Login Bonus with Skill Up – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: The end of the royal magic Along with the flashy light-works, I returned to Media’s home.Before my eyes, Media has a surprised expression. 「Oh! Your back! So that means you did actually learn Royal Teleport…….what did you do, Kouta-kun. You have a terribly bitter face, are you alright?」 「Well, it was rough」 I... Continue Reading →

Login Bonus with Skill Up – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: One job after a job After the royal magic incident, when I went to the magician’s guild, Flame was there burning as usual. 「Good morning! I am looking forward to today’s work…..what’s wrong Kouta? You look very tired」 「No, it’s just that there always seems to be something terribly tiring every morning」 「That... Continue Reading →

Login Bonus with Skill Up – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Demon Attack After the commotion, we decided to head south of the city which is the center of trouble. 「Well, let’s go, Kouta! Soulas!」 「Yes, let’s put a stop to that troublesome invader!」 「You are motivated, good Soulas」 「Of course! Come on, let’s go Kouta-san! Because I am in perfect condition, because I... Continue Reading →

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