Login Bonus with Skill Up – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: The Royal Acquaintance Fiona, in her white armor, was flirting with shyness and spoke quickly. "I'm a princess of a certain country fighting against a demon ... I know if you're here because of the Royal Teleport. I'm sorry."  I didn't know, I wanted to say, but her words continued. "Oh, yes, First of all, please thank you.This time, I was really saved. It is thanks to you that the Demon War ended so quickly." "...Eh?"... Continue Reading →

Login Bonus with Skill Up – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: The Royal Second Encounter  It was a vast grassland meadow. Several soldiers were bleeding and falling, but still stood. At their head was a girl in a dress.  In front of her, equipped with a pure white sword and shield, there was a giant. The giant, as bloody as the soldiers, was breathing on his shoulders. The armor he's wearing is already peeling off, and the sword and blade are spilling too hard. 「Fuha, let's praise you... Continue Reading →

Login Bonus with Skill Up – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Effect of Resisting and the Fulfillment of the Curse Half a day of having a meal break and continuing to replenish with Curse while sandwiching in a nap and now the sky was completely dark as it was evening. And 「Can you still do it?" 「Um! I'm not feeling tired at all, or I'm more satisfied mentally! But ... I'm no longer... Continue Reading →

In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 17

AND SO, SHE FINALLY BECAME FURIOUS It’s just morning and I’m already unbelievably tired. Eventually, after that, Tonouin-kun silently went to his seat and started looking through his phone, the heroine glared at me while her hand holding the towel started to tremble, and as if fleeing, I repeatedly and meaninglessly flipped through my textbook. For a... Continue Reading →

In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 18

RENEWING MY RESOLVE ON MY SINGLE LIFE Waahh, my bad premonition just came true. [What are you trying to do, you’ve been interfering since yesterday! Both Tonouin-kun and Kurekamiji-sensei, they clearly wanted to get friendly with me but then you’re troubling them by wedging yourself in between!] She arrogantly went on, I don’t really see... Continue Reading →

Login Bonus with Skill Up – Chapter 03

Chapter 03: Growth After Lightning 『Fourth day login bonus – Wind type beginner magic – 40 shots acquired!』 When I opened the grimoire on the fourth morning day, there were these words added it. 「Haa, the magic is increasing again….」 Magic is being accumulated quickly inside my grimoire. My grimoire’s first page is already full with... Continue Reading →

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