My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 04 – Chapter 93

Since the afternoon break was over, Freesia had to go to class right away.

Feeling grateful that it’s class time, this is a first for me. My attendance rate to lessons was shockingly low, afterall I had covered all the content up until graduation with Mariwa. Add to that the delinquent reputation I had to have, and class times weren’t something I ever paid any attention to. But since it got rid of Freesia for now, I was truly grateful from the bottom of my heart.

That’s how impossible it was to deal with Freesia. She was a scarily strong opponent; clinging to me even when rejected and only hearing what she wanted to. Even being as amazing as I am, I just couldn’t shake her. It was a mystery just where she got all that positivity from.

Since I didn’t attend classes, I sneaked out from the Academy and headed toward downtown.

Without even an escort, this was a true solo outing. I could easily handle two or three thugs by myself though, what with my power and the self defense techniques I had learnt from Mariwa. Not that I was going to the kind of place where that would happen anyway. For my walks I made sure to stick to main streets and patrolled areas, of course I didn’t venture into any dark alleys or the like.

Looking through the shop windows and browsing stalls, I continued down the street until a voice called out to me.

“Whaddaya know, if it ain’t Big Sis.”


I don’t have any younger siblings aside from Michelie. I looked over my should to see what kind of scoundrel was calling someone like me ‘Big Sis’, to see a man who looked like the textbook definition of a ‘thug’.

Well built with the shadow of a beard. Age looked to be in the twenties. Dressed in a shabby suit he looked like the kind of rotten guy who would hit on pretty girls like me, but he was actually an acquaintance of mine.

“Well if it isn’t Geist. What are you doing out in the middle of the day? Get a job. Looking at a deadbeat like you makes me want to punch your face.”

“Ahaha. I beg ye’ forgiveness. I’m really not out to cause any trouble though.”

“With a rap sheet like yours?”

“Ever since you gave me a what-for Big Sis, I ain’t done nothin.”

Scratching the back of his neck as if he’s embarrassed to be thought of so badly, Geist might think it’s all old news, but until just a while ago this guy was hardcore anti-aristocracy. With a gang of his ay young noble child who got off their carriage downtown would be harrassed.

I never ran into them until one day I happened to see them drag a schoolgirl from the Royal Academy down a side alley. Beating them up until they couldn’t stand, the violence I displayed wouldn’t stand under the self defence act. It wasn’t something that a villain should have stopped for, but there was no way I could ignore it when it was right in front of me. Well, you could also say that it was a good opportunity to trash my reputation as a lady with some violence. After that incident the people who whispered and kept their distance from me at school increased.

Given how we met, I had never imagined that he would now be a member of my entourage. He’s the older brother of the head of the Academy’s newspaper. He’s also the elder brother of You wouldn’t expect it from our first meeting, but now Geist is also one of my followers. He’s also the older brother of the student in charge of the school newspaper. All in all, for a commoner he comes from a pretty good family. His little sister speaks with exactly the same accent.

“Is that so. Well, I won’t tell you love aristocrats, but at least quit the pathetic harassment. Why not try to use your brain and come up with some more constructive ways to get your opinion across?”

“Ya don’t trust me a bit. Since your warning I’ve been doing just that. Since I met Big Sis I don’t hate a person just ‘cause they’re an aristocrat no more…..hey, how’s that little sister of mine doing? They says she’s a part of your clique, and that’s all I’ve heard….”

“She’s doing well. While I don’t know the particulars, she’s been all fired up about making a newspaper extra for the entrance ceremony”

“Hmmmm– She better not be causing you any trouble Big Sis. That kid, she gets carried away real easy, that’s my only real worry.”

“Well, she does indeed seem to be the carried-away type, but I’ve never thought of her as a nuisance you know?”

Right after entering the Academy, to protect herself Geist’s little sister has stayed close to me. As a commoner her standing was originally pretty low, but by being my follower her position becomes quite strong. Once she joined the Newspaper club, she’s been using my name to control the publication as she likes. Although she darts around me like a small animal, she does seem to be enjoying student life. I’m quite impressed by how high she has managed to climb by snuggling up to powerful people, I highly rate her ability to balance human relations.

“If that’s true then it’s a relief. So was there some business or something that brought ya down here today?”

“Hardly. Until classes end I’m just killing time.”

“If it’s like that, then do me the honour of coming to the Bar. Recently everyone’s been complaining to me saying they haven’t seen you in awhile.”

“Not my business…..Ooh, actually the Bar could be just what I need.”

Despite his shady looks Geist really has connections, through him I’ve actually made quite a few acquaintances. I don’t care if they pester Geist, but I could really go for a meal right now.

The reason for that being that even though I went to the cafeteria for lunch, I didn’t get a chance to eat anything because of that idiot. While I dealt with Freesia I only got a chance to nibble a scone with a cup of tea.

Geist may call it the Bar, but during the day it’s basically just a cafe with an open terrace. Since I know the people there well, his suggestion was actually perfect.

“Sure, I’ll go to the bar. I’m quite famished now anyway.”

“Score! If Big Sis is coming by, all the folks will be real happy y’know.”

“Excuse you. Am I being used as a sales promotion? It’s hardly decent to use people as wallets I’ll have you know.”

“No way, I would never dare.”

Hitting the bullseye with my prod, Geist was in a fluster denying it.

Because of certain circumstances, I have branched out from just my allowance to multiple income sources. Thanks to that I have quite large surplus of cash. For various reasons, I have developed another source of income other than just my allowance from Father. Thanks to that, I never have to worry about money. When I go shopping it’s always quite a gaudy affair, since I pay for everyone with me.

With those facts behind me, I could tease him a little with feigned disagreeability.

“You don’t have to pretend though? Food bought by others is especially tasty afterall.”

“No, I swear, that was really not my intention at all. If ya like, how about today we treat you Big Sis?”

To this obvious sucking up, complete with fake modesty and puppy dog eyes, I let out a snort of amusement. I am an aristocrat. A filthy rich one. The money used to raise me as the daughter of Noir Duchy all my life originally came from the commoners. People with less money than me, there’s no way I would allow them to treat me.

“Quit the jokes. Since I’ll be eating there, of course I will be treating everyone there.”

“Big Sis is truly the best! I’ll call out to my friends to join us on our way!”

“Call as many people as you like! I’ll treat all you fools with my charity!”

With Geist’s obvious flattery, I indulged him more. Being so easily flattered, I must seem like an easy to manipulate fool.

But that’s fine. My future is to one day fall to ruin after all. Whether they’re nobles or commoners, I need to be seen as the fool by everyone. It’s important to remind them of that occasionally.

Though I was happy to lie back and let them be, I suddenly added a condition.

“Ah, but tell them all to not get drunk. Actually, let’s just limit how much alcohol the store can sell each person. I don’t like drunks. Especially people who get drunk while it’s still day time.”

“Ye, yeah….”

Watching the disgraceful actions of drunk people since I was a child, I don’t like the irresponsible actions of drunks.

At my pickiness, Geist’s shoulders dropped with his spirits.

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