The Path of Perfect Evasion Healer – Volume 03 – Chapter 16

Demon Lord Vs Dungeon’s Boss!?

I opened the door to see three monsters ahead, and couldn’t help letting out an exasperated “Seriously?”

A Demon Wyvern was in the center, with two Demon Fenrir following it. If I were to fight them alone… honestly, it might be tough. If Ren was here, he’d have his Taunt skill, but unfortunately, I don’t have anything similarly useful.

I took out the monster-attracting potion from my bag and drank it, but we couldn’t be sure of its effectiveness. It definitely worked against weak monsters, but strong monsters might be resistant. Right now I’ll just see if I can avoid these three monsters’ attacks. However, I was only able to avoid two attacks; the third one managed to hit my Shield.

[Shield]. As expected, it’s difficult to avoid even three attacks from a strong enemy…”

Unlike goblins, their basic attacks can generally be avoided, but not always. My sweat tickled as it ran down my back, but before I knew it, the Demon King stepped forward and used his magic skills while holding his cane.


The blast struck home, bringing a growl from the target. The power of Fire was different from the Water he had been using so far, and I could tell at a glance that the fire attribute was his strong point.

It does a lot of damage, but it still wasn’t enough to bring the monsters down. Of course, he was low level to begin with, so it’s naturally going to be more difficult, but usually Demon Kings are unconditionally tough and strong, so if he’s like that, this won’t be hard at all.

My shield took two more hits. “[Shield]. We can’t keep this up for long.”

It would be fine if they only attacked me, but if they targeted Lusha or the Demon King ― Shit, did I just raise a flag?

The Demon Wyvern opened its mouth, preparing to spit fire, and it was aiming in the direction of Lusha and the Shop Fairy instead of me. They should be fine, I put Shields on them, but if the monster starts focusing on two of our hitters, this could be bad. If I didn’t take any measures ― as if to interrupt my thoughts, the Demon King suddenly jumped in front of them.


“No! I’m the one who said to keep going, I won’t let anything happen to them…!”

It may have been his pride as a Demon King, in spite of his youth. He turned his cane toward the Demon Wyvern and Demon Fenrirs, which were still grouped together, and quietly chanted.


Suddenly, a powerful fire rolled up. Even the flames spat by the Demon Wyvern were swallowed up, along with the wyvern itself and the Demon Fenrirs. That fire was worthy of being called hellfire, and Lusha and the Shop Fairy were surprised to see it.

The Demon Wyvern roared in agony as it fell over, and at the same time, the Demon King wavered on the spot before collapsing.


I caught the Demon King just before he hit the floor. The three monsters had all been killed by his Inferno, so the room was safe now. The Shop Fairy also rushed over while shouting “Your Majesty!”

“Oh my, Your Majesty…!? Did he run out of magic!?”

“I think so. [Magic Search].”

Tito Apricot

Magic 0/224

“Whoa, he did use up his magic. As I thought, Inferno really is an amazing skill.”

“Yeah, it’s a high-tier magic skill, you know.”


Even Ruri hadn’t yet learned that skill, and she was a powerful wizard herself, so I could expect it to be a considerably rare skill. There was one more point to be worried about, though… the quantity of Tito-sama’s magic had increased from 110 to 224, more than double. Considering his magic has exceeded 220, I don’t think his magic will explode. However, I couldn’t be sure unless the person himself tried it.

“Hiroki, is Tito-sama okay?”

“Since it’s just magic depletion, he should be fine with a little rest.”

“Really? Phew, thank goodness…”

Lusha was also relieved, but stared at the Demon King.

“For now, since he needs rest, could we let him use our tent and sleeping bag?”

“Good idea. I can’t possibly let him sleep on the dungeon floor, after all.”

I’m sorry about our shabby tent, but the Demon King has to sleep somewhere. I tried to take it out of my bag, but the shop fairy stopped me.

“Ah, don’t worry about it, I have just the thing.”

“Really? That’s helpful.”

Surely the Shop Fairy must have a wonderful camping set.

“Since it’s for the Demon King to sleep, I wonder if this will work? [Small Box House].”

“Box house?”

The Shop Fairy held her bag and scooped out a miniature model house that could fit in the palm of your hand. It looked like the kind of thing that would be popular if it was part of a series in capsule toy vending machines. When she put it on the ground, the house suddenly became 3 meters in size.

“…It’s a house.”

A cute red roof, wooden entryway, and one window, with warm light shining through from the inside. The shop fairy opened the door, so I carried the Demon King and went inside. There we found a living room, with two doors to go to the inner part. When the Shop Fairy opened one of the rooms, there were five beds placed within.

“I sure was surprised to see a house come out of nowhere, but it’s even more amazing that it has a bedroom…”

“It’s a super rare item, after all. Hiroki, put His Majesty in the bed.”


After laying him down, the Demon King’s breathing became stable, so I was sure he’d be fine. All we had to do was wait for him to wake up well-rested. We went back to the living room. While we were there, I asked the Shop Fairy about this item.

“Is this also for sale?”

“Now now, this is mine. I can’t sell them because they’re out of stock right now, and the price fluctuates so much each time… but it’s different from the Apricot grass, it’s expensive but you can still look at it, right?”

“Yeah, you’re right…”

She made a convincing argument.

“It doesn’t seem like I can buy it even with a lifetime of work. Hey, what’s behind that door?” Lusha asked.

“Oh, that’s the bathroom, complete with a toilet.”

“It’s so complete!”

Despite being disappointed, Lusha still curiously asked about the house and then looked around the living room enviously, complimenting it again and again.

I want it too, but it’s too expensive… Honestly, it would be better if I can find it rather than buy it. There has to be a shortcut, right? So long as I can be a high-level adventurer, I should be able to get the materials necessary to make one.

No wait, who made such an amazing item in the first place?

“By the way, this item is a small box house, right? Did someone make it?”

There were blacksmiths for weapons and alchemists for potions; entire specialized professions existed for making those items. I thought maybe this item was craftable with some kind of special or high-ranking job… but it seemed I was wrong.

“As far as I know, there’s no such profession. These rare items are usually taken from a treasure chest in a dungeon with a high degree of difficulty.”

“Ohhh, I see.”

If it’s from a treasure chest, then that’s exactly the best way to get it.

“In that case, we might be able to get it someday if we go around clearing dungeons.”

“Certainly! Dungeon treasure chests are more amazing than I can imagine. I’m happy just to get a skill book, but if I could get a house like this, I’d feel like flying through the sky.” said Lusha.

Lusha told me to keep dungeon diving and opening treasure chests as much as possible in the future. The Shop Fairy and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Then we’ll have to work hard to level up, collect money, and strengthen our equipment.”

“Yup, I agree! I also want to give them stat boosts.”

“No matter how much you earn, you’ll never know what you want next, huh?”

“That’s why adventuring is fun!”

Lusha had a positive attitude towards the idea that it was endless. Surely adventuring wouldn’t be fun without a purpose or goal.

“You two really are a good party, huh? I’m sure it’s fun just being together.”

“Lusha is the best partner, after all.”

“Oh my, how lovey-dovey,” the Shop Fairy said teasingly.

“It’s not like that,” I rebutted, then changed the subject. “Did you really know nothing about this dungeon? Didn’t you ever notice it was in your master’s room…”

“Ah, that’s bothered me as well!”

“Well well, I know about it since I’m a subordinate of His Majesty the Demon King! But unfortunately I didn’t know any more than that. I only knew a dungeon existed, but it’s been refreshing to see it from the inside!”

The Shop Fairy could only shrug her shoulders in embarrassment, even though she wanted to be reliable.

“We can’t go any further with the Demon King sleeping, so let’s take a rest for today.”


“Certainly. Well then, once Tito-sama wakes up, let’s move on.”

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