I’m Doing my Best to Make Myself at Home in Another World – Chapter 13

I’ve been waiting for this

I was prohibited from going to play at the palace until the residual excitement cooled down, and it’s been about a month since the audience.

Vi finally said he’d show me those dragons, so I went over to play in high spirits!

First, I studied in Vi’s room about the lindblooms and lind-drakes that Vi said he would show me today.

They were very smart and could understand human speech, but were unable to speak.

And the seem to hate having their throats, wings and tails touched. They would attack unless it was a person they really liked. It’s the commonly referred to as「imperial wrath」.

In this world, dragons were firstly divided into 3 parts.

The Fire Dragon Sol was a 『Genryuu 1 = Ancient Dragon 』. Converting it into words from the other world, it would be Ancient Dragon? They were sacred beasts that governed over the four elements and had a lifespan of thousands of years. They who also had a command of human speech resided in history and were intimate with God, along with the spirits.

Lindbloom are small-sized『Yokuryuu 2 = Winged Dragons 』dragons with wings. Their bodies are like lizards, but their snouts are made like crocodiles. The famous wyverns are also Winged Dragons.

Lind-drakes are lindblooms without wings. Dragons who ground bound are classified as 『Chiryuu 3 = Land Dragons』. Snake type dragons and wyrms who live underground are part of these Land Dragons.

The Dragon Knights were amazing people who were recognized by dragons. Of course they had more ability than regular knights, but getting the dragon to allow them to ride on its back was an absolute requirement.

That’s why the training for Dragon Knights was strict, and they also helped care for the dragons with all their might. There also seems to be people who have gone too far and overdone it. It was at the time when I was listening to Vi tell about the Dragon Knight’s efforts to be liked while laughing at them.

A man entered the room. Judging from his uniform, he was a big-shot of the Imperial Guards.

Still, I feel like I’ve seen this silver haired handsome guy somewhere before.

Pretending to read the book, I carefully observed the handsome man.

His silver thread-like hair was long, down to around his waist. It was braided as if to not get in the way, but it didn’t seem feminine.

Though, his body type would fall in the dainty class of the Imperial Guards. Well, the cause should be his eyes. The energy emitting from his light blue eyes was like the cold frost of ice. If you were glared at by those eyes, you’d surely start shaking in your boots!


Come to think of it, I did receive an intensely cold ice-beam gaze recently…Where was it again??

…Ah!! During the audience!!

He was there diagonally behind the Queen.

He glared REALLY hard at me when I hugged the Queen.

Though if it weren’t at that place and that time, I surely would’ve been shaking.

I was introduced by Vi, so I got down from my seat and acted ladylike.

「Nice to meet you, young lady. I am Gwen Fields.」

The impression I got from his greeting was that he was and ice beauty devoted towards work, but also had a quirk or two?

Alright, he seems bothersome so let’s associate while keeping a distance!

But since Vi was here too, I could only behave cordially like an adult.

It’s fine! My body is a child, but my insides are an adult!!

Even so, there’s been a lot of annoying things since I’ve come to this world…

Vi…Didn’t you make a mistake in selecting people?

Gwen is completely ignoring me and arguing with someone, you know? When can I meet those adorably cute dragons??

Or rather, the subordinates he brought along also seem fed up.

Mmー, I’ll wait and see for now.

But you know, I’m not so free I can keep waiting in vainー. I don’t care who, pay attention to meー.

When I thought that, it came!

A bird flying in the area landed on top of my head.

It pecked at my hair, and when it descended to my arm it asked, “food?”

Ah…Sorry. I don’t have anything that can serve as food right now.

I pet the bird’s wings with feelings of apology.

Then a pote came and said, “I’ll give you this” while holding out a nut.

Guhah!! Too…Too cute, what a good kid!!

The droopy ears like a scottish fold was good, its fluffy tail was good, and above all, the gesture of it tilting its head was irresistible!!!

It’s fine. The nut looks a little big for the birdie, so you should eat it.

In return, let me explore those charming ears!

Tracing along the base of the droopy ears with my fingers, I pinched the ears with my thumb and forefinger.

It was thicker than I expected.

Maybe it was ticklish, the pote was trembling.

Ahhhh!! Where should I direct these urges!?

If it was as large as Wrath-kun or Sol, then I could hug it but it’s nooooooooot!!

Jeez, if I weren’t in front of others, I’d be rolling around on the ground. I want to hug it tight.

Wait, there IS something nearby. Something I can hug with all my might!

………They’re STILL at it!?

Ahh jeez! Really, what an annoying person!! Can I ignore this guy? I can, right? It’s not a situation where I can afford to keep acting like an adult.

Cuz, it seems like the person Gwen is arguing with is the Dragon Knight’s Commander, so can’t I just ask that person directly?

Plus, when Gwen arrived, he said it stank like animals!! Lizard types don’t smell, and if I had to say then it was the smell of straw or grass.

Seriously, isn’t he an idiot?

And so, I butted into the conversation!

「Hey. Can I meet wish the dragonsh?」

I tugged on the pant leg of the Dragon Knight’s commander, and he directed his attention towards me.

Then, having acknowledged me, he squatted and matched my vantage point.

He’s decided as a good person from just this!

It might not be that rare, but there’s only a handful of people who will do this in the palace.

The more a person relied on their social status, the more humiliation they felt at bending their backs towards a child.

Gwen didn’t do this either.

Since our viewpoints are matching, let’s greet him.

Normally, formality called for the one with lower status to name themselves first, but the one who was making an unreasonable request was me.

「I am Daleryant Oshufe’s daughter, Nefertima.」

When I bowed with a smile, the commander ruffled my head.

「You sure are admirable for being so small! I’m the commanding officer of the Dragon Knight’s Unit, Dan Yeats. Just call me Dan.」

「Yesh, Dan-shan.」

This frankness sure is nice. People with high ability and status usually aren’t this friendly.

「Well, I don’t mind if it’s just seeing them, but you definitely can’t touch them ok? They’ll gulp you down in one bite!」

Mmー, I have Sol’s power, and above all I have that thing I snatched from God so I think I’d be fine though.

「Yesh. Itsh a promishー」

Dan-san chummily joined hands with me and finally led me inside the dragon stables.

Gwen was grumbling behind me, but don’t mind it. Or rather, if you hate it that much then you don’t have to come.

「Gwen, it’ll be fine eben if you don’t follow, you know?」

When I said so, his subordinates enthusiastically said that they’d stay by my side for some reason.

I don’t really care, but don’t be a hindrance ok? I don’t want you to get in my way.

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