The Path of Perfect Evasion Healer – Volume 03 – Chapter 15

We’ll not return yet

We decided to go further into the dungeon since that was what the Demon King wanted. We advanced to the second floor after defeating the Demon Slime and the giant on the first floor.

There’s no way the monsters will suddenly get stronger, right? While I was anxious of the possibility, a group of Demon Goblins appeared in front of us. Their attacks missed me, of course.

“Based on their weapons, these look to be… a knight, an archer, a magician, and… healers? So much variety.”

“Should I help too?” Lusha asked.

“Definitely. Goblins are best eliminated quickly since their main advantage is their numbers.”

“Got it.”

This time I asked Lusha to join in, so she and the Demon King defeated the group of demon goblins. The hunt was going well because they weren’t getting attacked. Lusha’s shots may have been all over the place, but she could at least avoid hitting the Demon King.

“Alright, we’re moving on.”



At his direction, we kept moving through the dungeon.

◆ ◆ ◆

As soon as we reached the fifth floor, the demon-type monsters we’d been fighting until then changed to Fenrir-types. Hey now, you’d definitely expect the Demon King to have trouble with these.

“I think it’s best to turn back.”

Lusha agreed, “Yeah, for sure. These things are pretty strong… it’s a little too much for Tito-sama to level up here.”

But still, the Demon King himself refused, shaking his head defiantly. “I want to go further!”

“Err, Tito-sama, you realize it’ll be tough for you to defeat the monsters here, right?”

I tried to persuade him otherwise, but he was obstinate. No matter what, he wanted to keep going. Considering the time of day, it was still around noon, so it might have been fine… but this floor wasn’t a suitable hunting ground.

Well, then again, is there anything better than being owed a favor by the Demon King?

“Okay, let’s go ahead. But Lusha will be the main attacker, okay? If it gets too much harder, I’ll have the Shop Fairy fight as well.”

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

With the Demon King’s approval, I had no choice but to proceed further into the depths of the dungeon. As I said before, the monsters on this floor were Fenrir-types. Even Lusha had trouble killing them with a single blow, so the Shop Fairy started attacking as well.

Fenrir were beautiful silver-haired monsters, and their agility was probably among the best. Still, they can’t beat my high evasion. I may have trouble if they all come at once, but for now, no single monster can hit me in a 1v1.

“Well well, it’s no surprise anymore that you could avoid even an agile Fenrir.”

The Shop Fairy threw something like a marble at a Fenrir, which exploded. It seemed to be an item for battle, but it surprised me. It didn’t seem suitable to use in such a narrow dungeon, after all.

“What would you do if one of those things caused the ceiling to collapse?”

“Don’t worry about it, the dungeon isn’t that soft.”

It was just as she said, the dungeon seemed quite sturdy; it took no damage at all from the blasts.

Well, this floor wouldn’t have Fenrir if it wasn’t tough enough to handle them, right?

“Honestly, it’s amazing that you can take out a Fenrir with one hit. I want that item, too.”

“Come oooon, it’s expensive, ya know? 10,000 each!

“Damn, as expected from a merchant.”

It’s impossible for me to pay that much for a single-use bomb item. When I get rich, I might want to buy one as insurance. After all, if Lusha isn’t around, I can’t beat any monsters.

After that, the Shop Fairy and Lusha worked together to defeat the monsters here, and we finally arrived on the eighth floor in no time before taking a rest. It was a pretty fast pace since we had solid firepower now.

“This floor is quite vast and the ceiling is high…”

The ceiling was likely over twenty meters high, and it wasn’t built like a typical dungeon floor; rather, it was one massive passageway, with the end a far-off point in the distance. What kind of dangerous monsters inhabited this place? Since Fenrir showed up at the fifth floor, it was safe to say this floor would have something even stronger.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sudden roar of a monster.

“Jeez, what the heck is that!?”

Lusha looked around with trembling shoulders, then raised her voice while pointing at the ceiling.

“No way, that’s a wyvern!!”

“Is that a dragon…?”

If it’s attacking from the air, I don’t know if we can fight it properly. I thought it would be quite annoying, but then I put my support skills on everyone.


“Alright, me too! First… [Enchanted Arrow][Fire Arrow]!!”

Lusha used her enhancement skills to increase her attack power, and another skill to ignite her arrow. The moment before she shot it, I was thinking it might hit since the Wyvern was such a big target ― but reality wasn’t so kind.

The arrow flew past the big wyvern, off towards the sky…

“Now now, I won’t let you do that! Hi-ya!”

The Shop Fairy threw two bombs. One hit the wyvern and ripped off its tough scales, while the other exploded in the air, changing the trajectory of Lusha’s arrow.

“I see! With that, Lusha’s arrow will hit the Wyvern!”

“Of course, of course. Moreover, since the scales were torn off, the arrow will strike the wyvern’s flesh directly!” According to her, this was twice as effective as attacking it normally.

“My arrow… it hit!”

The wyvern was completely knocked out of the sky from the momentum of Lusha’s arrow and crashed to the ground. With that, all that was left was to give it a serious thrashing. Lusha and the Demon King hit the wyvern with everything they had and killed it.

“Amazing, that gave us a lot of experience…”

It seemed like a somewhat pitiable situation for the Demon King, since the experience would be divided between all of us.

We fought two more, and finally reached the road which went to the next floor. Since Wyverns were so strong, there didn’t seem to be very many of them. We decided to take a break before going down the spiral stairs to move to the next floor, the ninth floor.

“Your Majesty, what’s your level now?”

“Let’s see… I’ve leveled up quite a bit, I’m level 12 now.”

“My, my! Going up that much in just one day is fantastic! That’s plenty!”

The Demon King nodded in agreement with the Shop Fairy, and turned to us.

“Right, I didn’t say it yet, but thank you, Hiroki and Lusha.”

“I’m honored to help you. I hope you’ll be able to use your magic skills properly,” I replied.

Lusha chimed in as well, “We’ve all worked hard. I’m sure you’ll get stronger soon.”

It seemed likely that the Demon King’s magical situation might be resolved soon. When that happened, I might be able to hear a story about the magic I’m searching for.

“Next is the ninth floor, isn’t it? It’s almost night-time, and I think it might be better to turn back now, but…”

I say that, but if this dungeon is only 10 floors, it might be easier to just capture it and return with the transfer device. And it would be, but…

“I can see the next floor from here, but its construction has changed again… There will definitely be an even stronger monster to deal with.”

“Probably, yeah.”

The next floor was indeed visible from where we were taking a break ― the construction was gorgeous. This phenomenon usually occurred on the floor with the boss room, but… it’s questionable to see it on the ninth floor.

Will the monsters get even stronger from here? Lusha thought that might be the case, and I agreed with her. For that reason, I wanted to go back now ― but again, when I looked at the Demon King, he shook his head.

“Alright then, we’ll go on, but if I decide we can’t defeat the monster, we’ll turn back.”

“Ah, that’s fine! Thank you, Hiroki.”

I couldn’t refuse him too strongly while he was in such a good mood. On the contrary, I think we should endeavor to keep him in such a mood…

Anyway, it can’t be helped, so let’s brace ourselves once more.

“So that’s why the structure of the ninth floor is so beautiful.”

After walking out of the safe zone onto the ninth floor, no monsters came out. What’s going on? I barely had time to wonder before an ornate door appeared in front of us. It was very similar to the door of the boss room that we usually saw at the bottom of dungeons.

I looked back at everyone.

“Isn’t it a bit strange that the boss room is on this floor?”

“Yeah, I think so too,” Lusha said, “The boss room was usually on the tenth floor, wasn’t it?”

“Right?” The Shop Fairy agreed.

Opening this door would be dangerous, but this was a dungeon only known to the Demon Kings. You couldn’t discount the possibility of there being something special about it.

I really do think it’s better to go back, but if I’m honest, I also want to see what’s in there. What does it look like in there? I want to open it.



“We’ll go into this room, and we’ll kill the monster inside. As my level has increased, I’ve come to get a feeling for my magic.”

His orange eyes stared at me while he’s out of breath.

For a 13-year old boy to make such a definitive statement, even if he is a Demon King, I couldn’t bear to withdraw, so I nodded in agreement. In this battle, we’ll definitely witness the Demon King’s specialty.

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