A Loner with the Trash Skill ‘Abnormal Status Doubling’ (LN)

Type     : Light Novel
Genre   : Seinen, Harem, Adventure, Fantasy, Action
Author 水源+α

Alternative Name(s)

  1. Bocchi wa Hazure Skill “Joutai Ijou Baika” no Tsukaite
  2. ボッチはハズレスキル『状態異常倍加』の使い手


It all started when a minute before we began morning activities, something suddenly occurred. The floor started shining a dazzling light, the shining expanded in an instant, and 30 classmates, including me, were laying on top of a place we didn’t recognize.

After that, we met a king-like person who said “I want you to look for the seven swords.” Everyone refused at first, but since I wanted to stay in this world, I opened the mouth I kept closed up until that point.

Then when I checked my status, I had nothing but surprise.

There was only one reason for that─

Everyone’s initial skills given to them were strong skills, but in contrast, the skill I was given went way too far into the ‘bad skill’ territory. It was an abnormal status doubling skill.

Table of Contents

Author’s Note:

Just a note, this work is written by a junior high school student. There’s probably little writing ability and there are many places where expressions are underdeveloped. At least, that’s what I think, but you all will probably think that too. I think the progression is also underdeveloped… However, I’d be pleased if you’re able to enjoy it.

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