I was told the engagement is canceled, but I am not your fiancée (OS)

Type: OneShot
Author:  I・B
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Japanese
Status: Complete
Source: Ncode

Alternative Name(s)

  1. Konyaku Haki o Iiwatasa Remashitaga Watashi wa Anata no Fiansede wa Arimasen
  2. 婚約破棄を言い渡されましたが私は貴方の婚約者ではありません


“Rosemary, I will discard my engagement with you.”

So I was told in the courtyard. But I am not Rosemary. I am not in any position to end the engagement, please listen to me carefully. It seems that the story had gone astray somehow.

One act of a persuasion by a young woman towards the hero who had made a mistake in recognizing his engagement partner

Table of Contents

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