The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 125

No good… I should’ve asked for one more. The slightly yellow fan-shaped confection is little by little growing smaller.

I’m devouring it greedily. I’m bothered about a girl by nearby giggling.

Perhaps she’s giggling at me…

Isn’t it fine. Ignore it, ignore. We’re walking while eating!

I and Calcilast-sama praised the taste of our crepes.

I said “This one is more delicious!”, to which Calcilast-sama replied “No, this is!”, we talked on like this.

Calcilast-sama made a suggestion. While averting his gaze.

“Then, shall we exchange them? Like that we can see which one is better?”

For some reason, Calcilast-sama swallowed saliva. I heard the sound of gulping.

I replied “Of course, it’s okay”. We stopped walking and exchanged the crepes.

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