I’m Doing my Best to Make Myself at Home in Another World – Chapter 07

I was called out

Several days after the fire dragon incident, as we thought, a「come here for a bit」type of notice came from the royal palace.

Because there would be a lot of important people, I was unreasonably dressed up.

A refreshing light blue chiffon dress. White toe shoes. On my head was a large white ribbon and a lovely hair ornament made from small blue flowers.

A matching white ribbon was prepared for the bunny, so I fastened it around its neck.

The dress was super cute, and wearing it made me happy, but my face was plain so honestly it felt off.

Though my family praised me to no end, their favorability towards their family was intense so it didn’t serve as a reference.

This time we didn’t go by our carriage, but someone from the palace was sent to pick us up.

VIP treatment! Or course it wasn’t anything like that…

There were four knights as guards? Escorts? And they were exceedingly grave.

Was it because of Papan’s『slaughtering』declaration?

Riding the palace’s carriage was somewhat scary, so I hugged the bunny tight.

Wearing the bunny on my back while I was in a dress didn’t match, so I was currently carrying it.

Mother, who noticed her daughter’s anxiety the quickest, was letting me ride the carriage while wrapped in her arms.

Let’s stick to Maman until we reach the palace.

The carriage passed through the main gate and headed towards the largest entrance, which was used for official functions and such.

The road continuing after the main gate was wide enough to accommodate about 3 carriages running along side by side.

Well, they probably made it that wide for event parades or military uses.

Before the entrance was the symbolic water fountain, and in the middle of that was a statue of the Goddess about 2 meters high.

This Goddess was called Cressiore, who was the daughter of the God who created this world. It’s said that to support the world, Cressiore holds『this world』in her right hand, and『the world of the dead』in her left.

According to legends, Cressiore was the Goddess of Love and Resurrection, granting healing to the living and carrying out revival on the souls of the deceased. The souls Cressiore revived would be sent to the God of Creation and would once again receive life on『this world』.

Though it seems what you reincarnated to would depend on the actions of your last life.

But, if that God of Creation is that God, then rather than good deeds, I feel like he’d evaluate on how interesting it’d turn out.

His daughter Cressiore must surely have been subjected to hardships…

Oh no, I’ve begun trying to escape reality through my thoughts.

The carriage curved around the right side of the fountain and stopped at the entrance way’s carriage porch, which looked like a rotary.

Two knights who would serve as guides appeared to meet us.

As I thought, are they being vigilant against Papan?

For the time being, I said my thanks towards the knights who escorted us and waved bye bye.

Perhaps even the stone faced knights weren’t a match towards a child’s innocence, they waved back with a smile.

The hallways the guide chose for their route were all ones that sparkled.

It was seeable at a glance that the pillars were crafted with a delicate touch, made by a worksman who could be called an artisan or a master or something. Because, its craftsmanship was super miraculous! To the point where I thought that just by touching it, it would break.

The maids who have to clean these aren’t ordinary fellows!

The style of the garden I glanced at resembled English gardens, and there were hedges constructed into a maze, as well as charming gazebos.

The just sprouted green leaves were gentle on the eyes, with the flowers with a faint color scheme of white and pink being the main attraction.

On a day with nice weather, I want to drink tea at a place like this. Preparing snacks too, I’ll call the fluffiesー Should I ask Vi later?

…I’m a little scared of what I’ll have to do in return though…

After enjoying the maze in the palace, an unreasonably large door appeared before us.

This is way too big. Is this those things called a waste of beauty?

Since it’s more than twice Papan’s height, it’s around 4m?

By the way, Papan’s height is estimated at 185cm. As for why I say it ambiguously, it’s because our denominations are completely different. The units of length are: gel < mino < kai < sasu, and they increased by 100 a piece. By this measurement, Papan is 73 gel tall. Comparing it to the metric system, 1 gel was approximately 2.5cm. 

But I’m not sure if it’s right, I can’t measure with the metric system after all.

Ahh, I thought of something else again to escape from reality.

Because, this door was excessively gorgeous. Plus, there were guards on both sides of the door too. Their uniform was different from the knights, so were these guys imperial guards?

They were there when I met the King before too, come to think of it.

With the completion of these conditions, what’s beyond this door, it can only be what they call an『audience』!

Jammed with cabinet ministers and people of status, and with a red carpet in the middle. That would be connected with stairs, and beyond those would be the King and Queenー

Uwhaー…I want to escape with all my strength.

While I was imagining that, Papan showed our summons to one of the guards.

After confirming the document, the two guards opened the door that needed two people to open it.

Uwah. As I thought, that door is heavy.

Pulled by Mom’s hand, we advanced inside.

While I was panicking, “As I thought, it’s an『audience』” on the inside, a loud voice resounded from behind.

「The Prime Minister, Duke Dalerant Osphe. Royal Magician, Magic Engineering Bureau Director of the Royal Sorcery Research Institue, Duchess Cerulia Osphe. And their daughter Nefertima-sama, have arrived!」

Yes, it was a wonderful tenor pitched voice.

Tte, Papan was the Prime Minister?

That can’t be!!

And Maman. What do they mean by magic engineering? How influential is a bureau director?

I heard that the two were amazing people, but I’ve seen it personally for the first time in the 3 years since I’ve reincarnatedー

My brain is already over capacity…

After having our names announced, we proceeded to the steps and did a vassal’s formalities.

Just like my Mom, I bent my body into a bow with shaking legs.

The bunny was sandwiched under my armpit. Doesn’t this look kinda dumb?

「Apologies for calling you here, Lord Osphe. Please be at ease.」

Alright, the King’s permission came out at once.

I raised my face and surveyed my surroundings.

It was just as I imagined.

Above the stairs was the King, the Queen, and Vi was there too.

Right below the steps were the cabinet ministers, and since we were acquaintances let’s leave it at that. In the lower seats were nobles with positions with imperial guards lined up next to them as security, and there were maids at the wall.

「If Your Majesty calls us, we’ll happily come running.」

「Our business is of the matter that happened a few days ago, with the fire dragon at the academy. I’ve heard that Nefertima has contracted with the fire dragon, but is it true?」

Everyone stirred at the King’s words.

Even though they knew the fire dragon appeared, the information that a contract was made must not have been passed along.

「It wasn’t an official contract.」

For the time being, Father denied the King’s words.

「But, she can use the fire dragon’s power, can she not?」

「Certainly, if my daughter wishes for it, she may utilize the fire dragon’s power. However, my daughter did not receive the『Sacred Beast’s Blessing』.」

Oh? It’s my first time hearing about it, what’s this『Sacred Beast’s Blessing』??

Judging from the flow of conversation, is it something like a cheat or the promised compensation type ability?

「Then, there is no fear the fire dragon’s power will bring harm to our country?」

「Yes. I swear it on my name, Dalerant Osphe.」

It’s fine to say that the words『I swear on my name』are the most grave words in this world.

The God of Creation’s power dwells within a true name, and if you break your word you would die. In that case, it’s said your soul would be unable to go to『the world of the dead』and would be annihilated. Also, you couldn’t swear on a false name. If you tried to name yourself with an alias, you would be unable to speak. I’ve never tested it though, so I can’t verify it.

Then, you would become unable to use other people’s names. I don’t understand the logic!

If it was a system God incorporated into the world, then though he understands the principles, I don’t think he’s a fellow who follows them.

「I understand. I shall believe you.

Then, have you found out the cause behind this event?」

A lone old man stepped forth at the King’s query.

With a hooded robe and a cane, his outfit was truly that of a magician’s.

「I shall explain about that matter.」

「I’ll leave it to you, Suthers.」

I heard this later, but this elder Suthers was the head of the Royal Sorcery Research Institute and the most powerful magician in this Gashe Kingdom, a remarkable person.

「First off, there was no problem with the magic formation. In the case that the technicians made a mistake in their aria, the prevention magic would have activated. I went to test it personally, and with the exact same aria a demonic beast was summoned, so the wrong aria was not used.」

「Then are you saying that no fault lies with the magicians?」


「However, how will you explain the reality that the fire dragon was summoned?」

「The power of something non-human at work…Or it may have been God’s will, perchance.」

「…God, you say?」

AhーUn. If it’s him, then he’d do it!

Probably, to make me interact with people.

I would say it’s unnecessary meddling, but I’m really happy I got to meet with Sol.

「…What do you think, Head Priest?」

The Head Priest was the same type of person, an object of worship, as elder Suthers was.

He was wearing a white priest’s outfit, his tunic sporting a stand up collar, a long silver cloth was wrapped around his waist as something like a belt, and there were long slits on both sides. Though there was complicated embroidery in blue thread, all I could see it as was a tasteless geometric pattern. I couldn’t see the rest of his pants so I only know they were white. The closest thing to it would be a chinese changpao.

The Head Priest himself, speaking frankly, was a fatty!

Look, like those villainous priests that show up in mangas and stuff.

Like he swiped offerings into his own pocket, enriching his own life and eating delicious things to his heart’s content, swelling up with fat. It’s exactly that feeling!

「I feel the God of Creation is leading us. The gathering of sacred beasts in this country as well, He must hold great expectations for you, Your Majesty. Expectations that Your Majesty will shepherd the people of this world to the peaceful lands.」

Hahaan. So these guys was one of the reasons for that.

This is also one pattern.

The pattern of putting on the airs of God’s spokesperson, brainwashing the masses and sticking his foot in politics.

In this world, there’s only the Church enshrining the God of Creation and the Goddess Cressiore. The spiritualism that the elves and beastmen believed in was something different, after all.

For that reason, religion was given the same power as the government.

The Church’s headquarters were on a certain mountain on the border of Gashe Kingdom and the neighboring Milma Country, and located there was the sole temple. The headquarters was truly a small religious state. Compared to the world over there, it was something like the Vatican city state.

In other words, the Church had become a central figure, planting the ideology『the ones who control the world should be humans』into the minds of royalty and their citizens in each country and scheming to instigate them to persecute the other races.

But deciding after only seeing one of them isn’t good, right?

I haven’t met any of the other races yet, and I don’t understand the principles of this world.

Starting from a baby, it likely means I can postpone until death to make a decision, so let’s go about it leisurelyー

Though it looks like the human life expectancy is shorter here than over there.

Besides, my foremost motive is to be healed by the fluff. God’s request is secondary.

「Did you get bored Nema?」

I was startled at suddenly being called at.

I jerked my head up and met eyes with Vi, who seemed to be amused for some reason.

Ummm, why does he look like he’s having so much fun?

Hah! Did my thoughts appear on my face while I was thinking? Making a myriad of faces all by myself??

Did he have fun watching while thaaaaaaaatー!?

How embarrassing… What is this, this super shame play…

Too embarrassed, I buried my face in the bunny.

Unmistakably, Vi would be enjoying that embarrassed appearance as well.

Enjoying the sight of a 3 year old toddler fidgeting in shame, he’s not a brutish prince but a pervert prince!

Vi must have been suppressing his laughter, I heard him chuckling from above my head.

Papan, Maman! Save me!!

Your daughter is being toyed with by a pervert!!

「If you’re bored, then do you want to play with Wrath in the corner?」

What!! I can!?

No, wait. The one who called me was the King.

Leaving without the King’s permission would be bad.

「Can I, King-chama?」

I used a child’s weapons unrestrainedly.

I hugged the bunny tight and I pleaded with watery eyes.

With this, Papan would definitely cave, but…

「It must have been difficult for you to understand, Nefertima. My apologies for not noticing.」

Oohh! It seems to have been effective on the King!

As I thought, I should treat the most powerful people with cordiality.

「I’m happy chu hab metchu King-shama and Queen-shama」(I’m happy to have met you, King-sama and Queen-sama)

Courtesy was free, and it was the so called secret to success in life. But even so, being childish was necessary so I purposely said it like this.

It’s not like I’m making excuses!

The King and Queen actually did smile, so it’s fine.


When Vi called him, he must’ve been waiting beside him or something, Wrath-kun’s figure sluggishly appeared from the right of the stage.

Vi told Wrath-kun something in a quiet voice, then ordered the maids.

Wrath-kun nodded composedly towards Vi.

Jeez, that gesture is super cute!

While I swooned on the inside, Wrath-kun jumped down the stairs even without a running start.

It was just like a cat, or rather, he was a cat.

No sound or impact, the figure of his quiet landing. The movement of the muscles on his back. He’s a cat after all.

Wrath-kun came to my side and sniffed me. Then, he passed to the side and cried「gau」.

As if he was telling me to follow him, I was about to step forward while feeling giddy.

Wait a momeeeeeeeeeeeent!

That was close. I was about to violate what Dad and Mom said.

Wrath-kun, you aren’t using charm skills or anything, are you? What a fearsome child!!

I was prohibited to play with sacred beasts in front of people, so I sent an enquiring gaze to my parents.

For some reason, Dad was smiling bitterly and Mom was smiling as if she were saying, “good job on finally noticing.”

「We still have things to speak of with His Majesty. Nema, be a good girl and don’t frolic around too much, alright?」

Ahahaー She sure laid it on me.

I was a kid who got into various troubles, so I replied「Yesh!」in high spirits.

With this, I can play with Wrath-kun without reserveー When I turned around…。

His tail was swinging.


I grabbed onto the nearby moving thing on conditioned reflex.


Cats hate to have their tails grabbed.

I did the same thing to the cat in my past life’s parents’ home and it turned into a bloody event, so I’ve learned through experience.

I timidly checked Wrath-kun’s expression, but he didn’t seem to mind it. If I had to say, he rather seemed to be in a good mood.

Wrath-kun walked forward while I held his tail.

Ahh, I see.

I was baited with his tail. This guy, it was a premeditated crime!

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