In Exchange for Annulling the Engagement, Allow Me to Cut Ties With My Family (OS)

Type: OneShot
Author:  Osaki Kaya (大崎 カヤ)
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Japanese
Status: Complete
Source: Ncode

Alternative Name(s)

  1. Kon’yaku Haki Suru Kawari ni,-ka to wa en o Kira Sete Itadakimasu
  2. 婚約破棄する代わりに、家とは縁を切らせていただきます。


The daughter of Duke Senette, Lucia Sennete, engaged to the second prince, Randall, was having her engagement annulled at the Royal Magic Academy’s graduation commemoration party.

Lucia was condemned with the sin of bullying her step-sister and was thus expelled from the Ducal Household… No she is the one who is going to abandon them. This girl is holding a secret that none of them know….

Table of Contents

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