I’m Doing my Best to Make Myself at Home in Another World – Chapter 11

Character Introduction

Osphe Duke House

Nefertima Osphe…Protagonist. Copper hair and bluish black eyes. She received the ability of「being loved by every creature except humans」from God.

Nickname is Nema.

Japanese name・Akitsu Midori, death at age 27

Duke Dalerant Osphe…Nema’s father. Red hair, blue eyes. The Prime Minister of the Gashe Kingdom, at the same time the fief lord of the Osphe territory. He’s the third in line for sucession to the throne. His height is about 185cm (75 gel).

Nickname is Dale.

Cerulia Osphe…Nema’s mother. Magical Engineering Bureau Director of the Royal Sorcery Research Institute. Blonde hair and azure eyes.

Ralphreed Osphe…Nema’s older brother of 10 years. Honey blonde hair and azure eyes. The succeeding heir. Fourth in line for the throne.

Nickname is Ralph.

Carnadia Osphe…Nema’s older sister of 7 years. Red hair and jade green eyes.

Nickname is Carna.


Gardi Ras Gashe…Gashe Kingdom’s King. Dark brown hair and violet eyes.

Lirina Linus Gashe…Gashe Kingdom’s Queen. Actually the first child of the Linus Empire’s Emperor. Hair blue like the sea and pink eyes.

Vilhelt Lega Gashe…Gashe Kingdom’s First Prince. Indigo blue hair and violet eyes. Contracted to the sacred beast, the tenko Wrath.

Nickname is Vil. Vi for Nema only.

The Imperial Guards・The Knights Order

Gwen Fields…The commander of the 2nd division imperial guard knights of the royal court. And ice beauty who has silver hair and light blue eyes. He’s troubled about how the engrossment his subordinates have with Nema.

Dan Yeats… Commander of the royal knight’s order 12th division(the dragon knight unit). Reddish brown hair leaning more towards brown, and pale green eyes. His features look italian. A former beast knight, his partner was a wild bear named Bey. His favorite weapon is a halberd.

Lestin Ogma…Commander of the royal knight’s order’s 11th division(special forces), the beast knight unit. Dark brown hair and eyes. Has a face the looks of Japanese asian descent. His partner is the warhorse Wazu.

Cabinet Ministers

Olivier Weis…Minister of Home Affairs and the current head and fief lord of the Weis territory located in the east. Though gifted with both intelligence and beauty, she sucks at cooking.

Eugene Dirta…Minister of Foreign Affairs. Son of the fief lord of the southern Dirta territory. Because he couldn’t settle down and loved setting out on adventures, the jobs of fief lord and head are still being done by his father.

Sunlas Myugar…Minister of Finance and current fief lord of the western Myugar territory. The head of the family was his father.

Gauche Zernan…Chief executive of the imperial guards of the royal court and the royal knight’s order = general.


Anri Dessa…Nema’s governess. Chartreuse green hair and amber colored eyes.

Margess…Osphe House’s steward.

Paul…The apprentice steward in the Osphe House(footman)

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