Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 69

Promotional Test Part 6

We were about to dismantle the rabbit kangaroos we’d defeated. I didn’t know how to do it normally but I heard Thief-san was good at it. Everyone took out a small knife for dismantling, but none of them seemed very good at it.

I also imitated everyone and made a cut in the fur. With that, I could easily tear it off. Dismantling it by hand wasn’t so bad.

Warrior-san laughed happily while dismantling. “We still managed to pull it off!”

“Well, that is to say, we had the power of E-rank adventurers, right?”

“We sure did! Hell yeah! I’m one step closer to my dream!”

“I hope it doesn’t end with that one step.”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Warrior-san and Rashin-san were chatting lightheartedly. Thief-san looked over at me while slicing the meat.

“This looks delicious, doesn’t it?”

“It sure does.”

It absolutely looks delicious. This could probably be cooked into an excellent meal. The spoils of this battle would be distributed equally; I’d let Val eat it when I got home.

Then I heard a rustling sound, like something was moving.

“Is it a monster? I wonder if it was attracted by the smell of blood.”

Rashin-san and Warrior-san immediately equipped their Divine Treasures. As we watched carefully, a small rabbit appeared through a gap in the brush.

It was a Horned Rabbit, judging by the little horn that grew from its forehead. These monsters were actually omnivores, but they looked and behaved more like herbivores. They wouldn’t attack humans unless they were starving.

Right now, it didn’t seem to be hungry. It just happened to pass by. However… it seemed like it was in a hurry. Its movements were slightly frantic and unnatural. It was as if it was running away from something.

“What, it’s just a horned rabbit?”

“Well, it is one of the typical monsters in this forest, along with Wolves and Goblins. We don’t really have to be that careful.”

And so, those two went back to dismantling. As I watched the Horned Rabbit leave, Thief-san looked at me inquisitively.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s just… that Horned Rabbit was acting kind of weird, wasn’t it?”

“Was it? What do you guys think?”

I asked the others, but they just shrugged. Was I wrong? I activated Visual Enhancement one more time.

…As I thought, it’s useless. The trees are blocking my sight. I was about to go back to dismantling when a tree came crashing down out of nowhere. Another rabbit kangaroo was next to the downed tree, which looked like it had been kicked so hard it came out by the roots.

“Another Rabbit Kangaroo!”

Warrior-san rushed in with his ax, along with Rashin-san and her spear. In the next moment, the rabbit kangaroo became a blur, and instantly closed the distance to Warrior-san and sent him flying with a kick.

Warrior-san flew back with great speed and hit the ground. He tried to get back up, but had no strength left, and quickly fainted.

“Warrior!? What… it’s so fast!”

Rashin-san’s spear passed through empty air where the rabbit kangaroo had just been. By the time she saw it again, she’d already been kicked herself.


Chiyu-san opened her eyes widely at this scene and rushed over to Rashin-san, who watched Chiyu-san while spitting blood.

“Chi-Chiyu…! Run! That’s no ordinary rabbit kangaroo!”

Chiyu-san, shocked, stopped in place, but the rabbit kangaroo already had her in its sights.

Its leg shot out ― and I jumped in, pulling Chiyu-san out of the way before it could hit her. We both hit the ground. The rabbit kangaroo immediately went after me, but I quickly stood up, dodged again, and started attacking.

But it could follow my movements. Watching my sword, the rabbit kangaroo stepped back without hesitation.

Naturally, it recognized my sword is dangerous, but the sheer physical ability it has to be able to turn away in the middle of an attack and evade in an instant instead is exactly what you’d expect from an abnormal monster.

“Thief-san, take Warrior-san and evacuate with Chiyu-san!”


“Chiyu-san! Use your skill and this potion to heal Rashin-san and your own injury!”

I gave Chiyu-san four potions and immediately ran at the rabbit kangaroo. It glanced at the two who were moving to escape, but in the face of my attack, it quickly focused on me.

It sent a kick toward me while bellowing, and I saw the magic ore on its thighs. Like I thought, that’s what it was. I analyzed the magic ore while dodging its attack.


I couldn’t have been more surprised. No way! I was able to find that magic ore here? And Linear-san also said the rabbit kangaroo’s abilities would increase based on the magic ore. Even now, I can still keep up with it!

Chiyu-san shouted, “R-Relius-san! We’re ready to go!” I glanced over, and saw Rashin-san looked healed, already standing up.

“Someone needs to hold it off!”


“It’s fine, get going!”

I wanted them to run away quickly, or my own battle strategy would also be limited. Chiyu-san and the others gritted their teeth and ran.


I managed to dodge another swinging kick and breathed out.

“Now… should I start with that?”

I took out my sword and threw it at the rabbit kangaroo. It dodged, but that’s fine. The sword had a skill for improving one’s physical abilities. Still avoiding the rabbit kangaroo’s attacks, I took out a new sword. The rabbit kangaroo dodged that one as well, but I was getting better.

However, the rabbit kangaroo was also accelerating to match my speed. Can this guy still go faster?

I swung my sword over and over again at the rabbit kangaroo, but it dodged every strike. The most troublesome thing about this rabbit kangaroo was its intelligence. Seeing my emphasis on speed, the Rabbit Kangaroo also became more sensitive to my consecutive thrown attacks.

That’s brilliant.

Thirty or so swords had already been stabbed into the ground all over the place. Ignoring them, the rabbit kangaroo rushed me.

That’s fast!

Opting for a somewhat riskier strategy, I counter-attacked, but the Rabbit Kangaroo saw right through it and delivered a powerful blow right past my defenses and into my stomach. The direct hit knocked the wind out of me, and pain flared through my whole torso. As I flew backwards, I could tell the rabbit kangaroo was within range of the pierced swords.

The trap is set.

And then it was sprung.

“Weapon Break.”

The area around the rabbit exploded.

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