I’m Doing my Best to Make Myself at Home in Another World – Chapter 03

I’ll be going to the royal palace

It looks like Mom has to go to the royal palace to work no matter what. But Dad isn’t at home because of work, and my big brother and sister are away at school.

I appealed that I could properly watch over the house, but she didn’t agree.

Was it because I avoided Dee’s eyes and fell at the pond before, I wonder?

I was treated like someone who if out of sight, no one would know what would happen.

And so, I was brought along to the royal palace for Mom’s work.

This time Dee was house sitting. They said pets weren’t allowed in the royal palace.

Ah, that was only natural.

「Nema, can you be a good girl while Mommy is working?」


Of course. I won’t get in Mommy’s way!

The royal palace we headed towards in a carriage was huge. And, it made me super excited!

It was the place where the King lived, and it was where the internal administration organization was stationed, so it was sure to be flashy as the symbol of the country.

While Mother was working, I was abandoned in a room of the Magicians’ Tower located in a part of the royal palace.

Tch, I thought I would get to see some amazing magic with these two eyes though.

I had so much free time, I opened the window and called the birds.

I can’t get enough of this feeling of feathers.

The birds were also shutting their eyes pleasurably. So cute!!

Come to think of it, this place is on the first floor.

I wanna go outsideー I want to go explore, even if it’s only this garden.

………Sorry, Maman.

It’ll only be around the garden, so forgive me.

Using a chair in the room as a footstool, I jumped over the windowsill.


I messed up on the landing.


But I endured it. I’d be found out if I cried now.

With the birds as my guides, I commenced my exploration.

There were many animals, like ones similar to squirrels but with droopy ears called Pote (I identified it while looking at an animal encyclopedia) and Ria that looked like small wildcats.

The little ones who noticed me approached me without being on alert and let me pet them.

When I was enjoying my fill of the animals fur, everyone ran away simultaneously.

What happened?

Did people come??

When I looking around, there was an animal that was quite rare in the other world.

IT’S COMEーーー!!

It’s a white tiger! White tiger!!

Somehow it was larger than the ones from over there, but a rare beast has comeーーー!

I’ve already locked on to my target!

I wanted to touch him, fluff him up so badly I couldn’t stay still.

Perhaps having sensed a peculiar presence, the white tiger became aware of me.

Then, it slowly headed this way!

Can I touch him?

Of course I canー!!

Approaching within my hand’s reach, the white tiger sniffed my scent and licked my face.

I clung tightly to the white tiger’s neck without reserve.

Uha~ What is this!!?

I thought it would be hard, but it’s silky smooth and fluffy.

It feels super goodー!!

Enjoying the high quality fur quite a bit, the white tiger didn’t seem to dislike me as well and diligently accompanied me.

Once I became close with the white tiger, he said he’d give me a tour of the garden so I rode his back and we took a stroll together.


Where is this??

I’ve been brought to a place I don’t know.

Uuuh, if Mom finds me, I’ll certainly be subjected to a lecture.

Let’s head back before I’m found.

「What are you letting ride on you, Wrath?」

Uooh, that was surprisingー

There was a person.

When I looked in the direction the voice sounded from, there was a handsome guy that wouldn’t lose to my big brother!

「Wrath seems docile but he’s a ferocious beast. It’s dangerous so come down.」

Ehー don’t wannaー

When I grumbled, I was forced.

I was held by the pretty boy…

I had tolerance toward my brother, but I’m still embarrassedー!

The first thing that drew your attention to this handsome guy was his pupils. His round pupils were like amethysts, and the contours of his eyes were a beautiful almond shape.

The power of his eyes was no joke!

His hair was curly but succeeded in looking pleasantly casual, the blue tint looked nice, and also the soft looking strands, making me want to touch it.

And, each part of his face was bilaterally symmetrical! So it was true that as long as there was symmetry, someone would be beautiful to a certain degree.

Or rather, I’m even more embarrassed now!!

「No hug!」


When I flapped around struggling, the pretty boy laughed amusedly.

You brute!!


When I refused more, the white tiger named Wrath helped me out.

I’m savedーー

Held in Wrath’s mouth, I was put on the ground and wishing for healing, I stuck to the white tiger.

The white tiger also casually stood between me and the pretty boy.

「It’s rare for you to get attached to someone other than me.」

Ahー So he was the white tiger’s master.

「So, why is a kid in a place like this? What happened to your parents?」

Where is this placeー?

I don’t understand this royal palaceー

「Mommy ish workingー」

Damn it…My articulation!

Curses, you ogre, you demon! Your face is smiling, but your eyes are taking me for an idiotー!!

「Your name?」

「Nefertima Oshuphe」

Uwaaah, I stutteredー!

I stuttered on my own nameー!!

Even though I practiced so muchhhh.

「So you’re from the Osphe Ducal house…Come」

Tte, if I don’t go back, Mom will get angry at meー.

Oi, are you going to ignore my opinion!?

The white tiger Wrath-kun let me ride on his back again, but I don’t want to goー!

The handsome guy keeps heading deeper and deeper into the royal palace, but is it ok?

And he stopped in front of a room with a uselessly gaudy door…

There are two security like guys stuck in front of the door…

I’m kinda scaredーー!!

When the door opened, it was like a study room.

The door was extravagant, but the inside was ordinary.

Come to think of it, is it ok for Wrath-kun to enter?

I seeー It’s okー

「What’s wrong, Vil? That child is?」

The mister sitting at the desk inquired.

So the pretty boy is called Vil?…Hm?

I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere??

「Duke Osphe, she seemed lost so I brought her along」

I’m not lost! I’ve properly come back!




Why is Papan here?

「She was playing with Wrath in the garden, so I took her into custody」


The mister and Papan’s voice sounded in harmony.

Hmm, I don’t really get it, but let’s push it onto Papan. 


Descending from Wrath, I coaxed Papan to pick me up.


I was hugged tightly.

Papan, your face is crumbling! You’re becoming a disappointing ikemen!

「Why are you here?」

I still don’t know where “here” is though.

「I’m wish mommyー I gah wonwey by myshelf, sho Wrash-kun pwayed wish meー」(I’m with mommyー I got lonely by myself, so Wrath-kun played with meー)

I replied with a smile. If it’s Papan, then with this he won’t scold me.

「So you were lonely? Sorry.」

I really love my kind Papan.

「Thank you, Your Highness.」


What did you say just now!? What did you call that brute just now, Papan!!?

Surely, I must have misheard!!

「You should thank His Highness too, Nema.」

My death flag has raised!!

“His Highness” means that, right? Commonly referred to as that “Prince” person, right??


His face is good but his personality is horrible………In a meaning, is this just according to template?

「…Thangyu」(Thank you)

I got down from Papan and bowed properly.

Please leave my articulation aside as a charming quirk.

After stopping my bow, my head was ruffled.

My neck hurts…

「Shtahp itttt」(Stop it)

I’ll escape to Papan’s side for nowー

「Is this your youngest daughter?」

The mister at the desk started talking.

Come to think of it, if my father who is a Duke is here, and the Prince is here, doesn’t that make that mister the King?

It’s Papan’s boss. If I don’t greet him properly, I’ll smear Papan’s face with mud.

「I’m Nefertima Osphe. I’m shree yearsh old.」(I’m Nefertima Osphe. I’m three years old.)


My pronunciation was a little odd, but I was able to say it without stuttering!!

「What a well-behaved child. I’m Gardi Ras Gashe. I work as this country’s King.」


Just like the Prince, the power in his eyes was impressive and amethyst in colorー

For the sake of raising Papan’s favorability with him, let’s do something for him.

「Yesh, King-chama」

A smile costs¥0.

Though it loses to fluffiness, a toddler’s smile isn’t to be made light of.

Un un. The King also returned a smile.

…What should I do about Papan’s disagreeing face?

In the end, I returned together with my Father and Mother.

Of course, Mom was extremely mad.

For some reason, Papan was included with me.

Really, Mom’s scolding is seriously damaging to my heart, so please forgive me already.

Dee told me he was happy I made a new friend.


Not that brutish guy! It’s Wrath-kun!!

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