I got a Cheat Ability in a Different World, and became Extraordinary even in the Real World – Volume 02 – Chapter 02 – The Sage and Magic

Part 1


I stared in disbelief at the book in my hand. This is because the sage described here is probably the former landlord of the house that I use in this other world. Furthermore, it is safe to say that I couldn’t do anything without the sage’s help. I’m very indebted to him for the weapon and armor, and numerous materials such as the complete recovery grass. In the first place, if the house didn’t have the barrier ability, I would have been dead the moment I stepped outside the door, connecting the house to the other world.

The book of the sage… moreover, who else could have reached this place…

I opened the book with a slight shudder. One of the contents spelled out the following:

Well…I know this is sudden, but let’s talk about the past. It’s my past. I know it’s boring but listen to me.

──I could do anything. Yes, ever since I was born… There was nothing I couldn’t do. Magic, swordsmanship, cooking, singing, painting, blacksmithing… I could really do everything in this world. And I had the power to master it, too.

As a result, I stepped into “God’s realm” while I was alive.

It was one of my few astonishing events; the gods encouraged me to become a god directly.

Well, the other people would have gladly accepted it. After all, if you agree, you will be able to join the divinity and gain immortality. Before this, even if I could revive the dead, I couldn’t become an immortal. But… I refused. Those around me were surprised, and some of them scolded me for being arrogant. But I still refused.

I’ve talked about this at length, but there is one thing I would like to tell you as you read this book. You are good enough to be able to come to this place. I’m not sure how you perceive that, now that I’m dead.

I don’t know what you think of other people. I don’t know, but it will eventually make those around you afraid… like me. It may be an afterthought, but as a predecessor, I don’t want you to lead a life like mine.

…I haven’t told you why I refused to become a god, have I? It’s because…I wanted to die as a “person”. I, who could do anything and reach the divinity while I was alive… could only die as a “person” in this way.

I don’t want you to end up in the same position. It’s truly selfish of me.

“….. ”

I’ve read this far, and I’m amazed at the kindness of the sage. My image of the sage was that he was the type of person who had no interest in other people and was only interested in himself because he was building a house in the middle of the forest like that.

In fact… because he was able to do anything, he was a pitiful person who was more lonely than anyone else and had lost the ability to die as a “person” other than dying at the end of his life.

If what he says is true, then my power is probably one of the most powerful among humans. If things continue like this, as sage-san said, I might be feared off by the people around me.

…I don’t want that. But what should I do?

As I continued to read the book with these thoughts, there was more information.

It’s a bit scary, but to solve this is simple… Well, for someone other than me.

The answer is to get someone you can trust.

It could be a friend, a lover, or a parent. Make someone who will lay everything on the line and still be there for you.

…I was good at building relationships when I was alive, but I didn’t get someone to expose everything like that. If you have the time, don’t be afraid and look for such a person positively.


That is, well…..I guess it is, but… I’m the kind of person who didn’t have any friends until recently, you know? I feel like that’s a pretty high hurdle…

Sage-san, don’t you think that in terms of your own standards?

You’re going to be fine. Don’t rush, take your time…go at your own pace and get a lifetime friend. Not only do you have to deal with your friends, but you have to deal with yourself.

You’re reading my mind!

While doing tsukomi inwardly, I was reminded of my deceased grandfather by the words of the sage.

…Grandpa said the same thing to me before he passed away…

It may take some time, but I’ll make my own way, little by little.

As I turned the page with that thought in my mind, there was a continuation.

Thank you for keeping me company this far, and I apologize for that, but… I’ll write one thing you want to know in this book.


When I saw the letters written, I let out a hysterical voice.

Then, what do I want to know… or rather, I feel like my mind is really being read. Even if suddenly said, nothing honestly comes to mind. I have too many things to know.

…But speaking of what I want to know now…

“Magic… I wonder…”

I’ve never used magic since I came to this world. That’s why I long for magic. It’s exciting to think about being able to make fire out of my hands like that. As I was thinking about it, a new character is written on the page that had been blank until now.

It seems like you want to know about magic.

“I knew you’d read my mind!”

It turned into a conviction inside of me. Ignoring me like that, additional letters emerge on the blank page.

I’ve packed all of my magic theories into this continuation. However… you have no knowledge of magic… no, on the contrary… you’re not a resident of this world.

“How could you possibly know that?”

It seems that sage-san can see everything. Even so, I didn’t think he’d be able to figure out that I was an otherworlder. What’s going on actually? What on earth…?

But unfortunately, even if you have the magic theory drilled into your head, you’re not capable of using magic. That’s because every human in this world has… [Magic Circuit] in their body that allows them to use magic.

Simply put, it’s like a blood vessel. Unlike you, humans in this world produce not only blood but also magic power from their hearts, and it runs through their entire body. However, being an otherworlder, you don’t have this circuit. Therefore, you can’t use magic.


T-then…I can’t use magic for the rest of my life…?

There’s nothing I can do about it if he says it’s different because of how my body is built. When it comes to magic, I had been hoping to use it someday since I came to this world, and that fact was quite a shock. But sage-san’s words didn’t end there.

──Therefore, I will give you my magic circuit. Yeah, I don’t exist anymore. But my magic circuit is so precious that it can be said to be a treasure of this world. It would be better for you to use it than just to make it disappear.


Can a magic circuit be passed on to other people? Besides, is it okay for an outsider like me to take such a precious thing?

Despite my anxiety, the sage’s words were written in a light tone on the page more and more.

If you don’t use it, it’s just going to disappear. But now you’re here. There’s nothing wrong with that, just that the existence that inherits it just happens to be an otherworlder. It’s decided that it’s better for people who can use it.

In the first place, how many people can get to this place…?


It’s true, I knew from what Owen-san and the others said about how dangerous this place is.

Well, don’t think too hard about it, but be happy that you just happen to have the world’s best magic circuit.

“I wonder if I can take it so lightly…”

Well, it’s not something I could have said at this point where I’m already using the sage’s weapons and house, but even so, I feel apologetic when he treats me so well. I’m really sorry…

…Well, whatever. I have nothing to say to you if you will eventually become worthy of that power and live a life that you can hold your heart out for.


I am admonished by sage-san who should no longer be in this world. Even so, if I can live up to what sage-san says… if I can become that kind of person who lives up to the power sage-san gave me…no, I should try to become that kind of person.

Just as I was making that determination, suddenly, the sage’s book began to shine.


Now that you’ve made your decision, let’s get you started. This is my magic circuit that the whole world has wanted…!

I had been turning the pages by hand before, but suddenly the book jumped out of my hand and was fixed in the air, and the pages were being turned more and more. Then, as the page stopped, a large number of characters that I had never seen before emerged there and jumped off the page.


The string of letters undulates like a snake. It’s crawled up from my feet to all over my body; the characters filled from the top of my head to the toes of my feet, eventually covering my entire body and disappearing into my body.

At that moment, my heart felt like it was on fire. I dropped to my knees in place without thinking, but this time the heat rushed through my entire body from my heart, and eventually, it quietly receded.

“Hah, hah, hah, hah…!”


Night stares at me anxiously as I try to catch my breath desperately. I managed to return a grin to him, and the book that was glowing in front of me fell to the spot. Then, a page just came into my sight.

It looks like you’ve safely inherited my magic circuit. Now you’re ready to use magic. And as I said at the beginning, I’ve packed all the magic theories into this one ahead… Well, I rarely need to read it.

If it’s another person, they will need to learn the magic theory written there, but it’s unnecessary for you, who inherited my magic circuit because my magic theory itself is already etched into that circuit on a genetic level.

I managed to catch my breath and flipped through the book as if to confirm it. Just like sage-san said, there was a lot of information about magic. It was full of jargon that I didn’t know what it was. I wondered if I had to understand all of this in order to be able to use magic, so I was very grateful for the words of the sage-san. I’m sure I have the skills to understand language, but there are so many words I don’t understand at all…

I took a look at it for now, and when I looked at the last page, it ended with the words that were directed at me again.

…I’ve said it many times, I want you to be happy reading this book now. An existence who was human and yet was not human… I am alone was enough.

There will be times in your life that are irrevocably painful. Therefore, you should walk your life with no regrets. I’m happy if this book and my magic circuit can help with that in some small way.

I wish you all the best in your life, ~from the sage~.

“…Thank you, sage-san. You, too, may you be at peace…”

I put the book in the item box and joined my hands, praying to the remains of sage-san in front of me. Next to me, Night is mimicking me, closing his eyes and lowering his head. After a while, I turned up and said to Night. “Okay, Night… we’re going home for the day!”


“Are we done?” Night tilted his head as if to say that.

“Yeah. That’s enough for today. More importantly, I need to read the book that the sage-san left for me right now. Besides, maybe Night will be able to use magic too.”


Night nodded happily, and we walked home with him in the lead, just as we had done when we came.

Part 2

──Magic is the embodiment of the imagination.

I took the book that sage-san had left behind and quickly went through the pages of magic theory, and the first thing it said was that. The embodiment of the imagination… the words are quite tricky, I wonder if it’ll be alright?

However, the embodiment of imagination… even if you use magic, you can’t use it without the underlying [Magic Power].

I’m sure it is. Otherwise, the magic on the stats would really be meaningless.

You have to start by feeling the magic to begin with, or you won’t be able to use magic.

──That means, I’ve got to learn how to control magic before I can use it. As I read through the book, it was mentioned that in order to deal with magic, one must first feel one’s own magic, and meditation was mentioned as a way to do so. I don’t understand what meditation is, but should I just sit with my eyes closed for now?

I set the book down in front of me, closed my eyes, and sat down. Then I felt a presence next to me, so I opened my eyes a little, and Night, imitating me, closed his eyes, and sat down quietly. It’s cute.

After sitting side by side for a while, I felt that the heart part of my body was strangely hot.

“…Hmm? What is this? This is…”

The moment I felt the heat, it ran through my entire body, giving me the illusion that I was somehow experiencing blood flow.

”Wait…what is this feeling…!”

I was perplexed by a situation I had never experienced before. Still, I didn’t see any abnormality, such as pain in my body or something negligent. Then, a semi-transparent message appeared in front of me.

You have acquired [Magic Control] skill.

“Huh… the source of this heat was magic?”

I soon found out from the sage’s book that apparently magic is something similar to blood flow and is always running through the body. Usually, I don’t feel anything unless I’m aware of it, so I guess it’s only this time.

”This is… the magic circuit I inherited from sage-san…”

As I murmured that to myself, Night, who had been meditating next to me, barked as if to tell me something.

“…Woof! Woof, woof!”

“Hmm? Perhaps you could feel it too, Night?”


“Ooh! You did it!”

That means that Night was able to learn the [Magic Control] skill just like me. Even though it’s called control, I could just feel my magic. In addition to the fact that I’m not from this world, even if I have magic in my status, I couldn’t use magic because I didn’t have the circuit. Since Night is originally from this world, I’m sure he has the magic circuit.

By the way, since I was able to sense my own magic, I could adjust the speed of the magic running through my body. I was able to move it as I wanted, such as staying in one place, so it may be that other people will be able to control it as soon as they can sense it.

“Now that I can feel the magic, and I’m able to control it, what’s the next step?”

Once you can handle the magic, the rest is easy. For example, if you want the flame to come out of your palm, you can imagine gathering magic in your palm so that it will come out. There is also such a thing as long spell chanting, but this is not necessary as it only serves as an aid to solidify the image. However, if you come up with your own name for the magic, it will be easier when you activate it. It’s also a matter of preference since it’s the same to utter that magic name and chant it in your mind. However, in actual battle, it is recommended that you chant it in your mind in order to prevent your opponent from predicting magic.

“He~h… magic doesn’t require chanting, huh? Besides, chanting magic names in my mind would be more useful in battle…”

It’s useless on Earth, though. I can’t imagine a situation where I would have to use magic.

As I turned the page, I found the rest of the story written.

If you’re going to use it for the first time, it’s best to imagine water-based magic. Flames and the like can cause disaster in some places, but with water, the damage is relatively small. Consider it.

“That was dangerous! I was ready to let out a full flame…”

If I hadn’t read ahead of time, I might have let the flames appear. I have to read it to the end properly before I can put it into practice. I told Night to do the same, and I quickly thrust out my palm. I envision a basketball-sized water ball floating on my palm.

…I read that I should think of a magic name, so I guess [Water Ball] will do. It’s a cheesy name, but thanks to it, the image and the skill’s name have come together. As soon as I solidified the image, I quickly activated the magic.

“It’s fine, right…? [Water Ball]!”

Then, water appeared in my palm, undulating out of the empty space. Before long, a mass of water the size of my imagination was formed.

“Uoooohh! I did it. I did it!”

“Woof! Woof!”


When I was impressed by the water ball in my palm, I saw Night barking next to me, and there was a water ball of the same size as mine hovering over his head.

“Whoa! You did it too, Night!”


With an empty hand, I stroked Night with all my might.

“Alright, alright! Now we’re magicians, too!”


I want to use some other magic right now, but I need to do something about the water ball that I spawned. I imagined in my mind that I would shoot a water ball at high speed at the tree outside my yard.

In that moment──



The water ball snapped a few trees outside. It’s more powerful than I ever imagined; it makes me twitch my cheek.

…It really works as intended.

Also, I’ve figured it out through the use of magic, but I definitely feel like I’m losing a little bit of magic from my body. But if I believe in the feeling of losing magic this time, it would be possible to create a large number of water balls with this outrageous power.

Earlier, I imagined the [Water Ball] just to make it appear, but now that I’ve seen the scene, the image of the [Water Ball] has been overwritten by the image of when I shoot it out. I could just make a water ball appear, though.

“…Alright, let’s keep going and use more and more magic!”


I said that to Night, and we continue to use magic as long as our time allowed us to.

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