Login Bonus with Skill Up – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Using Highest Tier Magic

About two days from that, I made money by slime hunting.

The price of the water-soluble was unexpectedly high, I received a subjugation reward of 10,000 gold.

Thanks to that, my financial status improved a bit.
I am currently at the magician guild’s dining hall, eating a delicious meal.

However, before I become independent, it is necessary to save some more.
We need to continue with money earning quests.
However, I noticed one thing.

「As expected, this is becoming a problem for us」


To my words, Soulas has a poker face while eating lunch.
Because we are a party, I would like you to listen more seriously.

「For now we have been hunting slimes rather easily」

「That’s right, using my beginner magic」

Yes, the number of usable magic remaining is low.
The remaining number of flame bullets is down to ten.

「That’s it Soulas, I guess it is the weak point of our party」

「Eh? How so?」

「That’s why, we have a problem」

Because the magic and skills are completely randomly, it is hard to establish a future plan.
The day before yesterday and yesterday’s bonus were beginner tier magic, but the remaining bullets did not increase.
It will not be as easy to hunt slimes soon.

Media is being Media, her heart broken into pieces after being attacked by the slime.

『I don’t have the right to advise you anymore, look for party members separately……』

That was the feeling, like a hikikomori, she’ll probably stay indoors for a while.

「Somehow, Media’s wall was rather excellent……」

「Did you mean meat wall?」

I was referring to the barrier actually. I am not that terrible.

But, although it has only been about ten days, you already figured out the party’s weakness……Kouta-san has a good head!」

「Because it sounds stupid, stop it. Rather, the weakness is because of your characteristic」


The characteristic of this login bonus, the ups and downs are too excessive.
However, Soulas herself does not seem to know.

「Maa, whatever, I did not see today’s login bonus yet. Please become a book for a moment」

「Eh…..my lunch, are you going to steal it?」

「I will not take it, it’s half eaten」

「Good! Well, I will change now」

Soulas turns into a grimoire with a smile, and comes to my hand.

And the words that appear when opened are.

『Day 4 Login Bonus! Highest tier magic, 一one shot――』

At that point I closed the book and threw it to the opposite chair.
Then, in a panic, Soulas turns into her human form.

「W-Wait a minute, please read to the end」

「It’s fine, I already know what it is」

Just the Highest tier magic increases, really this is becoming a problem.
The remaining bullets of the Highest tier magic already exceeds the others. Thirty-six shots, how are you suppose to use that.

「Wa, isn’t that lucky! It’s the strongest firepower?」

「It’s too strong to work anywhere!」

Even if you suppress it with a barrier, the surroundings will become a sea of flames.
You would need an extremely large empty area, be sure that there are absolutely no people around you, or you would just be a plain terrorist.

「N-No, no, there are uses for it!」

「For example?」


Since you apologized I’ll forgive you.

「Haa, I wonder where and how would I use Highest tier magic……」

When I complain how.

「Is it possible? You there, I apologize for eavesdropping on your conversation, but can you use Highest tier magic?」

A beautiful dressed, mature-looking woman spoke to me.
In the background there are several men with sturdy builds.

「Etto…….who are you?」

「Ah, excuse me, I am doing landscaping with real estate in this town」

Is it a real estate agent?
That reminds me, the man behind her is the gardener who came to maintain my front garden.
It seems he remembers me as well, and gives me a light handshake and greeting.

「Ano, excuse me. I will ask you again, but can you use Highest tier magic?」

「Ou, well, I can use it」

「What a relief! I have a quest that I would like for you to accept!」

What kind of quest would require Highest tier magic?

「It’s not some dangerous battle job right?」

If you are taking me to a massive battle, I would like to refuse with all my might.

「Yes, basically, it is not dangerous. What we are looking for is a skilled demolition worker」


「We will reward you greatly! Please cooperate in the demolition of the haunted house!」

Apparently, it seems I found one of the uses.

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