I’m Doing my Best to Make Myself at Home in Another World – Chapter 06

Let’s go to school. Onee-chan Part

Where my brother and them took me was truly a colosseum.

Or better to say, why is there something like this at a school!?

Eh? Traces of when it was part of the palace??

No no, it’s still strange, ain’t it?

Father and Mother were waiting at the colosseum’s entrance.

I was being held by the brutish Prince Vi, so I think the two must’ve been surprised.

But not one bit showed on their expressions, and they took a reverent vassal’s bow.

Father bent his left leg and put his right hand to his chest, lowering the top half of his body.

It often appears in films set in the Middle Ages of Europe.

Mother lifted her skirt with both hands and bowed in a half crouching posture.

It’s an extremely elegant action, but it’s definitely gotta be tough! Because, until they’re given permission, they have to keep their postures no matter what!

I’ll have to start learning etiquette soon, but my heart is already discouraged…

「Today I participate not as the Crown Prince, but as a student of this institute. I wish that you as well, not as retainers but as alumni, will grant us your guidance.」

What he was saying was super praiseworthy, but the way he was speaking like he was above them was really like royalty, so I laughed a little.

Noticing my snickering, Vi asked「what’s wrong」with his sight alone.

「It’s a shecretー」(It’s a secret)

Cuz if I tell you honestly, you’re going to pick on me againー

There was nothing set up inside the colosseum, and there were only seats prepared atop a high wall.

The only odd thing was that there was a magic circle drawn in a part inside.

According to Vi’s explanation, that magic formation would summon various demonic beasts and they would defeat them with magic.

Don’t let children do such cruel things! And is this country really planning on going to war or something??

While I groaned urgh as I pondered, my sister came out.


As usual, my sister stood with a regal bearing that was unthinkable for a 10 year old.

After a moment, the magic formation released a white light. After the light visibly brightened, it gradually dimmed.

When the light completely settled, there was a summoned being within the formation.

It was a big…A really big being.

「No way…」

My brother muttered absentmindedly.

Beside him, my Mother was calling out my sister’s name with a frail voice.

Hmm~That, no matter how I look at it, it’s a dragon, right? Furthermore, it’s a fire attributed one, a fire dragon.

Isn’t this a bad match up with my sister?

My big sister was proficient with the fire attribute, but she’s basically ranked lowly in the water attribute, you know? The principles behind attributes were just like the world over there, so to do battle with a fire attribute, the water attribute was indispensable.

But if big sister’s level was above the fire dragon’s, then………

Tte, that’sーnotーit!!

Isn’t a fire dragon indisputably a sacred beast!!?

What are the teachers doing? Of course it’s wrong to treat a sacred beast like a demonic beast!!

Ain’t it the same as telling my sister not to fight and just die?

Realizing the abnormal situation at once, it looks like the knights and magicians and such have come running…

Big sister is in danger!

She’s the closest one!

Or better yet, stop making a face like you’re all for it and hurry and evacuate, big sister!!

Eh? Wait, Mom? Even you’re getting ready to fight!?

Where did the feeble Maman from before go!?

With this atmosphere, it feels like the fire dragon is going to get done in…

Because, I heard from our maids that Maman is a high leveled water magician on the same level as Papan, one of our country’s finest.

Oh no…This is bad…What should I do!?

I got down from Vi’s lap and looked for a place I could get inside.

Probably made so it wasn’t accessible via the audience gallery, I only saw stairs leading to the entrances and exits.

Now then, what to do?

I can jump down from the wall, but no matter how I look, it’s got 3m to it.

But I don’t have the leisure to think it through. Vi is chasing after me…

Alright! Women are guts!!



The jumping was fine, but it’s scaーrーyーyyy!!!!!!!

I’ll definitely be squashed flat!

I didn’t think it through enoughーーーSaーveーmeーeー!!!!

So this is what being on the end of regret is…When I experienced it personally, a warm wind wrapped around my body.

Like this…I was gently lowered to the ground………

It feels a little different from magic…But since I don’t have mana, I don’t really know.

「Thangyu!」(Thank you!)

I don’t know who saved me, but I properly expressed my gratitude. They’re my life’s savior after all.

I tottled along running at a speed that was no different from an adult’s walking pace and hurried to the fire dragon’s side.

Eh? Not my big sister’s?

Normally that would be the case, but considering my ability, it’d be faster for me to converse with the fire dragon.

I was liked by「creatures other than humans」more or less, so I think it’ll work on the dragon too.

I slipped through the adults who restrained themselves after being startled at the child that suddenly appeared and arrived at a place within the fire dragon’s sight.

I felt its feet would be a dangerous blind spot because the fire dragon was as big as an airplane. I feel like I’d just go squish.

Looking at the surroundings, I faced the adults and spoke in a large voice.

「You caーn’t! Don’t buwwy this kid!」(You can’t! Don’t bully this kid!)

The adults were clearly confused.

They didn’t listen one bit to my plea, but they stopped their attack. Well, of course they can’t continue if there’s a small child here. But even so, they were professionals who closely observed for any indications the fire dragon would attack and prepared themselves so they would be ready to act immediately.

As expected, they don’t put the royals to shame. It was impressive…

『This is not a place for little ones to appear.』

The dragon talked!!

Which means, he’s part of the long lived orthodox type!

In this world, there was subspecies of dragons like wyverns and large lizards and such that were part of the same family.

But, if he could speak then that was convenient.

「You can’t either, Mishter Fwire Dwagon!」(You can’t either, Mister Fire Dragon!)

『Forcefully summoned and receiving unwarranted bloodlust directed at me, I can’t very well stay silent.』

Well of course!

It’s the struggle for existence, in a meaning.

I mean, we’ve already started attacking!

Rather than bloodlust, it’s 【killing intent】, right.

「But won it hurt?」(But won’t it hurt?)

But if they fought here, neither side would get off with just hurting, though!

And if our house’s cheat existence defeated the fire dragon, then… 

「I won be able to pet jhese shcales…」(I won’t be able to pet these scales)

『Hou, you wish to touch me?』

Ah! Crap! My real intentions leaked out!!

No, I mean, cuz when it comes to the fire dragon’s looks, it’s just like those ones that come out in games. Though I said『dragon』, it was one of those western type dragons.

Sharp fangs and claws. Large membrane-type wings. His reptilian golden eyes and red scales.

Of course I want to pet him!!

Or rather, let me pet you!!

「Un! I’ll pet youー!」

『Do you not fear me?」


An immediate reply! Rather than scary, you’re cool!

You must definitely let me ride on your back.

『You are a peculiar child.』

Saying that the fire dragon neared his head towards me, so I didn’t restrain myself.

Pet petーーー

Oohh, I thought it would be hot, but it’s cold and sleek!!

It really feels like the sensation of reptiles. But it’s hard… There’s none of the softness like snakes and lizards have. Is it because he’s so big?

「Feelsh good」

Riding on the mood, I hugged his muzzle.

I want this bed for the summertime!

『Once you grow older, should you find yourself still in need of me, then I shall take you as my master at that time. 』

Saying that, the fire dragon flapped his big wings.

「Don goー」(don’t go)

When I grow up, how long will that take?

More than that, I want to make the contract now and keep him at my house!

To my clinging that didn’t want him to go, the dragon half closed his eyes in amusement.

『Then I shall grant you this』

A red light emerged in front of my eyes. The red light that departed from the fire dragon’s body was in a swirling whirlpool, and after converging into one it formed into a round shape.

Then, a red ball of light gently fell into my hands.

It’s warm…

As if the light was dispersing within my hands, it calmly vanished.

What was left in my hands was a red sphere.

Dyed a deeper color than a ruby, it was a mysterious red.

「Whas thish?」(What’s this?)

『The Dragon Orb. It’s an item that will connect you and I. Keep it close to your person.』

Somehow, I got a rare item!!

Keep it close…It’s so big that there’s still some peeking out when holding it with a child’s hands, though. And since it’s in a sphere shape, it’ll be hard to make into an accessory.

How am I supposed to carry it around?

『If you wish for it, the Dragon Orb will change its shape.』

Hou hou.

So it’s capable of forever changing it’s appearance.

Meaning, it’s ok to turn it into an ornament that won’t look strange for a child to carry.

Hmm, like a stuffed animal or something?

When I recalled a certain mouse’s teddy bear, the Dragon Orb within my hand began letting out light.

It turned into a large teddy bear that I could hold in both hands.

It was exactly the teddy bear of that certain dream country. But it was red, so there was a great sense of discomfort. It only looked like the product of a certain counterfeiting country. 

Duffy from Mickey Mouse

Wait, this isn’t any good, me!

It’s turned even bigger than what it originally was!! I might not lose it, but it’s inconvenient!

Hmm, as I thought, is an accessory type better?

Something I can always keep on me and won’t lose… When I was over there, I didn’t have a habit of wearing any accessories. It seemed too superfluous.

Ah! That’s right! I can make it into that!!

While thinking of “that,” I looked at the teddy bear.

The light manifesting again, it changed from the teddy bear to what I was imagining.

What appeared was something a size bigger than the teddy bear.

It was a lop-eared bunny backpack.

Of course, the color was red.

Like this, it won’t be strange for a child to carry it, and I won’t lose it since it’s a backpack, plus it won’t occupy my hands!!

Furthermore, if you opened the zipper around the tummy, there was a proper place for storing things away. Even more so, with this size, I can use it as a hug pillow.

It’s a nice idea, if I do say so myself♪

「Awwight! I’be deshided on thish!」(Alright! I’ve decided on this!)

『Fumu…What a queer doll』


Such an archaic way of speaking.

「You yoosh it waik thishー」(You use it like this)

I put wore the bunny on my back and showed him.

「Waik thish, I won loosh it」(Like this, I won’t lose it)

When I turned to him with a face full of smiles, the fire dragon nodded in satisfication.

『The Dragon Orb hath an effect of connecting the minds of the possessor and mine. Telepathy is also possible, and strong feelings and intents can be conveyed without obstruction. As thou can employ my magic through the Dragon Orb, t’will surely assist thee in thy times of peril.』

Uheee… Somehow it feels like just having this is pretty dangerous.

By possessor, that means people other than me can use it?

Everyone here can hear my conversation with the fire dragon, so if some greedy people decided to use force to take it, I don’t have the confidence to protect it!

Un. Please spare me from that!!

「I can’t pwotect it!」(I can’t protect it!)

『Then it should be fine if you allow the Dragon Orb familiarize with your mana, but…』

I don’t have mana either!

The fire dragon should know I’m hesitant to say that too.

『You may also spill a drop of your blood onto it. Then, the Dragon Orb will be yours only to use.』

In other words, it’s biological authentication via mana or blood.

Tell me that soonerー

I can only feel that spilling my blood onto a bunny backpack is psychotic…

I’ll return it to a ball later and do it then.

「Yesh. Whatsh your name, Mishter Fwire Dwagon?」(Yes. What’s your name, Mister Fire Dragon?)

I forgot to ask something essentialー

It feels like we’ll be together for a long time, so if I keep calling him “Fire Dragon,” I won’t be able to shrink the distance between us.

『I can only tell you my True Name during the time we construct our contract, but you may call me Sol.』

Sol…Like the sun.

It fits perfectly with a fire dragon that governs over powerful flames!

True Name, huhー So there really is one.

I haven’t heard of the humans here having one, but I wonder if it’s only limited to sacred beasts?

Mom is knowledgeable about things like this, so I’ll ask her to teach me later.

「I’m Nemaー Sowyu…Sol, itsh nish to meechu」(Sol, it’s nice to meet you)

Whoops. I’ve done it now.

I was able to correct myself somehow, but I think I’ll fail once out of every three tries.

Forgive me, Sol.

『Then, I shall return to my roost.』

Saying that, Sol once again flapped his wings.

This time, I didn’t stop him.

It’s extremely unfortunate that I can’t keep him at home, but I seem to have tied a connection between us somehow so it’s fine.

Ahh…It’s really too bad…

Sol’s flapping stirred the air, sending a cloud of dust up. The wind was also strong so I couldn’t open my eyes, and if I didn’t pay attention I would be blown away.

When the wind died down and I could open my eyes, was high above in the skies.

After a short moment, his figure was completely unseen, and a feeling of relief was birthed in the surroundings.


When I turned to my name being called, my sister was running towards me.

Then, with that velocity she came and hugged me.

Big sister, it’s painful.

Wai– I can’t breathe, so loosen up!!

From the unbearable distress, I tapped my sister and gave her the signal, saying uncle.

「Aah, sorry」

When she loosened her hug, I breathed in a huge breath.

Haa, that was tough.

「Jeez, you’re such a worrisome child…」

My my, big sister is crying?

Though I do feel bad about making her worry…

「Nee-ne, you should run when itsh dwangerwous!!」(Big sis, you should run when it’s dangerous!!)

The one who worried us first was you, you know?

No matter how strong the magic power you inherited from our parents, you can’t overestimate yourself.

Though there’s healing magic, only those who have been blessed with the Goddess’ divine protection can use it, so there are really few people who can use it!

When I firmly scolded my sister not to push herself to do the impossible, I was given another intense hug.

Rather than a hug, the force used was closer to a tackle.

「Nema! Are you hurt anywhere?」

There was no dignity of a noble in it. I was captured by Papan, who came over dashing furiously.

Stop rubbing your cheek against me!


Leaving aside that I seriously wanted to run away from my Father’s arms.

Recently, Papan’s love feels heavy.

「Dear…You’ll be hated by Nema, you know?」

Mother stole me from Papan.

Feeling relieved, I clung to Mom.

As I thought, mothers are great. This sense of relief is no joke!

Sure enough Papan was downhearted, maybe I was a little too harsh?

I’ll fawn on him when we get home later.


Saying that and letting out a grandly deep sigh was Vi.

And then, he reached his hand out towards my face…



It hurts, it hurts! It really hurts!!

「Well, it’s fine if you’re safe.」

No no no, I’m not fine right now!

I just took damage right now!

Hah! Is this that brutish Prince’s way of showing affection!?

What a nuisance…

「Duke Osphe, I’ll have the royal magicians investigate about this event. And Nema will be taken into protection by the palace. Properly take time to think about countermeasures.」

「I acknowledge about the investigation. Ahh, my cute Nema will be looked at by those political dredges with dirty eyes…Should I just slaughter them all now?」

Papan, I heard some dangerous sounding mutters, but it’s just my imagination rightー?

When I looked at the surrounding faces, Vi was exasperated, big brother had a strained smile, big sister was laughing but her eyes weren’t, and Mom was pondering deeply over something.

Why isn’t anyone stopping Papan??

Hmmー It’s turned into something bothersome.

What to do?

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