According to Rumors, He Seems to be Trash – Volume 01 – Chapter 11

Liechtenstein told me that after the engagement was broken, His Highness, became a puppet under the orders of Baron Rodelloi. While being selfish, the lonely baron maiden, who obtained the most power in the country, and because of that there were many noblemen and ladies who were damaged by this, and it seems that the head of the family was fiercely opposed to the royal family. The royal family is busy dealing with her, but the His Highness  will not part with her. However, she... Continue Reading →

Garbage Brave【Revenge story of the hero who was been thrown away after summoned to another world】- Volume 02 – Chapter 02

Chapter 2 – Training Part 1 Let’s see, where should we start? Well, let’s go in order from the end of the uproar in the Count Abbas household. Count Hussel, who wanted to take over the Abbas house, manipulated Dokum to assassinate Dolce, the Abbas heir, and pin the blame on Canaan. Count Abbas asked... Continue Reading →

I got a Cheat Ability in a Different World, and became Extraordinary even in the Real World – Volume 1 Chapter 5 – Ousei Gakuen

Chapter 5 – Ousei Gakuen Part 1 While I was trying to wrap my head around the rapid development of the situation so far, I noticed that we had arrived at the front gate of “Ousei Gakuen”. A splendid thing, that seems to be in a western castle that you can never think of as... Continue Reading →

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