I’m Doing my Best to Make Myself at Home in Another World – Chapter 08

Let’s play with Wrath

Wrath-kun brought me to a corner within the audience room. Or rather, it was really at the edge.

But, what was there was a cushion. It was navy blue, fluffy and looked comfortable, but it was about the size of 3 futons.

Wrath-kun lied on the cushion with a poof.

No, un, I understand. You’re big. But, seeing it like this, it makes me want to retort.…

Wrath-kun’s body was a little bigger than a bison’s. Tte, it’s hard to tell like that, huh.

Then, a cow. Compared to a holstein, he’s about 1.5 times larger?

Can’t he swallow me in one bite?

Because, prepared beside the cushion was a mountain of raw meat. This is Wrath-kun’s snack.

There was a small chair next to the cushion, but was it for me?

I’ll use Wrath-kun as a substitute for a cushion, so I don’t need it, don’t need it.

「Wrash-kun, shay ahh」

Firmly grabbing onto the raw meat, I brought it to Wrath-kun’s mouth.

Well, I don’t know what to think about a noble’s daughter grabbing onto raw meat, but I did it in the other world. Of course, it was to feed carnivorous animals.

Scattering raw meat for the black kites and crows, once they realized I was throwing it, sometimes they would do a nice catch.

But you’ll get attacked if it were a bird with a rude disposition, so good kids shouldn’t imitate this at home.

Wrath-kun obediently opened his mouth. I thrust my hands inside.


That would happen. It doesn’t hurt though. The fangs aren’t hitting me anyways.

The surroundings were a little loud, but don’t mind.

When I pulled my arms out, they were sticky with spit.

Wrath-kun chewed in a good mood.

What should I do? While I looked at my dripping hands, a maid gave me a hand towel.


I spoke my thanks to the maid who was skillful at consideration for others.

However, the maid’s face was drained of blood, and her legs clattered in shaking.

I don’t really know, but if you’re feeling bad then you should take a rest.

When I told her that, she replied「I am unworthy of those words」and shrank back in fear.


When I was satisfied with feeding Wrath-kun, I squished his paw pads next.

Massaging them with my hands and rubbing them on my cheek. Wrath-kun let me do whatever I pleased.

But, sure enough, his paw pads were hard…

Well, I expected it though.

As dogs and such mature, they’ll harden. As I thought, the no.1 was a kitten’s paw pads. That squishy sensation is irresistible!

After the paw pads was the tail.

I tried petting it and gripping it.

When I did, Wrath-kun tickled me with his tail.

Though I wasn’t very exposed, he tickled places like my neck, cheek, and my calves.

Somehow, it’s kinda erotic!?

Being tickled by the tip of his tail, I desperately held back my laughter. I buried my face into Wrath-kun’s tummy and muffled my voice.

Satisfied, after Wrath-kun stopped his tickle attack, I was dead tired. I was worn out from laughing.

What are you going to do if I have muscle pain tomorrow!!?

Perhaps from being tired, I somehow got sleepy.

Using Wrath-kun’s tummy as a cushion replacement, it was time for my afternoon nap.

Fumu. The elasticity of his tummy was just right, and the cozy feeling is good too, it’s a top class cushion!!

Now then now then, good niーght.

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