The Editor Is the Novel’s Extra – Chapter 04

Chapter 4 - Insignificant Supporting Character - 02 Strings of words suddenly appeared before Jeongjin in bright flashes, the words refusing to disappear even if he deliberately closes his eyes. It was as if it was enngraved into his eyes. [Item Attribution: Promise ― Function use is limited for maintain low narrative intervention. ― Promise provides link... Continue Reading →

Grand Prize Unrivalled: Harem Ticket – Chapter 05

Pursuing the Conspiracy “It’s too dangerous to gather any more copper coins in this town.” “Yeah, there are way less than before. Any more than this, and we’ll gather unnecessary attention.” “Time to transport what we have now. Make the preparations.” “Alright.” Two male voices, conversing with each other. “Dear customer?” “Whoa?!” I suddenly saw... Continue Reading →

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