I’m Doing my Best to Make Myself at Home in Another World – Prologue

Just speaking from the conclusion, I, Akitsu Midori, 27 years old, have died.

I died suddenly, but the cause is probably from overworking? I was aware I was working too much, and my physical condition had already deteriorated since a while ago.

Well, it was my fault for being too focused on being busy and not going to the hospital.

Or rather, how does your death get recognized as one from overwork? I don’t have anything like dedication towards my company, but at this time when they’ve listed their stocks, dying even though I was a contract employee will give them a bad image…

My company is a subsidiary, but it won’t go bankrupt or anything, right? …Ahh, the figure of my superior from the parent company who spoke demeaningly comes to mind.

Frankly, I don’t care one bit about the parent company. Superiors who don’t even look at the factory floor can go eat shit.

Now then, what will happen…

When I was deliberating, God called out to me!

Just like pleading to the Gods when you were troubled, I tried consulting them.

Then God said that if I would accept under a condition, they’d make things work out.

The condition brought forth by God was 『reincarnation』ーーー

I was told promptly that at another world called Asdelon, they told me to go decide whether or not to destroy the human race…

While wondering what was up, I asked the particulars.

Summarizing, the humans of Asdelon conducted themselves like 『they were the ones chosen by God, and controlling the world was also the humans’ given right』, persecuting the elves, beastmen and demons that lived in Asdelon.

Though the world was different, the things humans think don’t changeー. Somehow I’ve learned of that sort of development from historyー.

But why can’t you decide? When I asked God that, they said that any race was their own creation so they couldn’t decide.

How selfishー.

………Wait a minute. If it’s reincarnation, then I’ll still die in the end!

They said it was my destiny to die at 27, and even God couldn’t change it…

They told me that if I reincarnated and decided whether to destroy or not, they’d let me choose how I die…

My way of death, this kinda sucks…

Should I take the condition, or should I keep the sudden death from overwork and go like this?

Hmm, since the parent company is connected to the government (the so-called destination where high-ranking officials go to retire), it feels like they’ll cover it up.

When I thought about refusing, God said they’d give me any ability I wanted.

By ability, you mean… a cheat!?

It’s the reincarnation cheat that’s popular nowadays!!

What would be good? When I was asked that…

「I want to fluff!! I want to play with cute animals!! Give me soothing please!」

I shouted from the bottom of my heart.

God drew back somewhat from my strange tension, but it can’t be helped!

Fluffing up my beloved animals was my number one therapy.

When I fluffed up the cat at my parents, I’d be categorized as an enemy and even though it’d turn into a bloodbath, I couldn’t stop.


Doesn’t this mean I just gave conseeeeent!!?

「Wait! Time out!!」

「Then I’ll make it so that creatures other than humans are fond of you, so search for ones you like.」

Oohh! Meaning that’s it’s possible to savor a fluffing that’s not possible in that world, like with wild cats or birds of preyー!

That’s not it, me! You too God, listen to what people saaaaaay!!

「It’s fine it’s fine! I’ve picked a wonderful family for you.」

A splendid ignoring skill.

Why do I have to be caught by this guy?

It’s something that doesn’t happen often? Is that so… I hate the me from before I died!

For the time being, after socking God who had a beaming smile once, I quickly departed.

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