin implying I should put his daughter down.

The Viscount did not stop grinning. Nicolo was behaving more distant that usual, I did not mind. Miss Fredericka had a basket in her hands. Could it be that inside it were Miss Fredericka’s handmade sandwiches? 

The Viscount said it was a reward for working hard. Miss Fredericka’s eyes widened at her father’s words. They had come to deliver it, and did not intend on bothering every one. Though break time was nearly up, I will have it after we were done.

‘Thank you for the food.’ I said.

The Viscount and Miss Fredericka made to leave,
‘Do your best,’ Miss Fredericka said in parting. As she lowered her head and walked away, her hair dancing softly. My chest tightened so much I thought I was going to be dizzy.

I will do my best for you, Fredericka!

I feel like I have reached the point of no return. My instincts told me this euphoria would be hard to replace.

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