My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 01 – Side Story 02

The first thing that Mishuli felt when she entered the room was the slight sting of heat on her skin.
It was not because there was a stove burning in the room or anything. It was more of an emotional heat, it was causing Mishuli to feel a phantom heat.
And the source of this heat was the young girl in the middle of the room. There was a single girl who stood proud in the center, and an intense heat was pouring off of her.

“Hello, father. How are you today? Just as an aside, I happen to be quite angry with you.”

That heat filled glare passed over Mishuli and focused solely on Duke Noir, who stood next to her.
The girl gave him a look of such heated intensity that Duke Noir could not help but take a step back in surprise.

“Wha-, what is it, Christina?”
“Hah. Don’t play dumb with me.”

The young girl named Christina looked at her own father and snorted.

“Suddenly bringing an orphan back with you, how very impressive. Ah, wait. You, father, are the head of this Noir house. That’s quite impressive already. It can’t be helped then, yes, it could not be helped.”
“Chri-, Christina.”

Duke Noir flinched at the force of the anger-filled words.

“Just why are you in such an ill mood…? Perhaps you have misunderstood something…”
“Hmph. As if there was anything to misunderstand! I am angry, father! You good for nothing!”
“Good for nothing…!?”

She had not stopped with her overwhelming and heated, jealous attacks the moment her father had entered. He could not even start to explain himself. Mishuli had never witnessed anything so vicious and relentless before.
What was it, this viciousness?
Mishuli was left in a shock from experiencing such passion for the first time, then Christina’s gaze turned towards her.

“And, is this the girl that you were…what?”

The angry girl stopped in the middle of her words as soon as Mishuli entered into her eyesight. Her eyes widened as if to allow all of the steam that had been accumulating inside of her to disperse.
What had happened? The answer came as soon as Mishuli wondered this.

“A, ador…”

The first two syllables that came from that shaking voice; Mishuli was now able to understand the reason for her actions.
See, her shoulders drooped and she looked at the floor.
She had been very surprised at first, but in the end, they were all the same. This person would likely look at her with eyes that said ‘you poor child,’ as well…


A very different word than the one that Mishuli had been expecting now echoed through the room.


She raised her head reflexively, perhaps she had misheard her.
Adorable. No one had ever called her that before.
She did not know what it meant, Mishuli could only stand there in confusion.

“A-, adorable.”
“Yes, adorable!”

It was just one word she parroted, but it was still the first word Mishuli had said since she arrived here. Duke Noir looked at her in surprise. Mishuli did not notice, she needed to know the meaning of the word ‘adorable.’ She looked straight at Christina in order to discover what emotion lay behind those words. She trembled.
What she saw there, were pure and brilliantly shining eyes like she had never seen before.

“You, what’s your name…Ah! You are Mishuli!”

Mishuli wondered how this girl had known her name before she said it, but more than that, she felt herself being drawn into her dark black eyes.
There was not one speck of a color that Mishuli disliked there. It was a color that evoked ‘adorable’ and not ‘poor thing.’ The eyes of Christina were a black that should have sucked in all light, yet, somehow they were filled with a mysterious color that glowed brightly.
The girl with the eyes of a color Mishuli had never seen before, stretched out her hand.

“Woah, wow! What pretty blue eyes! Your hair is such a shiny, golden color… Uhh, can I touch it?”
“…Ye-, yes.”
“Really!? Well, I’m going to touch it then.”

She had been so overwhelmed, but she nodded. The girl looked happy as her hands touched Mishuli’s hair.
Christina gently patted her hair as if she were touching a treasure, she let out a sigh of admiration.

“It’s so soft and fluffy…and nice.”
“Christina… I don’t know what you meant, but, you are no longer angry with me?”
“Hmm? Oh, yes.”

Duke Noir asked cautiously as Christina now seemed to be in a good mood. She was grinning from ear to ear as she patted Mishuli on the head. She nodded to her father tepidly.

“I don’t care anymore.”
“You don’t care!? But you were so angry a moment ago?”
“Yes. But never mind that, father. You are being bothersome, so please be quiet. I am trying to enjoy this girls adorableness, there is enough information entering my brain at the moment…”

Mishuli interrupted the conversation that Christina and the Duke were having. She did not know yet, that it was most impolite to interrupt people who are talking. Though, it was probably for the best, as Duke Noir would only have been dealt with more and more damage had the conversation continued.
Mishuli wasn’t able to read such small details yet, she just wanted to ask something that she had been wondering.

“What color is that?”

She pointed at Christina’s eyes as she asked the question.
It was a color that she had never seen before. And so she had asked. What was that bright color that shone within her black eyes? What emotion were they? She asked with the limited words she had possession of.
Christina reacted with a carefree laugh to Mishuli’s question.

“Black. My hair is the same color too. It’s just a common, uninteresting color.”
“…No, it’s not.”

It was not exactly the answer she had been expecting, but she disagreed with Christina’s disparaging. She slowly reached up and touched the hair that was the same color as her eyes. Her sincerest feelings, thoughts that came from the bottom of her heart, spilled from her lips.

“It’s so pretty.”

It seemed she had not expected this. Christina’s mouth opened a little in surprise, but it quickly changed to the shape of a sweet smile.

“You say the most adorable things, Mishuli!”

The hand that gently patted her head felt a little ticklish, but Christina’s words had tickled her heart even more. She felt almost excessively happy.


Duke Noir had decided a few moments ago that he would not interrupt them. And now, seeing the scene before him, he realized that his fears had been groundless.
Nowhere was the angry girl who hated other children, nowhere was there an expressionless doll.

“Fu fu.”
“…Ehe he.”

What Duke Noir saw was just two sisters who were smiling at each other.


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