I’m Doing my Best to Make Myself at Home in Another World – Chapter 14

I finally met them

Saying dragon stables gives it the image of a horse shed or cow barn… Well, this is a ranch after allー

But what was amazing was the difference in environmental boundaries!

There was a desert, desolate plains, deep within that was lush prairies and woods, there was even a lake within the forest.

The ranch’s environment was made with magic, and it looks like the desert is heated with geothermal energy while the depths of the forest are cool.

The lindblooms and lind-drakes were left to run free in there.

When I asked, “won’t they run away?” I was told they were bound by their true names so they couldn’t escape.

The love towards them was conveyed through Dan-san’s tone of voice, so I knew that the dragons were being taken great care of.

Their sleeping quarters were always clean, and they also had fresh food prepared for them. He also told me they changed the terrain periodically so that the dragons wouldn’t get tired of the landscape.

The dragons I saw relaxed as if they were at home and didn’t look ferocious at all.

And they were cute!!

Perhaps the lindbloom’s forelegs having evolved into wings, they only had hind legs. Their figures of walking while folding their wings were reminiscent of birds and had a charm to it. The lind-drakes had four legs and were idly walking around. The way their tails matched in tune swaying left and right was irresistibly cute!!

「Sho cute!」

Dan-san’s expression melted as if his own children were being praised.

But since it’s come to this, I wanna touch them now… What can I do so I can touch them?

It feels like Dan-san will refuse even if I ask him…

I know!! I won’t touch them, I’ll have them touch me!!

ーC’mere, c’mere!

When I wished strongly in my heart, lots of dragons reacted.

ーWhat is itー?

ーDid you callー?

ーWanna play together?

I was shocked that I could hear what the dragons were saying inside my head.

Why? Why?? When I was panicking, this time Sol’s voice sounded in my head.

ーIf you possess the Dragon’s Orb, it’s possible to converse with all dragon types.

I seeー How useful! As expected of a legendary rare item!!

ーGot itー Thank youー!

Dan-san was vigilant against the dragons who had suddenly gathered. Gwen and his subordinates also seemed to be considering whether to draw their swords.

You don’t have to be so on guard, you know?

The dragons were unable to exit the fence. They were more or less on alert against Dan-san.

I, being the one who called them, wanted to go to them immediately, but the fence was too high so I couldn’t cross it.

Then, a lindbloom crossed over the fence and descended before me.

Dan-san tried to come in front of me to protect me, but the lindbloom threatened him and he was unable to get closer.

I approached the lindbloom and spoke with a smile.

Cuz, it’s so cute.

「Whatsh your name?」

ーIt’s Gizelle, oh daughter of man.

The voice I heard in my head was that of an adult male’s. But in my ears, I heard the grumbling of the lindbloom’s animal cry.

「I’m Nema」

ーI feel Lord Fire Dragon’s presence from you.

He can tell? I wonder if he’s an acquaintance.

「Becaush I have Sol’s orb?」

ーHowever, you are not a contractor. …Well, it’s fine. We shall welcome you as a dragon’s daughter into our flock.

I feel like I’ve instantaneously leveled up from a human’s daughter to a dragon’s daughter? But I wonder what it means.

I’ll leave aside the stuff I don’t really get, but for now, it means that it’s ok to play, right?

Then, I gotta do what I gotta doー

「Gizeryu, lemme pet youー」

ーI don’t mind, but…

Oh? He seems a little embarrassed?

It’s super cute though!!

Now then, I’ll do it without reserve. I’ve never held back while petting though.

The snout he pushed out was rugged. I wonder if a crocodile would feel like this?

Hm? Since his eyelids blink from bottom up, is he really a lizard then?

His belly area is a little soft. Yup, he’s a lizard.

When I stopped petting, Gizelle demanded more.

What is this!! Tsundere? Is this the tsundere that people are in a craze over??

When I hugged him tightly without thinking, a wave of booing came from behind the fence…

ーHow unfaiーr!

ーPet me too!

ーOnly letting Gizelle have the good stuff!

Seriously, it’s great that I got this power from God. I feel so blessed!!

I’ll hug everyone. Just wait for me!!

I asked Dan-san while hugging Gizelle.

「Can I pway wish them?」


Everyone seems kind of blank, are you guys ok?

Dan-san’s mouth is hanging wide open. You’ll hurt your throat, so close it!


ーWhat should we play?

ーLet’s go to the lake!

The dragons behind the fence started getting noisy again.

Getting a ride on Gizelle, we took to the skies.

I was astounded to the point of speechlessness. The fear of having my feet off the ground, the wind hitting against me and the faraway scenery I could see.

When I thought that those with wings could enjoy this overflowing feeling of liberation, I was pretty jealous.

Wrath-kun had said it was too dangerous and wouldn’t fly with me.

Darn it~ I’ve lost out on so much!!

I clung to his neck so I wouldn’t get in the way of the flapping wings. Is this what being on a hang glider would be like?

Ah, I properly got Gizelle’s permission before touching his neckー.

There were other kids trailing behind Gizelle. The lind-drakes were running on the ground with an amazing speed. The cloud of dust behind them, ain’t it terrifying?

Even if you don’t rush that much, there’s still plenty of time!

The place where Gizelle brought me was a hill where white flowers bloomed.

These flowers were called sen’a, and they were something like fri○k (mints) to the dragons! 

The flower petals were sweet, and the stalk was like refreshing mint.

I tried eating it too, but it was the bitter taste of leaves.

It was a perennial plant that had a strong vitality and seems to be boiled and blended into a medicine. My mom and sister taught me that when I gathered it into a bouquet to give them as a souvenir.

When I made a flower wreath to put on their head, they ate it…

Jeez, they can’t read the mood!

Bad! When I got mad, they ran away so I chased after them. Then before I knew it, it turned into a game of tag.


ーNema’s comingー!

ーRun awayー!

Of course with my legs, I was no match for them.

They were going easy on me, but that easy-going attitude was enragingー!!

We ran around a lot, so everyone migrated to the lake within the forest.

There were kids taking a nap on the lake shore, and there were also kids swimming in the shallows.

What surprised me was that the lind-drakes could swim.

I knew that lindblooms couldn’t swim because they had wings, but lind-drakes were really crocodiles!?

Their appearance while swimming is more like a log than a crocodile though.

Ah! That’s right!!

Can’t I ride on their backs!?

And so, I asked the female lind-drake Elia I’d gotten along with for permission.

ーIf I can drop you, then sureー

No, I’ll be troubled if you drop me, Nee-san!

「Eberyone, if Elia dropsh me then reshcue me, okー?」

I put in some countermeasures just in case.


ーI’ll save youー

They’re really such good kids!

I’ll hold some expectations towards these lifeguards!

Riding on Elia’s back, we wandered the lake.

The middle of the lake was the deepest area, and the beautiful water gushed forth. But since the quantity of water is constant, does that mean there’s an underground river that passes through the plains?

I’ll follow it next timeー

I splashed water on the kids swimming alongside us with my legs.

And as if in revenge, they splashed back at me.

Hey! You!!

The amount of water splashed is totally different!!

It got on Elia too, so I asked her and we both started our counter offense.

Before I noticed, it had turned into lindblooms vs lind-drakes.

It’s fine with meー On the war front, the lindblooms were at an overwhelming advantage. Those wings are foul play!

The lindblooms were unable to swim so they were only able to stay near the shallows, but the water splashed by a snap of their strong wings was already a lethal weapon.

The lind-drakes also indomitably persevered.

I don’t know how they did it, but they suddenly jumped like a dolphin and by slapping their bodies onto the surface, they made a giant spray of water.

Un. What an amazing impact!

But you know, I’m also sopping wet!!

I’m soaked from my hair to my clothes, everywhere!!

What should I do? When I was troubled, Gizelle taught me something nice.

ーYou can just borrow Lord Fire Dragon’s power.

OohhーI get it!

Sol is a fire-type after all! I can have him evaporate the water to dry my clothes.

I immediately connected to Sol via telepathy.

While calling up the other person’s appearance in your mind, you speak to them in your heart.

When the other party becomes aware of this, their appearance becomes vivid and in your brain, it goes something like…Ping! Like a thread has been linked together.

ーSol~, I want to dry my clothes!

Since it’s different from my voice, I can speak normally when using telepathy. The “s” and “r” sounds are catastrophic in my real voice though.

ーKeep the tomboyish-ness to a minimum, or your mōdor will scold you.

Mōdor?…Ahh! He means mother!!

Mom’s sermon is seriously restraining, so gimme a break. Seriously, it’s mentally straining.

ーIt’s a secret from mom!

ーWhat a helpless child.

While laughing wryly, Sol sent his power.

The bunny on my back shined faintly, and something warm wrapped around my whole body. Warming my cold body to the fingertips, my hair and clothes also dried instantly.

Wowー Sol’s Dragon Orb is too much of a cheat!

ーThank youー!

Time passed in a blink of an eye as I played with the dragons.

Around the time when the sun was sinking, Wrath-kun came to pick me up.



EhーI have to go home already?

Just a little longerー

When I was reluctant to head home, the dragons jumped on the bandwagon.

ーWe’re still playingー

ーIt’s still bright so it’s fine!

ーWe wanna play with Nema!!

And when they did, naturally Wrath-kun…


A prickling roar quieted the dragons who were quibbling in tantrum.

Scaryー!! I thought my heart would stop! I’m sorry, I’ll be a good girl and go home…

At any rate, it’s a surprising side of his.

I felt like he was a reliable big brother until now, but Wrath-kun who scolded the dragons is the very picture of an aniki! 

I’ll do my best not to anger him. If he angrily roared at me like that, my lifespan would decrease.

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