I May Be A Mob But Because My Favorite Is Here, Everyday Is Fun (LN)

Type: Web Novel
Author: KAI
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Japanese
Status: 50 chapters (Ongoing)

Alternative Name(s)

  1. モブだけど推しが生きてるから毎日が楽しい


The spring I became a second-year high schooler. When I saw the transfer student from the class next door, I remembered the memories from my past life. In this world that was from a game that I loved from my previous life, I was a nameless mob. But even though I’m a mob, it doesn’t matter! That’s because this world has Kurogane Taiga, my favorite and the one I love the most! As long as he’s here, I’m happy! My favorite existing is my happiness! –I carelessly told him my feelings, and from there, our strange relationship started.

“I’d like to give monetary offerings to Taiga-san as thanks for existing…”
“Stop it.”

The high-energy female mob today as well confesses her love to her favorite chara!

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 01
  • Chapter 02
  • Chapter 03
  • Chapter 04
  • Chapter 05
  • Chapter 06
  • Chapter 07
  • Chapter 08
  • Chapter 09
  • Chapter 10

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