I’m Doing my Best to Make Myself at Home in Another World – Chapter 10

So, what’s going to happen in the end?

…Somehow, it feels rough…

No, sandy?

No no no, you don’t have to scrub that strongly!!

Hm? Scrub?? More importantly, this is a cat’s tongue, isn’t it???

When I opened my eyes, Wrath-kun’s face was super close.

Ummm, my entire face feels like it’s prickling, so can you please stop?


Eh? Ride your back?

Un, well, I’m fine with that.

Scrambling up Wrath-kun, I straddled his back. In addition, I ruffled the fur on his back.

AahhーFeels good! Maybe I shoulda taken my nap here. But then again, I’d fall…

After confirming I was securely riding, Wrath-kun began walking.

When I was wondering where he was going, he went right in the middle of the audience room, and furthermore he began climbing the stairs.

It was the place Vi was at, but why me too?

Wrath-kun sprawled at Vi’s feet, and Vi carried me to the side.

「Good morning, Nema」

Uoohh! You’re glittering somehow, pervert prince!!

「Good morning」

In any case, greetings are important.

I dipped my head into a bow.

However! For some reason, his amethyst eyes are appealing to me for something!! Why? For what??

It’s good morning, right? Good morning good morning good morning…kiss??

Nn~It can’t be, right??


I tried kissing the pervert prince’s cheek. Then, his sparkling doubled. It seems I was correct…

This perverted brutish prince!!

「Vil, that’s unfair. Nefertima, come to me」

Saying so, this time I was picked up by the King.

I feel like I heard Vi click his tongue, or maybe I didn’t. Un, I can’t hear!

「King-shama, sowwy for fwalling ashleep」

I feel like a part of the fault lies with Wrath-kun, but as I thought, it’s bad to fall asleep in a place like this, so let’s apologize in advance.

「I don’t mind. Sleep is important for children, after all.」

Un un. This King sure knows his stuff. Did he participate in the child raising when Vi was still little too?

But you know, what’s with those eyes that look like they’re requesting something?

It’s the same eyes Vi had. It sure is sparklyー

………I lost.

These father and son, their eye power isn’t a jokeー


The King rubbed my head in satisfaction…

It’s not like I’m a kissing devil, you know? I’m not Papan after all.

「Let me carry her as well」

The Queen entered the battle, so this time I was atop her leg.

Seeing the Queen I’ve met for the first time at close proximity, I went blank.


She was a beautiful person to the extent where you’d say it out loud.

The sea blue hair that was a lighter color than Vi’s indigo blue was bewitching, her eyelashes were long and her eyes were pink with the clarity of rose quartz. Skin white to the point where I couldn’t think she’d ever been touched by the sun. Her plumply shaped lips. And most of all, BOING squeeze BOOM!

It’s important, so I’ll say it once more.

BOING sqeeze BOOM!!

From touching a little, I can tell she’s not wearing a corset! It’s not a fake constriction, and it’s not propped up either, it’s natural! Did she really bear a child?

Even my Maman……… Eeek, I won’t say it! I said I won’t say it!!

「Oh my, I’m happy!」

At the Queen’s joyful voice, I returned to myself.

Somehow putting my mother’s fearsome gaze out of my awareness, I started over my greetings to the Queen.

「Nishe chu meetchu, I’m Nefertima Osufe」

「Fufu. Nice to meet you, I’m Lirina. May I call you Nema?」

Her smile is really pretty too. Does she have elf blood or something?


When I replied lively, the Queen squeezed me tight.

Uwahー It smells really niceー

「I wanted a cute daughter like this」

No no, you’re still young, so please try your best to give birth to one. When you do, I think she’ll be a daughter some ten times more cute than me, probably?

More importantly, these gazes somehow hurt.

The type of jealous gazes from the guys.

You must be envious! While yelling in my heart, this time I clung to the Queen.

The Queen was a little surprised, but happily petted my head.

Hehe. I feel a little sense of superiority.

Or rather recently, I feel like I’ve been pretty popular with humans, but is it just my imagination? Eh? Aren’t I just being excessively self conscious, you say?

…Well that makes sense too! My face is plain after all. I’m only a target of affection because I’m still a child, and once I grow up no one will turn to give me a second lookー

…Saying it myself makes me feel empty.

In the end, there was no blame on any sides!

The conclusion was settled as『by God’s intent』. It’s that. Written as “intent,” read as “mischief!”

And my『free pass in the royal palace』leveled up!

Unbelievably, it’s become limitless and I can go wherever I want!!

Ain’t it amazing?

Well, though I said wherever I wanted, there were places I couldn’t be unless there was a supervisor at the actual site.

It’s just, was it the good will from the royalty? Or were they scheming something? It’s a little scaryー

My bafflement must have showed on my face, so Vi taught me something good.

He said there was something called a Dragon Knight Unit, and a species of yokuryuu called lindbloom and a subspecies of chiryuu called lind-drake dragons were there!

I must definitely go there!!

As I expected, everything I thought showed on my face…

Really, this turning into a child is dreadful.

The me who was called a cool older sister, where did she go!!?

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