I’m the Otome Game’s Friend A, but I Decided to Resign from That Role and Instead Enjoy My Own Life

This is the world of an otome game.

It was a little bit before I entered the elementary school when I started to take notice about it. I was inside the car with my parents, on our way to a luncheon, when I saw a familiar school with a familiar name; and the moment my eye fall upon the familiar school’s name, all those memories started to explode inside my mind.

Although I felt abrupt pain inside my head, however, because I was still small, I instead panicked when I realized that I was a reincarnated person that I ended up screaming before I fell down from the seat.

My parents were so surprised by that unexpected incident. Since then, they have become so overprotective that I had no choice but to be resigned about it. After all, it just could not be helped. For them to see their kid suddenly screaming and crying before falling down senselessly, it will be really exceptional to find parents who will not be concerned about it.

Even if I remembered that I am a reincarnated person, my thought’s circuit was still functioning as smoothly as ever and I was enjoying my life in a carefree manner.

I did not try to fix anything just because I realized that this world was the world of an otome game, instead, I worked hard in planning the course of my future in order to ensure that I will not end up wasting my own life.

Thus, for me, who planned to enter the stage for the otome game in my previous life, the [Aya-Kyo Academy], don’t you know how great it was? Even though, this aim could be considered laughable, however, as the name suggested (The Kanji is different), this school was worthy of being called the greatest.

There were so many scholarship students from both academic and sport divisions, that this school ended up being one of the largest learning institution in this country; therefore, will there be anyone who will not know about the existence of this school? With that being said, this was a very famous school indeed. The graduates were so popular that they were sought after by the top universities as well as the top companies. Simply said, just by graduating from this school, it will label those graduates as one of those successful group of people.

And I had decided to enroll in such school.

I mean, whether this school was a stage for the otome game or not, wouldn’t you want to enter such place that will guarantee the future of your life? Of course you will try to enter it, normally.

Thanks to the fact that I had been reincarnated, I have never encountered any trouble with my study. Particularly, after I realized that I have been reincarnated, I have decided to work hard on it instead. And I really do put much effort on it. My student’s documentation was also good as I also belonged to the student council when I was in the middle school.


When I looked over at the classroom’s division’s list, it seemed that I was in the same class as the Heroine of this otome game, Kanzaki Yuka. Of course, the capture targets also ended up in the same class? Utterly inconceivable.

I have my own things that I would like to prioritize on, so I did not have so much of a free time to become the Heroine’s friend while shadowing her around as I cleaned up her mess.

Now that I thought about it carefully, I was supposed to become the Heroine’s Friend A, wasn’t I?

I have been so busy with my own stuff that I totally forgot about my character in the otome game [Laugh], which was the mob character known as, Friend A.

I was the kind of character where I will push the Heroine’s back when she was troubled or telling her the location of her intended capture target; Anyway, did you really wish to become that kind of a stalking horse for her? I do not see anything fun in wasting my time doing such worthless things. However, when I pondered about this, even though I had always ignored the Heroine’s effort to start a conversation, without being aware of it, I always ended up being dragged along by her.


There was one day when I was enjoying myself for not having to deal with the Heroine for that day when suddenly the Heroine called out to me.

While thinking about how troublesome it was, I went to the café that she had indicated earlier on, where I ended up seeing not only the Heroine, but also those capture targets who were drooling all over her, while sitting next to her no less. What’s more, it was at the open-air terrace.

I did not want to get close to that person; I mean, do you understand my feeling of not wanting to be involved with that? It was pretty obvious that it was a reverse harem, you know?? Other patrons were secretly glancing towards their direction, do you get me? Would you like to become closer to that kind of person? I know that I do not want to.

Though I already knew that there was a reverse harem route in that game, however, I never considered it to be practical, but, when I saw it in reality, I could not help but become astonished.

“A! Over here! Because I wanted all of you to see my best friend, I decided to call her over♪”

I sighed a little when I heard the Heroine said that line in a happy tone. Since when did the both of us turned into a best friend? I could not remember having any kind of conversation with her for the last few weeks either. What’s more, I would like for her not to call me in order to put herself in the limelight….

“This is…”
“Yuka’s best friend is plain.”
“Hey, you should not have said something like that.”
“I could see your point, President~”
“…….Totally unsuited Yuka……..”

In front of me were the capture targets who followed the classic otome game template, who were not only my classmate, but also belonged to the student’s council [by the way, from the top, [T/N: The five lines of conversation above] was the ore-sama type, black bellied type, fake-gentleman type, flashy type and well as the taciturn type of characters], even though they were looking at me inquiringly, I ignored them as I drank the coffee that I had ordered previously.

“Everyone is so rude!! I am sorry.”

The Heroine quickly apologized to me, however, I could see that in her eyes, she was actually gloating. In other word, this was the development that the Heroine had expected to occur.

I am not actually someone with a good personality… This damn bitch.

“It’s okay, you do not need to mind about it, I guess?”

While minding the rage in my belly, on the surface, I continued to smile at her as I looked at her amusingly while the Heroine started to frown.

“That’s right! I have a good news today!!”
“Good news?”
“You bet! You see, tomorrow there will be a goukon! However, everyone has told me not to go, so I need to somehow find a replacement! Even though it was with the student from others’ school, however, Miki-chan do not actually have a boyfriend, right? That’s why, somehow or another, I would like for you to become my substitutes♪.”

Excuse me for being delayed with my introduction. I am known as Akatsuki Miki. From now on, please recognize me with this.

Well, what should I do about this? In order to lure me to accept the goukon, as well as appealing herself to her beloved person which were these handsome men around her; she had offhandedly decided that I do not have a boyfriend, as she offered me to become her replacement in order to prove how gentle she was to the others?

Un. Even though it was bad to speak about ones’ mind while holding nothing back, but I really no longer wanted to be concerned with all of this farce. Moreover, from their eyes, I totally could see [It was amusing to see someone so geeky like you attending the Goukon] E? Did I suffer from some kind of a delusion?  In fact, did all these people had been looking at me as if they were looking at a stupid person? Probably that was not a misapprehension on my part.

“I am sorry. I have to restrain myself from attending a Goukon.”

I said that while looking at the Heroine a little apologetically.

“Why? Maybe there will be a cool guy over there?”

Going from the direction of her snap, did this person actually have some sort of scheme in her mind?

“That’s right! Yuka had been making all this effort to invite you!”
“You are not even adequate to act as Yuka’s substitute, however, I am not going to let Yuka go to that goukon, so just take over her place quickly.”
“I plead you not to be unreasonable.”
“That’s right, this is your chance to become close to a nice boy~ though they are obviously inferior from all of us.”
“…..Just go…”

These guys were totally crazy over her. How come they turned into a foolish person by ignoring other people’s opinion in order to appease the Heroine’s selfishness, were all of you that stupid?!

“It has been a while, Miki?”

Tentatively, I could not really be disrespectful to them since there were also a senior from the student council mixed in, so I tried to gently refuse them once again when I heard a voice calling my name.


The voice that had been calling for me came from a mature and eloquent handsome man; with a high-class suit, he attracted the gazes from the surrounding women which turned the atmosphere into a piercing one.

“It’s fancy meeting you in a place like this? Did you stop here on your way home?”
“Yes, I am here with my classmate as well as her boy-friends.”

It was out of style to use the word boy-friends, however, it was difficult to call them anything but boyfriend. Though I am not sure if they already been considered as her lover or not, so I decided to use the safer option.

“I see. It is already so late, let me send you home.”

Keigo-san smiled at me refreshingly as he grabbed my bag and my hand as he smartly charmed me to his side.

“Miki-chan!! This hands- M no!! Who is this lovely person anyway!?”

You were just about to say handsome (Ikemen) man, aren’t you? What’s more, there were hearts in your eyes. In the end, there were no discrimination for you.

“This person is Mishima Keigo-san. My fiancé.”

Though it did not show on my face, I was enveloped with a sense of superiority as I looked at the Heroine who turned stupefied upon my word.

“When you are talking about Mishima…..Do you mean that Mishima group?”

One of the capture target looked startled while keeping a smile on his face.

Keigo-san was the heir of Mishima’s Group, one of the influential group in this country. Starting from real estate business, this group had expended their hand towards wide range of apparel brand as well as dining places, and recently, they also started to consider in breaking into the shopping mall business or something.

Keigo-san grandfather was the President of this company, whereas Keigo-san father assisted the work as the Managing Director; even Keigo-san was currently working at the company as the Executive Director, as he learned about the company mechanism due to his role as the future successor.

“…Why did such man end up with that woman… When I am obviously the heroine…”

Keigo-san looked a little bit surprised when he heard Heroine’s words, though it went unnoticed by her.

Rather, I could conclude that, she seemed to be looking down on me. What’s more, it was as expected that this Heroine was also a reincarnated person. Ma~ it was my own prediction initially. I meant, her encounter rate for the game’s event were not something to be looked down upon.

Normally, can you really encounter such event that easily? I did come across some of those, though. Though, I am not someone who will tell it to the Heroine, myself.

“I got acquainted with her at one of the party I had attended previously where I end up falling in love at the first sight with her. From our conversation, I got to know how intelligent she is, and we somehow hit it off. By any means, I would like to be in a more intimate relation with her, however, I was hesitating in taking the next step in case she turned me down, therefore, I decided to get engaged to her as soon as possible, in order for her not to escape from me in the future.”

The surrounding people were stunned when they heard Keigo-san’s word. Ma~ I guess this was as expected; anyone will be wondering what kind of a bad hobby did he had for him to fall in love at the first sight with someone who had this kind of an appearances.

“Party? Intelligent? Love at the first sight? What the hell was that….”

The Heroine murmured as if she was unable to comprehend Keigo-san’s declaration, that Keigo-san’s face started to appear as if he was up to some mischief.

“Miki was someone who entered the Aya-Kyo Academy with the top score from the entrance exam and she even got the first place for every single test after that. Miki is also the daughter of a major IT company which hold the same influence as our Mishima’s group. Even her appearances are more beautiful than those model around.”

While saying that, Keigo-san undid my pigtails-style hair and take away my glasses which I had used to subdue my appearances.

Un. I know what you wanted to say. You wanted to know why those people did not know about someone who was placed at the top grade in the academy, right? My school originally intended to invite those popular and skilled students to enter the student council before the start of the schooling session. With that, the student council will also choose someone from among them to become the student representative and deliver the opening speech. Apart from that, unlike the normal school who announced the result of the top student, my school did not do such things, therefore, it was inevitable that no one knows the person who was placed as the top scorer.

Of course, I was also invited to become a part of student council, you know? Though I refused it at the end. I tried to stick around for a month or so, but at the end, I decided to give up. The teacher had been begging me in tear due to the Heroine’s foolishness, however, that was not my business.

And since I was also an Oujo-sama, shouldn’t I also attended all those parties? Social etiquette? Of course I was completely flawless. I mean, I was a reincarnated person, anyway.

In addition to my academic discipline, I also worked hard on refining my manner and my skin care routine with all my heart. And thanks to that, I was the pride of my parents, whom they did not even feel embarrassed to bring along to any function. Split hair? Acne? What is that? My skin was silky smooth with glossy luster. And as for my hair, it was all about the cuticle, you know? Angle’s ring? That was all common sense, you know.

There were also other reasons why I had been attending this school while concealing my own high specification.

I, myself, do not have any interest towards those high school’s student.

Because of my age when I died previously, I had never felt the urge to fall in love with someone around my age. As long as I did not hide myself, I will become popular at school, you see? E? Am I conceited much? Despite that, I decided that it was better to hide my true self in order to live well when my stalkers started to exceed 30 cases.

What’s more, I only felt like dressing up whenever I was out during the social circle’s event. It was not like I was venting my anger or something, though?

And I can say with confidence that, even though Keigo-san was eight years older than me, I found it easy to talk and learn from him.

The Heroine was stunned as she watched over my true appearances, and when I smiled at them, all those captured targets’ face started to turn bright red. Seeing that, Keigo-san quickly hugged me.

“Miki, please don’t show your smile to others so much.”

I could feel Keigo-san possessiveness from his word, but did he not understand that it was he, himself, who had brought upon such things to the surface?

Keigo-san held my waist as he escorted me before he pushed me into the passenger seat of his favourite car.

“I will pick you up starting from tomorrow.”
“Keigo-san have a lot of work to do, right? I will be fine by myself.”
“You can’t. They have already seen Miki’s true appearances, so they will surely end up as your stalker.”
“…. It was impossible for everyone to turn into a stalker just because they have seen my true appearances. And, wasn’t it Keigo-san who ended up exposing my true appearances?”
“They have been making fun of Miki…. So irritating.”

I could feel the joy bubbling up from inside me though I was quite shocked hearing Keigo-san childish words.

“Thank you very much. However, for me, I felt that it was enough just to have my most important person knows about the real me.”

Keigo-san smiled when he heard my word as his hand bobbing up and down upon the car’s steering.

“I want to quickly marry Miki, to live together with you, and to make Miki mine…”

I giggled upon Keigo-san declaration.

“Please wait until I graduated from school, okay? As long as you did not betray me, I will always be yours.”
“I am not interested in anyone apart from Miki….”
“Fufu, I believe in you.”

I felt happy when I heard Keigo-san sulky voice as I replied to him with a smile of my own.

On the next morning, after much persuading, Keigo-san finally let me go to school on my own, and at the school gate, all those capture targets seemed to have been waiting for me to arrive as they greeted me together before chasing after me.

Needless to say, things ended up as what Keigo-san had predicted it to be. I wonder why.


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