I’m Doing my Best to Make Myself at Home in Another World – Chapter 17

Safari Park

Leaving Wazu’s herd aside, we dashed through the grass field.

Horse riding is surprisingly shaky. What should I do if my butt starts hurting?

While I was thinking that, Target Spotted!

…A cow herd?

Un. One species was cows. From the horns, it was one of those water buffalos?

But, what was the other one??

“What ish dat?” (What is that?)

“The smaller one is called Land Bull. It can only be found on this continent. The bigger one is called Horn Head. They have a wild temperament so they are better suited for war.”

The Land Bull’s job was to carry luggage. It was gentle and it wasn’t hard to breed it so they are apparently bred on farms to help till the land. So they actually were water buffaloes.

The Horn Head’s horn was very fascinating.

The horn was shaped like a T with a horizontal line. There was another one from the top of the head to the upper lips, hiding the bridge of the nose. Along with that, the eyes and ears are parallel, lined up to the sides of the nose.

It’s size is about 3m with the horn I believe? Without it, it was probably around Wazu-kun’s size.

“I’m gonna chee em closwaa!” (I’m going to see them closer!)

“That’s fine but don’t stimulate them too much alright?”

Fufufu. I have learned.

I’ll touch them after I called them over.

The Land Bull’s all had kind eyes. They must be popular since they were kind and strong!

I wonder if it’s because the feed was high quality but they had glossy hair that felt like a smooth blanket.

As I was studying their fur, one of them came over and licked my face.

Wai-, the drool, DROOL!! There was so much salva, my face was soaking set.

Seeing me, Lestin  wiped the saliva off.

When he wiped it off, the child that licked me cried out “Bumoo.”

Hm? It was a symbol of affection? Well then I must accept it am I right?!

As I joked around with the Land Bull, the Horn Head who got curious, gathered around.

Ohh? Onii-san, that’s some nice fur you got there!


I buried my head into his fur.

Ah, it wasn’t stink. It smelled something like hay or rice patties.

The hair lines felt soft like wool. Ah but it wasn’t wool, it was acrylic..

I wanna touch the horn too! But I can’t reach it!!

Postpone it? After coming this far!?

I can have the Horn Head squat down for me but looking at their stature, it will cause quirt a burden to their legs.

Hmm how troubling.

As I was discouraged, the Horn Head lowered his neck as if he realized I couldn’t reached.

That’s right! Since they eating grass, they can lower their mouth to the ground!!

The horizontal lines, I realized as the horn came closer, were patterns.

The horn itself was slippery/smooth.

But I had a feeling that I had the felt this before. What was it again?

Ahh I can almost remember but but it’s not coming up!!

Well, until I do, let’s continue patting/stroking. Hmmm pats/strokes. Not yet pats/strokes.

………I remember now!!

Crape myrtle, it was crape myrtle!!

Phew, I’m refreshed now.


The child I was patting/stroking letted out a low pitched roar.



Out of surprise bto the sudden change, I couldn’t move in front of the Horn Head who had turned rough.

As the Horn Head stood up, I flew backwards.


For a moment, I thought I was going get caught by the Horn Head’s horn but it landed in between Dan-san’s arms.

The Horn Head darted its eyes around not yet sure of the situation/what happened and was at the point of rushing off to another Horn Head.


It sounded like two trees banging into each other and the Horn Head’s started attacking each other with their horns.

“That’s why I told you to not stimulate them too much didn’t I?”

Uーmm, what do you mean?

Lestin was surprised, seeing my confused expression.

“I see. You didn’t know about it. Horn Head’s are stimulated by having their horns touched. I have been told that they court each other by rubbing their horns together.”

“And, after they are stimulated, they thrust their horns at one another to determine the superior one. Since the Horn Head’s society is run by who was the strongest, the gender doesn’t matter.”

Hmm, what an unexpected ecology. There were many males that were war-like but the females are amazing huh!

But, putting aside the Horn Heads…

“Leshu-san threw mee!”

The person who threw me was Lestin.

“I apologize for being rough. But if I didn’t make it on time, you would have been trampled you know?”

Saying that while smiling shows that you’re not sorry at all!!

As I thought he is black-hearted? You’re a black-hearted character?!

Hugh walked over to me who was sulking and lightly chewed on my cheeks.

You came over to comfort me? As I thought you’re my Prince Charming!

Well, I have a lot of fluffy children who would let me pet and stroke them so I’m alright.

Healed by the knight, Hugh, I headed to find my next target.

I gave the Land Bull and Horn Heads, my farewell.

As I informed them, they cried out once “Bumou~ Fumou~.” There were 30 of them so it was quite some force.

But it felt like they were telling me to come again so I was a bit happy.

Next time, let’s come after thinking of some counter-measures to touch the Horn Head’s horn. That sensation could become a habit.

Clop Clop

After a short carefree walk on the horse, Target Spotted!

Two rhinoceroses who are leisurely chewing on grass.

There was nothing different aside from their horns being a little longer than the rhinos back on Earth.

“It’s rhinoshuases!!” (It’s rhinoceroses!)

“They have a delicate and timid personality so lets watch them from afar alright?”

GAーN (Note: Depressed sound) Prohibited from stroking them!?

Alright! Since it’s like this, it’s time to call them ov-…or not.

Lestin-san’s eyes were scary.

“Good girl. Well then, I shall talk a bit about rhinoceroses to Nefertima-sama.”

Apparently, in this world, Rhinoceroses were like a living legend.

The horn of a rhinoceros, depending on how it is prepared, can become a medicine that can cure anything. It can also become high valued weapon or furniture and so it was a famous game that will allow hunters to get rich at once.

But, there were some encounters and eyewitnesses but there was only three cases where they were caught or hunted since these several years.

It was because they were timid and immediately flees once there was a human. Their habitat was also called the Dwelling of the Spirits/Deceased and no magic could be used in there.

By the way, apparently, the rhinoceroses here are all born and raised here.

The founding king’s rider beast was  rhinoceros and during one of his expeditions, his rhinoceros paired with a female rhinoceros and these children were made from their trial and error to increase their population.

Not only that, their breeding method was also strange.

They only release the female rhinoceros into the Dwelling of the Spirits/Deceased if there was a person who was a master of a sacred beast in the palace.

Since no magic can be used in the Dwelling of the Spirits/Deceased, they will ask the Sacred Beast to guard and bring the female back when she becomes pregnant. When they do, without omission, the male of the pair will follow.

…I won’t say that this is like the Badger Game! (Note: Badger Game – Scene where a man and a women trick another man into compromising for blackmail)

But well, the visual of a king’s riding beast being a rhinoceros is pretty questioning.

The founding king must have been a stranger person.

In the end, I admired the rhinoceroses I couldn’t come in contact with from afar and headed back onto the horse to find the next animal.

There is a Okkotonushi!! (Note: It’s a character from Princess Mononoke)

Wait, no. The species? Was a Boar God.

The huge boar who appears in a certain Anime is digging a hole you know!

But like, why a hole? Don’t tell me it’s one of those pitfalls!?

“What are dey doin?” (What are they doing?)

My articulation turned strange after the shock I recieved.

“Hm? Oh thhe Giant Boar? …It’s searching for food.”

No…yeah. Right.

That doesn’t count as an explanation!!

“Like that, they search for earthworms living in the dirt.”

Yep yep. This was the type of answer I wanted to hear Dan-san.

Even so, that’s some dynamic way of eating.

Ah, they were in the middle of their meal. Hmm, I don’t really want to bother them while they are eating.

While I was wondering what I should do, they noticed us and cried out. “Buhi Buhi”

Ah, they cry like a pig huh. They were big so it was a deeper but it was still a “buhi”.

“Aah, you found us.”

Lestin mumbled while smiled bitterly. Is there something wrong with being discovered?

But the Giant Boars didn’t look like they were going to move.

As they stared at us motionlessly, something from behind them approached us with a staggering force.

“Do Do Do” Along with the sound of stamping, I finally realized what it was. …Oh~ it was just a Boar piglet.

It had bloodshot eyes and was making a strange expression and was around the size of an adult pig but it was just a piglet!


I called out cried out loudly in my mind.

The piglets suddenly braked and screeched to a stop in front of us.

To be able to do such manga-like actions, what in the world are you guys.

There were four huge piglets…. If they continued with that force, we won’t just be a pile.

Each of us will fly off like characters in a manga.

“Buhi buhi! Buhi buhi!!”

They attacked us, asking us to play with them.

No no. We can’t even play like this!

It wasn’t just me. Dan-san and Lestin-san were also taking damage.

He-herupumeee! (Note: This was in Japangrish) The mother of these kids!!

Their stretchy butt was squishing me and my clothes were getting dirtied by their drool. The fur hitting my cheeks were also painful.

By now, I wasn’t in the state to stroke and pet any of them.

As I was floundering and drowning between the piglets, a strong cry rang out.


The piglets, surprised by the cry from the horses, ran back to their mothers with the same force from before.

…what on Earth was that…

“Wazu, thank you. You saved us.”

Lestin thanked Wazu.

I see. Wazu helped us.

Hugh also walked over to me worried.

Oops, my legs gave away slightly.

Those kids were like a storm.

“It was misfortunate we were found by them huh.”

“The children of Giant Boar are highly curious creatures and when they find a person, they will charge at them because the human will play with them. Because of that, there are casualties every year.”

To be injured from playing with them, just how wild was this work place!

For now, Lestin cleaned us up with magic and we headed to a elevated area for a break.

I satisfied my stomach with sandwiches made by the Cook-san from the Beast House.

Things what are wrapped with bread are called Pallas over here but that would means hot dogs and sandwiches were both Pallas.

There were many different ingredients such as flavored chicken and mashed potatoes, cheese and colorful vegetables, along with in season fruits sandwich.

What made me happy was that bite sized ones were properly prepared.

I must give my thanks when I return. I’m thankful for their thoughtfulness.

Now then, since I’m full and I’ve recovered my stamina, time to search for the next child!

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