Miniature Garden Chemister – Chapter 08

“A forest of the lost…?”“Yes. This forest has been called ‘a forest of the lost’ from about two years ago.” If I summarise Cynthia-sans story, it’s like this.In this world of ‘forests of the lost’ appear on rare occasions.They appear without any regular pattern. One day, a normal forest starts making people get lost inside... Continue Reading →

Miniature Garden Chemister – Chapter 09

“Haa……” I was completely exhausted, feebly drooping my head.Yes, this is… above the sky. “Hinami-san! Are you alright…?”“Mn…” Alfred-san, Thia-chan, me and Kiruto-san, the four of us were on the dragon in that order. Since it was a small dragon Thia-chan was sitting on Alfred-san’s knees. I’m fine behind them, but Kiruto-kun was sitting near... Continue Reading →

Miniature Garden Chemister – Chapter 10

The next day, I woke up in a fluffy bed.In my still drowsy state, a voice was heard. Then that was gradually sounding like a laughter… “Hah…!”“Good morning, Hinami-sama.”“Ah! Sebas-san… Erm, good morning.” When I returned the greeting, he smiled softly and served black tea.Rather, I… made a morning greeting for the first time in... Continue Reading →

Miniature Garden Chemister – Chapter 11

I was walking down a little out-of-the-way street in the market. This is where there are ‘contractors for curse-slaves’… popularly called 〈The Curse-Slave Market〉, the place for professional dealers. There were those in cells like in prisons, while there were those sitting with the shopkeeper like normal people.Also…I heard that curse-slaves are sold at other... Continue Reading →

Miniature Garden Chemister – Chapter 14

Ah, amazing! Rainbow-coloured butterflies!There are rabbits over there!Ah! What’s that!? A deer? Is that a deer—!!? “Hinami-sama, please calm down now…”“Ah! I’m really sorry…” About 30 minutes since we got on the stagecoach… was it? The scenery outside the window was beautiful and there were many animals, so while I didn’t shout I moved my... Continue Reading →

Miniature Garden Chemister – Chapter 15

I momentarily held my breath and reflexively crouched a little.Is there something dangerous… up ahead…? Ikuru stopped me and said, “It’s there.”The things I had seen in forest are ‘hard wolves’ and chickens and rabbits. However, looking at Ikuru’s appearance… there’s probably a strong monster. “Hinami-sama… there’s a ‘snow rabbit’. Please come here quietly.”“Eh…? It’s... Continue Reading →

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