Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 66

Promotional Test Part 3

Four goblins.

“Oh, I see them. That’s a detection skill, for you! I’m jealous!” Warrior-san said, holding his axe. Everyone had their weapons out.

“For now, let’s stay loose — everyone pick a different goblin to fight!”

Rashin nodded, “Yeah, trying to coordinate out of the blue like this would be a tall order.”

The four goblins were also holding different weapons. Between them, they held a dagger, a sword, an axe, and a spear. It’s kind of similar to our own array of equipment.

“What should we do? Should we fight the goblin which has the same weapon as us, or look for the one we have an advantage over?”

“They’re just goblins, right? I’m not going to lose against a goblin’s spear,” said Rashin-san with a confident smile.

Warrior-san also made a fist, as if steeling his resolve.

“I don’t have a problem, either. What about you, Thief?”

“I’m fine, too. I could kill goblins like these a dozen times over.”

“All right! How about Relius then?”

“It won’t be a problem, leave it to me.” I said, putting my hand on my sword handle.

Warrior-san nodded and turned back to the goblins.

“Well then, we’ve all chosen, so let’s fight!” Warrior-san shouted happily, then started running. I kept an eye on our surroundings and started running, behind Rashin-san and Thief-san.

“Chiyu-san. please keep an eye on our surroundings.”

“U-understood! I’ll do my best!”

Chiyu-san, who took her staff off her back, was frantically looking around. She still seemed nervous, but she already had the qualifications to accept this request. She’d be fine.

The goblins were about to flock towards Rashin-san who practically dove into the group, until Warrior-san interrupted and swung his axe. The goblin with an axe blocked his attack, but Warrior-san smashed right through its guard.

That’s a tremendous amount of power.

Warrior-san made a triumphant smile while running after his goblin. The ones with a dagger and sword tried to face Warrior-san, but Thief-san cut in between them. Not wanting to be left out, I threw a knife at the sword goblin. It glanced at the knife sticking out of its body before charging at me, sword outstretched.

Each of us was now fighting one-on-one with a goblin bearing the same weapon as us.

I dodged the sword goblin’s attack while watching the surroundings. I can easily track its swings, after all — this level of opponent is nothing. After dodging, I swung my sword, and chopped through the goblin’s head like cutting a cake.

There was practically no resistance at all… this sword can cut through a goblin’s skin easily.

I looked at the others ― they seemed to still be struggling.

I was a little surprised, but they might be at a normal level for an F-rank. I haven’t fought with any adventurer at the same rank before, so I didn’t know about it. I had only seen higher-rank adventurers fight, such as Mear-san and Linear-san.

I’m wondering whether I should help them or not, but this was meant to be a time for one-on-one fights. A poorly-coordinated intervention would be dangerous.

Warrior-san swung his axe repeatedly, knocking away his opponent’s axe and cutting them down. Thief-san repeatedly swung his dagger until he created an opening he could exploit to shift behind the goblin and run his dagger through its neck. Rashin-san thrust her spear. The goblin attacked in the same way, but Rashin-san’s thrust was superior, catching its arm continuing through to the goblin’s throat in one move. Chiyu-san was still frantically looking around for any other threats. The battle was over. No other monsters approached, and it seemed unlikely that they’d be attracted by the smell of blood. Warrior-san rushed over to me as soon as I started looking around.

“D-dude, you beat it so quickly!”

“Well, sure, it was a little faster than everyone, but…”

“What’s a Blacksmith really? Was that Job always so strong?! I heard it was an occupation with no fighting ability!”

“No, not at all. I can fight just fine.”

“Yeah, for sure, that was really good, you know? I’m a Warrior, but you were even stronger than me.”

No one here knows the ultimate limits of what a Blacksmith is capable of, so I should be able to deceive them to some extent by excusing it as a Blacksmith’s ability.

Thief-san also nodded at Warrior-san’s words. He was looking at me with surprise.

“You swung your sword very quickly, you know? I could barely follow that speed.”

“Really? Didn’t expect a Blacksmith could fight, seems I was wrong.”

“It’s more than just being able to fight, you know. He’s actually really good at it.”

Rashin-san, spear on her back, was also looking at me with respect.

“That’s true. I was wondering whether I should beat down the enemy quickly so I could come to help you, but you didn’t need me at all. I apologize for assuming that about you just because you were a Blacksmith.”

“No, don’t worry about it. I’m glad I could prove first-hand that I won’t be a burden.”

“Right. On the contrary, aren’t you actually the strongest of us?”

Warrior-san let out a huff of competitive spirit. “I won’t lose, either.”

“You had a lot of useless moves, didn’t you, Warrior? You should move a little more precisely.”


“Yeah, you made a lot of large swings, and there were points where the axe was pulling your body along instead of the other way around.”

“W-well, that’s—! You guys also… No, I didn’t see anything since I wasn’t looking around!”

Warrior-san held his head regretfully and got a little worked up. After the three of us laughed, Rashin-san sighed.

“In reality, my companion was the one holding us back, so I apologize for that.”

She pointed toward Chiyu-san with her thumb.

“Report to everyone when monsters approach…! Report to everyone when monsters approach…!”

That girl was still frantically looking around while clutching her staff.

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