Troubled Villainous Daughter, My Fiancé Won’t Stop Approaching Me!? (LN)

Type     : Light Novel
Genre   : Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Smut, R-18 Novel
Author : Touno Kokonoe (遠野九重)
Source: Here

Alternative Name(s)

  1. 悪役令嬢ですが婚約者に迫られすぎて困ってますっ!?


The Duke’s daughter, Francesca di Rosenthal had gained memories of her previous life. This was an otome game and she was the so-called rival character. The heroine will come to steal away her fiancé, the second prince, Leonhart and the engagement will be dissolved in the process… As her engagement will be annulled anyways, Francesca decides to stay out of Leonhart’s way. Contrary to her expectations, Leonhart approaches her, believing that she’s having an affair.

“Don’t think about running away from me. I will never let you go.”

Leonhart, who was consumed by jealousy, stuck close to her every night, and began to slowly smother her with his love–!?

Table of Contents

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