Reader – Chapter 37


“Magic missile.”

Soo Hyuk killed foxes on his way to the deeper parts of the hunting ground.

‘How much would these cost?’

The fox pelts that he had obtained after hunting numerous foxes. What was their value in comparison to the rabbit pelts that he sold back in Oren? They had to cost at least 1 gold each, right?

‘There’s still the money Yeon Jung gave me but……’

Soo Hyuk still had most of the gold that Yeon Jung had given him, but that was only because he had only spent it on bread. If he was going to buy equipment and other items, he would definitely need a lot more gold. Especially for the rare items that he needed to complete the skill quests.


Soo Hyuk abruptly halted his steps at the faint noise. He then carefully observed his surroundings.



He had finally arrived at the deeper parts of the hunting ground. Nearby there were two wolves howling at each other. Although he didn’t know what they were howling about, he still raised his sword.

Unlike rabbits, wild dogs and foxes, wolves were more aggressive monsters. Soo Hyuk was planning to attack before they noticed him.


Soo Hyuk conjured a fireball into his hand. His target was the wolf on the right.


Right after he threw the fire ball, Soo Hyuk muttered.

“Magic missile.”

The magic missile was sent flying towards the wolf on the left.



Even with the fireball and the magic missile hurtling towards them, the wolves still didn’t notice.


The fireball exploded on the right wolf first.


Only after its companion had been burnt to a crisp did the remaining wolf on the left notice Soo Hyuk. But unfortunately for the wolf that was the moment the magic missile arrived.


The wolf was hit by the magic missile and it was blasted away, its life having left its eyes before it hit the ground.

‘As expected.’

Wolves died in one hit whether whether they were hit with fireballs or magic missiles. Smiling, Soo Hyuk checked his drops.

[You have acquired: ]

– 2 wolf pelts

– 1 wolf paw

– 1 wolf fang

When the right wolf died, it had only dropped one wolf pelt, while the left wolf dropped a paw and a fang as well.

‘So wolves are the real start?’

Soo Hyuk thought while staring at the wolf paw and fang. In Pangea, users had a lot of diverse ways to make money.

The most basic way was to sell monster drops. Although no one knew where the idea had come from, almost everyone acknowledged that the first real item drops started from wolves.

Rabbits, dogs, and foxes didn’t drop any items worth mentioning, and even obtaining any drops was rare. The wolf drops were also bad, but the quality and rarity were a significant improvement from the rabbits, dogs, and foxes.

Basically, there were more things to sell. Soo Hyuk collected all the dropped items and opened his character tab while observing his surroundings.

‘No players or monsters.’

Soo Hyuk couldn’t see any players or monsters around. No matter how annoying hunting wolves was, Soo Hyuk thought there were too few players. After confirming that he was safe, Soo Hyuk looked back at his character profile.

Occupation: Archmage’s Descendant

Experience: 15%

Health: 3040

Mana: 36620

Satiation: 72%

Strength: 14

Agility: 15

Stamina: 58

Wisdom: 1831

His experience before hunting the two wolves was 12%.

‘3% for hunting 2 wolves?’

His experience had increased to 15% after hunting 2 wolves.

‘1.5% for 1 wolf?’

Wolves gave 1.5 times more experience than foxes. Although Soo Hyuk expected more, he couldn’t deny that this would accelerate his leveling speed by a huge amount. 

Soo Hyuk was leisurely one-shotting wolves as he walked along among the undergrowth. The biggest group he had seen only had 3 wolves, so while he suffered some injuries, it was nothing life threatening. 


Soo Hyuk suddenly heard a howl near him. It was coming from his back. Soo Hyuk closed his character tab and turned around hurriedly.


A wolf was eyeing Soo Hyuk cautiously while howling repeatedly. Soo Hyuk smiled at the wolf.

The main reason players avoided wolves was because of this cry. This cry drew other nearby wolves to the howling wolf.

‘How many will come?’

How many wolves would answer the cry?


Things would get tricky if too many came. Even if he could kill the wolves in one shot, he only had two skills. Plus, 10 and 15 seconds on a battlefield was a long time. Soo Hyuk didn’t wait for the wolf any longer and threw the fireball he had prepared.


The item drop window appeared when the fireball exploded.

– 1 wolf pelt

– 1 wolf fang

Preparing for the incoming wolves, Soo Hyuk quickly glanced around, cautiously watching for any wolves while collecting the drops.

“They’re coming!”

Soo Hyuk saw 2 wolves quickly dashing towards him. When the first one was within firing range, Soo Hyuk fired the magic missile.

The wolf couldn’t avoid the magic missile as it was already moving too fast. The wolf at the front was blasted away and crashed to the ground, dead.

‘This cooldown is a problem.’

Soo Hyuk’s expression was gloomy despite the fact that he had killed the charging wolf. It was because there was still one more wolf left.


Reaching Soo Hyuk, the wolf leapt from a short distance away, suddenly appearing in his face. The fireball was recharged at that moment.



[Level Up!]

The level up message appeared as the wolf was burnt to ashes by the fireball. But Soo Hyuk wasn’t in a situation where he could leisurely view his character tab.

There were still more wolves running towards Soo Hyuk. The wolves were still dashing fearlessly at him despite the death of their comrade.

‘4 wolves.’

There were 4 wolves heading towards him. They were each separately approaching from the north, south, east and west respectively.

‘Can I survive?’

Soo Hyuk thought as he mentally prepared for the wolves. Currently, Soo Hyuk couldn’t use his skills, fireball and magic missile, and in addition, his health was below 1000 from the previous battles.

‘One attack will deal 50 damage.’

The exact damage wasn’t fixed. The attack power was different with every wolf, but usually around 50 health would be lost every time an attack connected.

‘I have to dodge well.’

It was going to be a close battle. He would die if he wasn’t careful.

‘I should’ve bought some potions.’

Soo Hyuk wasn’t talking about mana potions, as mana wasn’t a problem for him with his outrageous wisdom stat. What he needed was health potions.

Soo Hyuk regretted not buying health potions before going hunting. His initial plan was to go fox hunting. Foxes weren’t a problem for him so he hadn’t bought any health potions. However at this point in time that was a decision that he was regretting greatly.

Then, the first wolf made its move.


While Soo Hyuk was regretting his decision, the first wolf had already began dashing towards him. It was the wolf behind Soo Hyuk. The other wolves followed its lead and started charging as well.

Soo Hyuk also moved at the same time as the three other wolves. He ran straight ahead away from the wolf that moved first. Soo Hyuk charged towards the wolf in front of him and waved his sword at it.

The wolf in the front crouched to avoid the blade and while the wolf had stopped moving, Soo Hyuk rolled past it and sprung back to his feet.

While Soo Hyuk was rolling past the wolf to his front, the wolf behind him had already leapt towards him while swinging its claws viciously. 

“Magic missile!”

Soo Hyuk hastily fired magic missile the moment it was recharged. His target was the wolf he had rolled past, the one who had dodged his sword strike. When he fired the missile, the wolf behind him slashed him across his back and quickly retreated.


The wolf in front of him couldn’t dodge and it was blasted away. There were only 3 wolves left now. But it was also the start of the true battle. There was now 10 seconds until magic missile recharged, and 5 seconds until fireball recharged.

You may think that this was a short period of time, but he was in a battle, where a split second would decide between life and death. Soo Hyuk brandished his sword threateningly at the wolves who were now in front of him. Regardless, the wolves charged at Soo Hyuk straight away. Was it because of how awkwardly he had waved his sword?

The one good thing was that now all the wolves were in front of him. He started to run away from them. Of course, he got caught not long after. The wolves flew after him and steadily shaved away his health. 


Soo Hyuk threw a fireball at a wolf while he watched his health drop. The fireball exploded on the wolf that was swinging its claws at him. 

– 5 wolf pelts

– 3 wolf fangs

– 4 wolf paws

Soo Hyuk’s item drop window was updated when the wolf died, but right now, he couldn’t care less about the drops. There were still 2 wolves left.

‘Phew, I managed to hold out.’

Soo Hyuk thought as he began to turn around to face the wolves. He had managed to survive long enough for his skills to recharge again.

“Magic missile.”


Soo Hyuk fired his skills at the same time the moment he turned around. 


The spells exploded on the wolves and ended his desperate battle for survival.

Soo Hyuk sighed as he began to catch his breath.

“There won’t be any more wolves, right?”

Soo Hyuk looked around at his surroundings. Thankfully, he only saw the corpses of wolves lying around.

“That hunt was crazy……I’m not doing that again.”

He had cast spells as soon as they finished their cooldown. Not 1 second was wasted. There were just that many wolves.

“Anyway, they dropped quite a large haul of loot.”

Soo Hyuk said as he glanced at his drop window.

“How much time has passed?”

When Soo Hyuk checked the time, he was left speechless.

‘No way.’

He had thought that a long time had passed, but this wasn’t the case.

“7 minutes?”

Only 7 minutes had passed since his encounter with the 2 wolves.

“I also levelled up?”

He had hunted numerous wolves since then. But 7 minutes? He had thought that it would take 5 times longer than normal jobs, but this situation was too absurd.


It wasn’t absurd in a bad way. He had thought it would take a long time to level up, but it only took him 7 minutes.

‘Well, I can kill 10 in a minute.’

Now that he thought about it, 10 wolves in a minute. Even if it took 5 times more experience, it didn’t mean that it would take 5 times as long.


Soo Hyuk smiled.

Thump! Thump!

Soo Hyuk suddenly heard a booming sound. He turned around to look at the source of the noise.


It sounded like footsteps. But it wasn’t the footsteps of a wolf. It was way too loud to be a wolf.

Thump! Thump!

‘What is it? A bear?’

Did a bear somehow make its way over here? Soo Hyuk stared cautiously at the direction the noises were coming from. But what he saw was far worse than a mere bear.

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