Troubled Villainous Daughter, My Fiancé Won’t Stop Approaching Me!? – Episode 12 – The Capture Target is Wary of the Heroine

Following what he said during the day, Leon came to her room. It was late at night and the moon hung high up in the sky.

“Sorry, I was delayed.”

“No, I don’t mind. I’m glad that Leon came.”

It has been five days since Leon’s last visit. Ever since they joined together that day, Francesca had been spending her nights alone.

“That transfer student… Angelina, as I thought, she’s suspicious.”

Entering through the window like usual and applying soundproof magic on the room, Leonhart grumbled with a serious face.

“Since the first day of her transfer, she’s been wandering outside of the dormitory every evening. She may be making preparations for a betrayal.”

“Well, if it’s about Angelina, I don’t think we’ll need to worry so much…?”

Because Francesca was somehow able to understand Angelina’s real intentions. Angelina would often use words like “game”, “original”, or “event”, she was probably a reincarnator like herself. In the original game system, you would be able to make three actions during the morning, noon and night, where you would choose a destination and encounter a capture target. The spot where Leonhart appeared the most was near the dormitory, Angelina was probably wandering around at night aiming for him… Perhaps Angelina was serious, but in the end, she was only a suspicious person.

“For the past five days, I wasn’t able to visit you because of the matter with Angelina. Sorry… but, it’s alright now.”

Why is it alright? Francesca wondered and at that time she heard a loud voice from outside.

“I’m telling you! That I’m the heroine of this world! A mob-chara like you shouldn’t interfere!”

“The curfew for the dormitory has long passed! Quietly return to your room!… Ugh, she’s running away. Tricia, catch her!”

“I’m on it! Let me show you why I call my ability ‘Storm of the Crimson Princess’. Prepare yourself, Ange-san!”

There were three voices shouting in all. All were familiar to Francesca. First there was Angelina. For her to have to declare that she’s the heroine herself, it wouldn’t be strange for people to see that situation as pathetic. Really, for five days she had been avoiding her surroundings. Next was the girls’ dorm president. She was a 4th year, a tall beauty who liked dressing in male clothes. Her popularity among the girls was overwhelming, she was graduating this year and would be missed by all of them. And lastly, her best friend Tricia… what ‘Storm of the Crimson Princess’. She couldn’t even think of a retort.

“First of all, I turned her in to the girls’ dorm leader. If they are unable to solve this, I will have the Royal Guard restrain her, and they will perform an interrogation… What, any number of crimes can be made up, anyways even dust will emerge if you strike it enough. In the first place the story of a ‘nobleman’s illegitimate child growing up as a commoner’ is rather doubtful.”


Francesca was once again in turmoil. Angelina was trying to follow the script of the original, but it was backfiring as well. Everything was different from the original. Instead of falling in love with Angelina at first sight, Leonhart grew more cautious with each encounter. Angelina was now treated as a dangerous individual instead. This also casted suspicion on Earl Calimel’s household. Whether it was a revolt or spreading information to another country. In anticipation of those, he sent his spies to investigate.

“Even if that woman turns out innocent, she’s still a criminal to me. After all, because of her, I wasn’t able to go to Francesca’s room for five days. Even capital punishment would be considered lenient—Now.”

Leonhart narrowed his blue eyes and held Francesca’s chin with his right hand.

“I’m sorry for leaving you alone for five days. So tonight, I’ll love you enough to make up for it.”

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