My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 03 – Chapter 71

When Charles visits, Michelie is put into a bad mood as usual.
Now that I think about it, it was the same with the hair yesterday. And now that she’s all tense before Charles visits, she’s sure to say or do something weird again. There are no other situations in which my adorable sister behaves this erratically.

“Alright, I’m going to welcome Charles now……”
“That’s fiiine. Go aheaaad?”

She tells me to go ahead, but on my way to the front entrance with one of the maids to welcome Charles, I run into Michelie who begins clinging tightly onto my sleeve.
She’s looking at me sullenly.
She’s cute.


The maid accompanying me sighs and comes back.
This won’t do. I’m being mesmerized by Michelie. At this rate, I’ll become her prisoner, unable to welcome Charles. I’m impressed by my sister. She’s so adorable even with such a sullen face. I could even say she’s being seductive.
While I can’t bear to shake her off by force, I still have an obligation to greet Charles as his fiancée. The maid is staring at me with increasing intensity as well, so I have no choice but to move forward.

“Um, Michelie……”
“Shall we greet Charles together?”
“Ab-so-lute-ly not.”

It’s such a decisive response that I’m at a loss, and I can sense the maid getting angry now. How dare she show her rage in front of her master.
But Michelie is my top priority right now.
The fact that she’s stopping me right now is proof that she’s still attached to me. Even though she’s taking her first steps to becoming independent, she’s not even ten years old yet. It’s natural for her to want to keep me at her side. I’m happy and proud of her.
But Michelie and Charles aren’t on the worst of terms. Sometimes when all three of us are playing together, I feel so impressed by her that I find myself holding my breath. Right now, she must be feeling emotionally complicated. I can’t very well shake her off like this. It will have a negative impact on her growth.
I wonder what to do. I’m seriously considering the option of carrying her like a princess and greeting Charles like that, but I wonder if my stamina can last that long.
Perhaps having run out of patience, the maid stretches out her hand toward Michelie’s fist.

“Lady Michelie.”

The maid softly wraps her hand around Michelie’s clenched hand.
I think she has the intention of persuading her, but she’s overstepping her boundaries a little too much for a maid. She’s probably being influenced by her personal feelings for Oxe.

“Lady Christina is most certainly not trying to ignore you, Lady Michelie. After all, she has a sister c-…… you are the entire world to her. I can see that even from the side lines.”
“No wait, what were you about to say?”
“So please try to understand as well. I am sure Lady Christina knows herself better than I do. If you trust her, then please let her go.
“Hey, I asked you what you were about to say.”

I try to pursue her slight slip of the tongue, but she seems to have grown bold since the beginning of her employment, and completely ignores me. Instead, she crouches and looks at Michelie closely.

“Is it all right?”
“……Hmm. Okay.”

While I’m glad she finally convinced Michelie to let go, I’m not so sure that her motives are based on her desire to see Oxe.

In any case, it seems that Michelie has come to terms with her own feelings. She gives me the world’s cutest, unclouded smile.

“Okay, big sister. See you later. ……I’ll go and play with you later, okay?
“Yeah. That’s fine……”
“Very well. I shall take my leave. Let us go, milady.”

Despite her bad attitude earlier, the maid urges me forward and pushes my back without too much force.

“……Oh well. I’ll see you later then, Michelie.”

I watch Michelie leave with a radiant smile on her face, then head to the entrance of the manor to greet Charles. I could have had more time to prepare myself, but my timing is perfect as his carriage arrives at that moment.
I’m glad I made it in time. With the maid anxiously fixing her hair at my side, I wait for Charles and Oxe to get off the carriage.
But it’s not the usual pair getting off the royal carriage.


The maid is showing a lack of manners, but I can understand why she’s so surprised.

“It has been some time, Lady Christina.”

The one who greets us so gentlemanly with a kneel is obviously not Oxe, who is usually terribly impolite to me.
Even while being surprised, I’m still a genius. Acting as a tactful lady, I return his greeting with a perfect curtsy.

“Indeed it has, Viscount Igusa.”

Viscount Igusa is in charge of instructing His Highness Endo on swordsmanship. I wonder what he’s doing here.
I can feel the maid shuddering behind me as I perform my flawless curtsy. She must be unfamiliar with my second form as a lady because I don’t often get the chance to show it to the servants of the house.
I turn my face up from my curtsy, and tilt my head to express my doubt.

“However, may I ask why you are here? Oxe is supposed to be accompanying His Highness Charles- Oh, my apologies.”

I see the answer for myself.
Thinking about it, it’s not a surprise that Oxe isn’t here. In fact, it’s something I should have expected.

“It seems that Sir Oxe has been dismissed after all.”

I affirm it with partial confidence while acting like a modest lady.
I feel sorry for the maid who burst out in shock, but it’s certain. Seeing the way he performs his job, it’s only a matter of time before he gets fired.
Viscount Igusa smiles gently in response to my quick understanding.

“Heheh. I am impressed by your sense of humor, Lady Christina. Of course, he is still under employment.”
“Is that so?”

Looks like I jumped to conclusions here. The maid sighs in relief.
That’s right. It’s actually not easy to dismiss someone working in the royal palace. Probably the first thing to happen would be…… demotion.
It would please me if he were sent to a harsh and remote region. They say that the north is freezing cold, so that may be a good place for him.
While I’m busy satisfying myself with my imagination, Viscount Igusa continues speaking.

“Yes. I thought you would have realized when I showed myself, but in fact-”
“It’s been a while, Christina Noir.”

The voice, which interrupted Viscount Igusa’s attempt to explain the situation, makes me stiffen.
That voice.


The grating voice is enough to make me stumble. I turn towards its direction. The person who got off the carriage has golden hair and blue eyes, albeit a different blue compared to Charles’ eyes. His straight, neat hair is also completely different from the usual soft, curly hair.
The only possibility I thought of was Charles. What’s going on?

“What’s with that face? The great Endo Edward has come all this way to visit. You should be honored.”

His Stupidity shows himself, with not a hint of maturity.

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