I’m Doing my Best to Make Myself at Home in Another World – Chapter 02

I turned one

It’s been 1 year since I’ve come to this house. How fastー

Because today is my birthday, my family is holding a family only celebration.

Though it’s spring, it’s a warm season with no chill, so they brought a table out into the garden and we’re having a petite party.

It’s only soft foods because I still can’t chew well, but the food over here is tastyー

「Nema, say ahh」

My big brother was feeding me finely cut vegetables and minced beef that was made in minestrone style.


Munch much…Yumー

My big brother was a young man who had honey blonde hair and azure eyes, inherited from Mother. His name was Ralphreed. His pet name was Ralph. He was 10 years older than me, but he was an heir full of promise with success in both literary and military arts.

「You’re spilling, Nema」

Saying so, my big sister wiped around my mouth.

She was Canardia, her nickname Carna. Because she was 7 years older than me, once her birthday arrived she would turn 8.

She inherited Father’s red hair and eyes like the color of kingfisher birds. 1

Her face also looked like Father’s, so it was decided that she’d become a grand beauty in the future!

Incidentally I have copper colored hair and black eyes.

It’s said that a black color scheme is rare in this world. There seems to be a lighter color scheme.

Although I said black, it’s not the deep brown like a Japanese person would have. It’s a black very similar to the black of the night sky. I felt a crackling sense of discomfort when I first saw it though.

My facial features are ordinary. Though I said so, it’s like a caucasian from northern Europe. But my nose is stubby…It’ll be good if it gets higher once I grow older.

From the result of various comparisons from myself to my parents, we don’t look alike at all.

It feels like I’d have various troubles as a beautiful noble of the upper echelons, so that’s a reliefー

I don’t need the high specs like my family has. Yep.

「Shangyu Nee-ne」(Thank you, Sis)

Though I had the vocabulary, my tongue won’t move around so I still can’t talk well. Or rather, how do toddlers speak again?

「Nema is such a good child」

Saying so, Father broke into a smile.

He’s a foolish parentー

Papan, you’re an ikemen so you gotta maintain your looks.

After eating the meal, we played in the garden.

Big brother taught me the names of the flowers in the flower bed and how to make a flower wreath, and big sister showed me a little magic.

Aren’t the gender roles swapped? So I thought, but big sister was a tomboy so it seems to be approved of.

The magic I was shown was one where a dove made of fire leapt off my big sister’s hand, and with a small bang it turned into sparks like a firework and disappeared.

According to big brother’s explanation, after shaping the magic as one liked, it was a training magic that would cut off once the practitioner’s control was out of range.

It was a magic for the sake of memorizing how to provide and intercept the supply of magic power.

In a sense, it’s a quick trick!

Next was taking a stroll alone in the garden! Though I said I was alone, given that Dee was beside me, it was a relief.

There were more animals in the garden than expected.

I didn’t know what type they were, but there were birds and squirrels and fish in the pond.

I wanted to observe the pond fish, but Dee wouldn’t let me go to the pond so I exercised self restraint.

I won’t fallーI’m not that much of bumbling oaf, while thinking like that I headed beneath a tree.


The my feet caught on the tree roots and I fell.

It hurt soberingly.


I cried on conditioned reflex.

I was still tiny so it couldn’t be helped.

Dee came over immediately and licked my face.

It ticklesー

Noticing my crying, big brother also came over.

Picking me up, he checked my injuries and cast healing magic over me.

「It doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s ok, it’s ok」

I really love my kind big brother!

Filled with gratitude, I hugged my brother tightly.

Papan, please stop making an envious face from behind,

Your ikemen-ness will go to waste.

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