I’m Doing my Best to Make Myself at Home in Another World – Chapter 01

I didn’t hear about this development!

Of the three continents of Asdelon, in the largest Larshia Continent there was the Gashe Kingdom. In the Ducal house of Osphe which descended from royalty, their third child, a girl was born.

She was named Nefertima, and it’s currently been 10 days since her birth.


I turned into a baby??

I don’t know what to think about a baby who’s just been born but already has an ego. Is this shame play harassment!? Who would be happy about that!?

Tte, it was that guy!!

When I opened my eyes, I was surprised that I couldn’t move my body, and that there was a transcendent beauty in front of me.

The beauty was my mother, and my father was also a tera-ikemen 1 . After a while I also learned that I had an elder brother and sister, but the two were just like my parents, an ikemen and a beauty.

Come to think of it, are my parents and siblings from my last life? doing ok?

I left home and lived alone in Tokyo, but I unbelivably died a solitary death. I, who was the healthiest of my siblings having died straight off the bat, they must be shocked. Especially since in my 27 years, I’ve never had a serious illness or injury, and I’ve never even caught the flu before.

Sorry for being an unfilial daughter. It looks like it’ll be a little longer until I can meet you in that world, so wait for me.

And so, the information I gathered within 10 days was that I became a baby, my name was decided as Nefertima, and that my house was a Duke’s house.

I don’t need that kind of useless setting.

I can’t fluff anything if I’m a baby, now can I!!?

When I believed so, there was a doggy in our house.

His size was comparable to a borzoi 2 , had rough, wolf-like white fur and was stuck to me like a bodyguard.

His name was Dee. When I grumbled he let me fluff up his tail!

A baby’s lifestyle of eating, sleeping and being pampered…Isn’t this my yearned for NEET 3 lifestyle!?

Fumu. When I think of it like that, baby life isn’t something to be tossed away.

After a while of living laid back, I became able to crawl-zei!

Then Dee became even more overprotective-zei.

When I wandered too much, he’d pick me up by the scruff of my collar like a baby animal and bring me back.

The fluff fluff power I got from God is really healing.

When my neck steadied, I was brought out into the garden for a walk, but…I got buried in feathers.

It’s not a joke or a metaphor, I was swarmed by various birds to the point where it was difficult to breathe.

Mother was also shocked.

As one would expect I didn’t want to die from suffocation just after reincarnating, so when I asked the birds to『keep it in moderation』in my heart, they understood.

Seriously, thank you for the wonderful ability, God!

I’ll thank you for that at least!

But, if I can ask for more luxuries, then I’d have preferred to have been born as a commoner rather than in a Duke’s house.

Like so, God must’ve thought I’d do away with human interaction and hole up in the forest. I would’ve done just that, though!

When I had my fill of infantile life to my heart’s content, I grew up quite a bit.

A child’s growth rate is really fast.

When I felt like I could start standing soon and attempted it, I hit the back of my head with excessive force.

I bawled at the excruciating pain…Or rather, I wailed like a dinosaur.

Even though my body was small, it could let out such a big voice. Children are curious things.

Dee, who saw that the situation had turned grave, brought someone along.

Tears blurred my vision, but from the sensation of being picked up, I identified him as my brother.

Shouldn’t you call on my mother for times like this?

「Nema, where are you hurt?」

Saying so, my brother carefully stroked my body.

My feelings of shyness was already worn down from my baby life, so I didn’t care.

When my brother noticed the lump swelling on the back of my head, he caressed that area over and over.

When he did so, the pain mysteriously went away little by little.

When the pain dimmed away to the point where it didn’t bother me anymore, this time I was assailed by drowsiness.

「I’m carrying you, so it’s ok to sleep. Have someone by you next time you push yourself, ok?」

Ahh, that’s right.

Until I can stand properly, I’ll practice when there’s someone there to help me.

And then, revenge!

But why is it so hard to maintain balance, this baby’s body!!

Just like a just birthed lamb, my legs were shaking.

But, I’ll do my best!

If I can stand, there’s a possibility I might be able to ride on Dee’s back too!!

I tried hard to stand firmly on my wobbling legs.

Beside me was my mother and Dee, watching attentively as they swallowed nervously.

Doryaaaaaa, when I tried standing while filled with fighting spirit, I couldn’t balance myself and pitched forward.

This time I’ll hit my face!!

I saw myself stuck on the floor, kissing the carpet.

However, my savior and salvation rescued me before I could dive onto the floor, so what I kissed was Dee’s fluffy fur.

Aahh, this fluffy fur has the scent of the sun. I’m healed.


Mm, I can’t pronounce Dee very well. Well, it can’t be helped since I’m a baby.

「You sure love Dee, Nema-chan. Mom will get jealous.」

Mom seemed lonely, so I said,


and fawned on her.

Even though Mother was a noble, she didn’t leave it to a wet nurse and did the child rearing herself as much as she could.

Though, she seemed to be an amazing sorceress? magician? so she’d go to the royal palace for work now and then.

When Mom wasn’t here, Dad would babysit. Rather than babysitting, it’d be better to say I was babysitting Dad. He’s a Papan who’s too disappointing in various things.

Right right, as promised to fantasy, there’s magic here!

The time when my big brother petted the place that hurt too, that was healing magic.

But because I basically don’t have any magic power, I might not be able to use it.

Well, even if I have a strange power, it feels like I’d be dragged into something annoying so I’m fine like this.

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