The Duchess of the Attic – Chapter 07

Eight days after Opal moved to the attic.

Just after waking up, she stretched greatly, very relaxed.

(At first, this wooden bed was hard to sleep in and I couldn’t sleep well, but I’m used to it now.)

The servants have begun to move up and down outside of the room, thinking she’ll never approach Stelle nor Hubert, and just because of this, they treat her as if she were invisible, but they still answer her calls as it should.

(The first day in the attic, I went downstairs in the afternoon and talked to one of the servants, but it ended being a pretty frightening experience.)

She had brought a dress to her room, so she was able to wear it alone without any help. Opal changed clothes and went downstairs.

The first thing she wanted enough to master the courage and speak to someone in the mansion was the location of the library. Opal now travels every day to the library, reading all books available and returning them when finished.

All day long, except for this small walk to the library in the morning, she spends her time in the attic.

After reading a book, she does some gymnastics on the spot to move the body, embroidery and has her three meals.

She was like a favored prisoner, but for Opal, marriage was just that, a prison.

(I’m not a prisoner, it’s ridiculous to follow these rules …)

Opal favorite books in the library had all been read. She had no other book she liked for the moment.

Opal thinks, while walking slowly between the bookshelves looking for a new favorite.

Hubert ordered her to be far away from Stella, and he would love if she disappeared from their sight.

(What more? I just have to get out of this mansion.

I need to return to the county’s territory. I planned to return at the end of the season anyway. Neither father nor brother will ever go to the territory.)

They will never meet Opal, if she lives in the territory.

(Speaking of a grand welcome after marriage, everyone in the territory will be happy to welcome me.

I’ll tell Hubert this evening and depart tomorrow morning.)

Opal, who came up with a good idea, was passing through the bookshelf humming, but at that time there was a book that she noticed.

The dukedom’s history book.

Looking around, there were several books about the territory.

Opal picked them up. Since she was married, she took books back to the room to read, knowing that even if she was just for decoration in this marriage, it would not hurt to know more about what is within her responsibilities as duchess.

From there, she spent her time reading biographies and other things until Beth brought dinner.

“Hey, Beth”

“What is it?”

“I want to talk to my husband, so please ask him to make time as soon as possible. Of course, if you specify the time and place, I’ll adjust to it.”


(In order to not repeat what happened with Mrs. Northam’s last time again, I asked Beth very carefully.)

Beth accepts with no expression and leaves the room.

But she didn’t come back soon.

Opal continued reading the book she brought out of the library, since she had to wait anyway.

Following the biography and history of the dukedom, there was a record of the Duke’s territory. When she read through a map, her eyes widened, but the newer the record, the more Opal was filled with questions and doubts.

(What is this…?)

As Opal thought so, the door was knocked and lunch was delivered.

Beth glanced at Opal and took a glimpse at the book name.

Opal closed the book, laughing innocently and set it aside.

“Thanks, Beth. Today’s meal looks delicious too.”

To be honest, her meals were what the servants eat, and although it was a menu that was not fit for nobility, this is probably due to cutting food expenses.

However, even if the meal were one for servants.

At present, the servants do not seem to be undernourished.

Suddenly, Opal remembered Mrs. Northam and thought about the food expenses.

She has never heard of a party or tea ceremony held in the mansion.

Rumor has it that the duke did not like socializing, but now she thought that he had avoided inviting people due to Stella.

Only if you can hold social events of the size of a dukedom, you will be recognized as a Duchess.

With Opal and Hubert getting married this time, many should expect a party for next year.

(Oh, it’s awkward … but if I don’t do anything, I’ll be ridiculed and judged for my qualifications to be a duchess…)

Of course, because he’s a Duke, nobody will point it out.

However, the rumor will run far and wide in the shadows.

Opal, who sat down alone and started eating, stabbed the boiled potatoes with a fork as she was irritated by such thoughts.

Then, she puts the potatoes in her mouth and chew slowly.

Is low in salt, but not bad.


“… what is it?”

“I asked master about a time for him to see you…”

“Oh, that’s right. So?”


“Yeah, what’s his reply?”

Beth seems puzzled by Opal’s question.

Opal urges Beth with coldness, as she didn’t intend to answer.

“He said to come to the south tea ceremony room after your meal.”

“Yes. So where is the tea ceremony room?”

“I’ll guide you”

“I understand. Thank you.”

Opal continued to eat again.

(I don’t care about their bad manners. I’ll leave this house tomorrow.)

The people from this house don’t care about Opal, as long as they have the money they got from her dowry.

After finishing the meal, Opal looked at herself in a mirror, without changing her clothes or combing her hair, only to make sure her face was clean, and then left the attic to go the tea ceremony room.

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