I’m Doing my Best to Make Myself at Home in Another World – Chapter 18

Safari Park

As we our break and started the horses once again, we heard some footsteps from behind us.

I asked to stop and dinosaur-like animals came out in a swarm, walking on 2 feet.

“It’s abswa of Wakkas (ワァッカ).”

Ooh. An oval shaped face and long neck. They had slender, long legs and most of all, their round body is particularly cute!!

They were yellow with light brown spots and stripes on its body.

It might be to maintain balance but while walking, it kept it neck and tail level to the ground.

Not sure if it is because it degenerated, I can’t find the front legs.

I wonder if it was because it specializes in running.

The speed was incredible!

“Wakkas are the fastest animals on Earth. They are used as messengers and during emergencies even here.”

I see.

But I wonder just how fast are they?

And so~

“I want chu wride it!!” (I want to ride it!!)

…yup. My speech is devastating today too.

*Sighs* “I thought you would say that.”

What. Don’t look so troubled.

It’s alright isn’t it? I won’t say I want to ride alone. I’m alright with riding together with Dan-san or even the two of them together!

“There is some training required due to the speed of the Wakkas…”

“Noo! I wan chu!!” (Noo! I want to!!)

It doesn’t have to be at full speed. I’ll satisfy myself with a fifth of the speed. Let me ride on the Wakka~!!

I gazed hopefully at Lestin.

I endured myself earlier with the rhinoceroses so I’m not giving in this time okay!

Lessltin gave in after a short minute.

“…for safety, we will be putting a lifeline on you alright?”

If I can ride on them, then that’s not a problem!

Lestin whistled. Unlike with Wazu, the length of the whistle changed.

“Pi~ Pyui Pyui” 

Noticing Lestin’s whistle, the Wakkas changed their direction, heading this way.

“If it’s 2 people, then it should be Yosh (Yosshu) who has stamina.”

Rather, just how many names had Lestin remembered?

He was checking their health while I was playing with the animals and called them by the ones who are fawning him by their names.

Dan-san at the Dragon Knight Unit also called them without any mistakes.

But I believe the animals breeding in the beast house goes easily over the 4 digits.

“How many names hav yuu remembered, Leshu-shan?” (How many names have you remembered Les-san?)

“Do you mean not the species but the names of each of them?”


“Let’s see. Once you have time to grasp their traits after observing them, you can remember every one of them here.”

Now here is the answer that didn’t betray m6 expectations!

Dan-san’s case, he remembers with affection but Lestin remembers with his amazing memorization skills am I right?

Leaving me, Lestin headed towards Yosh.

“Dan, please raise Nefertima-sama.”

I was raised by Dan-san who safely transferred me to Lestin and mounted.

Hmm, the position of my butt is uncomfortable. I moved around searching for a comfy area. Alright, all good~!

“Well then, time to attach the lifeline.”

Lestin wrapped the rope around my lower waist and quickly tied it Ito a bow.

“Please lean forward and cling onto Yosh. Not the but lower…yes like that. If you grip too hard, Yosh will stop so be careful.”

Saying that, Lestin placed his hand on top of mine. Isn’t this making me lean even further?

“Kyaa~ pervert!” and the throbbing of romance. Just kidding~! There was no way~!

For me, a women who had given up on love, Romance? What’s what? Is it delicious? Ohh carp? (Note: It’s a Japanese pun.  Love and carp are both pronounced Koi) It’s definitely delicious in cooking. That was the situation I’m in. There is also Bunny (Note: Her backpack) behind me so it’s not directly either.

Anyways, I am getting excited from the fur over here!

It’s short and hard but very smooth~.

“You will be thrown off if you don’t concentrate.”

“Aye commander~!”

Lestin must have given a signal because Yosh started running.

In this situation, we couldn’t enjoy the scenery or even have a lesure chat, First of all, I couldn’t even lift my face!


Unlike the light footsteps, the speed of the ground we pass by along with the wind pressure was unbelievable. Along with that, due to the pressure, it was hard to breathe and my eyes were dry and painful.

elmet…Where Is The Helmet!!

It was very surprising and I don’t know if it was because I was shaking in pain but Lestin noticed my abnormality.

I heard a chant and immediately my breathing eased and the wind pressure was gone.

“I accidently forgot about it. Are you alright now?”

Accident? …No, it was intentional wasn’t it!

After all, you voice says you were having fun….

Did I flip on a weird switch or something?

“I’m going to speed up a bit more alright?”

Saying so, Yosh sped up even more.


The way it ran reminded me of the bird from a foreign anime from before. If the cry was like a car horn, then it will be exactly like it though.

-was what I was thinking in the beginning.


It felt like I was riding a rollercoaster with no no seatbelt.

The feeling of not knowing when you will be thrown off was super scary.

I give up! Yosh, slow down.

Yosh obeyed and slowed down to a stop.

“That was about half its fastest speed. How was it?”

“It makes me admire pepo who wride on Wakkis…” (It makes me admire people who can ride on Wakkis)

Though there will be a proper saddle and rein, it we measured the speed it’s number won’t be that high but it wasn’t a speed for a living person to ride on!

My experience of speed was the average biking speed.

We headed back to Dan-san who laughed at my exhausted state.

It isn’t funny at all okay!


From somewhere, a bird cried out.

Lestin and Dan-san looked up simultaneously.

Seeing the bird, he stretched his finger out.

Eh? Where is it?


He whistled a signal to the bird. (Note: finger whistling)

Ah, there it is. A light brown bird was heading this way.

Meanwhile, Lestin took out a leather glove from inside his bag.

It was a glove connected to an arm cover. A gauntlet?

Wearing it, the bird landed on Lestin’s arm without hesitation.

Thi-…this was!!

Round and pretty eyes and a curved black beak. It had magnificent flight feathers…this was a falcon! It’s a raptor isn’t it!

HOW COOLーーー!!!

Lestin was like a falconer.

How nice~. I also want it on my arm!

…hmm. But it was impossible with my weak arms.

Shonbori (Note: Sound of being depressed)

Sighs I seems like one of my subordinated did something. They want me to return.”

Eh? There was a letter attached?

Ah, looking closer, there was a tube like object attached to its leg.

Not a Carrier Pigeon but a Carrier Falcon!?

“Does it carry letters?”

Lestin-san seemed weary so I asked Dan-san.

“Yup. We use Gray Hawks in the daytime and Night Owls at night to exchange letters.”

Owls and letters! I saw that somewhere before but how extravagant!!

How nice~. I want a raptor too.

“Leshu-san Leshu-san. Gimme it!”

Ah. I made a mistake. My desires flew out my mouth.

Lestin must have misunderstood and thought I wanted to touch it and slowly crouched with the Gray Hawk on his arm.

The feathers on the side was firm but the ones on the stomach was fluffy. I tried placed my fingers between its wings and it was super warm.

Will it be even more fluffier when it grows its winter feathers? I’m looking forward to it!

“Well then, this should be the end for today.”

Boo, how disappointing. I wanted to see more of these mysterious animals like the Wild Hare or the Rye Panther, which is a black leopard. I was really looking forward to it but since Lestin-san has to work I guess it can’t be helped.

I did promise the King that I won’t go to places like the Dragon and Beast House or the ones with weapons or magic without the person in charge present so it can’t be helped.

“Can I pway wif the Wild Heas next time?” (Can I play with the Wild Hares next time?)

“Of course. As long as I am free, I will guide you around.”

We said next time but, the commander doesn’t have a lot of free time….

As I thought, should I ask Vi to guarantee and time separately?

When we returned to the buildings, two Beast Knights greeted us.

“Commander Les! I am terribly sorry!!”

One of them got onto his knees apologized with great vigor.

“We can’t stop what already happened. Let’s hurry and come up with a plan.”

Yup yup. If he is reflecting on it, then it is better to try to fix the situation rather than getting angry.

What a good superior….wait Lestin, your eyes are super scary. Are you fuming inside?

What Did You Do!?

“What happened?”

I asked Dan-san secretly.

“Ahh, apparently a White Moose ran away while they were patrolling.”

White Moose? Sounds Delicious! It’s name sounds like a type of dessert!

No no. He meant a White Deer.

It will be a big issue if an animal runs away right? My condolences.

Well then, let’s head to Gisel-san’s place to play with my free time.

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