I’m Doing my Best to Make Myself at Home in Another World – Chapter 12

Idle Talk  In the Case of Gwen Fields

I am Gwen Fields of the Second Division of the Imperial Guards. Out of the 12 divisions, the 2nd division specializes in escorting and guarding the royalty.

The first division is specifically for His Majesty the King, so we are in charge of the Queen and the Prince.

The First and Second Divisions who serve by the side of royalty are said to be star players.

2 years ago, being appointed as the youngest commanding officer, I drew attention as the most successful of my class.

To be frank, I don’t have an interest in climbing the corporate ladder.

My colleagues said it was a waste or that it was uninteresting, but that is unnecessary meddling.

After finishing my regular report to the Division Commander, I headed towards the Second Division’s guardroom.

In the guardroom, there were members on break taking a meal, conversing and napping, passing time as they preferred.

There was more or less of a disorganized impression, but this was a males only workplace. There’s no helping it.

Since I’ve become commanding officer, I drove tidiness and personal grooming into them, so the current situation was better than before.

There, a member rushed into the room.

「Oi! The『Healing Angel』is coming!!」

The room was dominated by silence for a moment, then right after there were brazen shouts of joy.

Those in the middle of a meal hurriedly gulped down their food, and those napping bolted to their feet.

It’s the first time I’ve seen these guys with such high tension.

「Alright!! I’m in charge of His Highness Vilhelt in the afternoon!」

Eyes filled with envy and jealousy gathered toward the troop member who just yelled.

Good grief, what are these guys doing? 『Healing Angel』? I’ve never heard of them and I don’t know who it’s referring to, but if they were going to become a hindrance towards their job, then I had to warn them.

「Don’t be careless and make a mistake.」

「Ah, you were here Commander?」

「It’s fine! We won’t make a mistake in front of Angel!!」

These guys…

I felt a murderous impulse for a moment, but I narrowly repressed it into bloodlust.

「By the way, what is this『Healing Angel』?」

Thereupon, the troop members hurled shocked looks at me as if they couldn’t believe it.

「Urrrm, do you really not know of the『Healing Angel』?」

「Fool. It’s because I don’t know that I’m asking.」

The members’ expressions changed from shock to grievous pity.

These guys are really rude.

「It’s Duke’s Osphe daughter Nefertima-sama.」

Nefertima-sama…I saw her during the council about the Fire Dragon Incident, but she seemed to be a normal child that could be found anywhere.

Yes, she could be seen as a noble’s daughter because she was wearing a fine dress, but if they were the plain clothes that commoners wore, then she would blend into the group of commoner children.

A normal face that didn’t stand out in a good or bad way, or rather it would be more fitting to say she didn’t leave an impression.

If she weren’t a high-ranking noble, the Intelligence Division would have likely scouted her.

Her parents and siblings were beautiful, and on top of that their intelligence, fighting power and magic power excelled.

I feel genes played a role in it though. There was a time when she was rumored to be an illegitimate child, but the Duke couple perfectly negated those rumors.

「…Isn’t she a normal chi…」

「「「She’s not!!」」」

Oi. Don’t interrupt people when they speak.

「Nefertima-sama is has a graciously caring heart. She even speaks to us kindly.」

「And she has an extensive knowledge. About plants and animals, magic and medicine, she has also taught me about healing arts.」

「She rescued me when I was entangled with some disagreeable nobles. Nefertima-sama said that those with status and power possess it for the sake of protecting the ones without. I believe there are many others who have been saved and healed by Nefertima-sama’s words and conduct.」

「Nefertima-sama is pure. She’ll tell me that I’m amazing and cool with a carefree smile, so happy.」

Oi oi. Is that really talk about a 3 year old toddler!?

Can a 3 year old really understand social status and authority?

She went to play with His Highness Vilhelt’s sacred beast in the middle of the council hearing, you know?

「You’ll understand Nefertima-sama’s greatness after meeting her. Right guys?」

The person who finished speaking turned to the others, and everyone expressed agreement.

「I see. Then I’ll look forward to meeting her.」

A little girl who can make these guys so devoted… Certainly, I’ll understand after meeting her.

The opportunity arrived immediately.

The eastern buildings of the royal palace were the Queen and Prince’s dwelling.

His Highness Vilhelt had called for him not too long ago, so he pushed his duties to the Vice Captain.

In front of His Highness Vilhelt’s private room were two subordinates on guard duty.

No matter where, they were different from how they usually were.

They had sharp expressions, no gaps showing, and were tense in a positive sense. Their behavior towards work was twice as diligent as usual.

If they were always like this, then my hardships would decrease.

After being saluted by the two, I knocked on the door.

「Gwen Fields of the Imperial Guards, Second Division. Requesting His Highness to grant entry.」

When the door opened, the head attendant attached to His Highness respectfully bowed in greeting.

「Fields-sama, we’ve been waiting. Please, enter.」

Guided by the maid, I treaded deeper into His Highness’ private room.

It’s not my first time here, but it has a simple interior as usual.

His Highness who didn’t favor meaningless ornaments and splendor didn’t place any excess things in his room, there were only items of good quality and of practical use.

In there, a youthful laughter resounded that didn’t match His Highness’ room.

The rumored Nefertima-sama must have come over to play.

The attendant announcing my arrival, I performed a vassal’s bow towards His Highness.

「Apologies for calling you out. At ease.」

Graciously receiving the authorization from His Highness to relax, I stood up.

「Nema, this man is Gwen Fields, Commanding Officer of the Second Division of the Imperial Guards. Gwen, this is Duke Osphe’s daughter Nefertima.」

Being introduced by His Highness, I did an imperial guard’s salute and named myself once again.

「Nice to meet you, young lady. I am Gwen Fields.」

The little girl who seemed to be happily reading her large book descended from her chair and courteously exchanged her greetings.

「I am the daughter ob Daleryant Oshufe, Neferutima. I shaw you at the audiensh so itsh not the firsht timeー.」(I am the daughter of Dalerant Osphe, Nefertima. I saw you at the audience so it’s not the first time.)

Hou. She was aware of me at that council meeting then?

「Nema, rely on Gwen if anything happens in the palace.」

「Yesh. Besht regards, Guwenー」

Nefertima-sama showed an honest and full-faced smile.

「Best regards from me as well.」

I didn’t not feel like His Highness had pushed something troublesome onto me, but I couldn’t take on such an attitude in front of a child, so I returned a smile.

「That’s right, Gwen. Show Nema to the dragon stables.」

Yes? You want me to babysit? Furthermore, at that disagreeable guy’s division??

As our Imperial Guards name indicates, our area of expertise was guarding the palace.

Patrol of the capital, subjugation of monsters and heading off to war was the job of the Royal Knights. For that reason, the number of personnel was large and including the numbers of the ones stationed at the forts on our borders, there were around 10,000 people?

We were also divided by 12 divisions, but the ones in the capital were only about a third. The rest were stationed to the north, west, east and south in our four territories.

I was at odds with one of those divisions, the 12th division’s so-called Dragon Knight Unit’s commanding officer.

Just remembering is bad for my heart!

However, if this is His Highness’s order, then I must curb my personal feelings.

「It’s not a problem, but won’t it be dangerous?」

Lindblooms and lind-drakes and the whole dragon species can enter in the ferocious animals category.

The Dragon Knights too are unable to ride if the dragons aren’t fond of them.

「What, if it’s Nema then she’ll be fine. If there’s danger then the Fire Dragon should do something about it.」

If His Highness says that then there’s no helping it.

I should bring two more guards with me so we can deal with anything that happens, just in case.

In the end, I still don’t understand why those guys are so devoted to this child.

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