The Path of Perfect Evasion Healer – Volume 01 – Chapter 04

Chapter 4 – Evasion Healer Are Not Required

The adventurer’s guild was made of ore-like walls that were a little different from bricks.

「It looks Strong」

「Oh, yes, in an emergency, the adventurer guild will change as headquarters. The building is made quite sturdy.」

「I see..」

Freutz-san said it will still be crushed if a dragon attacks, but it will prevent attacks if such as Giant Bear.

No, wait, the problem is not that.

「Have monsters ever attacks the city?」

If so, they need to review the city’s defenses first.

「Not so often. if i remember correctly … it was more than a hundred years ago.」

「I see」

But is that possible it’s happens once every few hundred years? It seems better to raise the defenses level early.

The adventurer’s guild was lively.

Many adventurers chatting in the rest space where they are set up and talk about work at the reception. There are many flyers on the wall, but unfortunately I can’t read the text, so I don’t know the contents.

A pair of parties are looking while talking about their hunting schedule, so the job description is probably written. A large man who seems to be the leader has a big sword, and there is a Magician in a robe. A girls with large luggage and bow, but she is an archer and how about her agility?.

I’m just looking around inside the adventurer’s guild, but it’s strange because it makes me excited.

I’m sure that this is the dream of every gamer. Of course, this summonned thing would not be expected.

「Now, we’ll report the completed quest. What will Hiroki do? If you want to register, you can go to the counter over there.」

「I understand, i will do so」

「Alright. I’m like Tina and Dia’s guardian. If you have any problems, always call me out.」

「Thank you」

After thanked him i go to the counter on the far left.

The other counters were crowded, but no one was here. There may not be many people to consult. The woman at the counter smiled gently at me.

「Hello, It’s the first time i see you. I’m in charge here, My name is Harla.」

「Hello, I’m Hiroki. Well, uh..I wanted to be an adventurer.」

I sit on the prepared chair and looking at the woman in charge. Seeing the cat ears in her head, I immediately realized that she is a Beastman. …… But I just thought that there is no race beside Human in the continent where I am now. When I was staring at her, the woman noticed that and taught me about it, laughing.

「There are not many Beastman around here. But actually i am a half Beastman and Human.」

「Oh, is that so? Excuse me about it.」

「No problem, it’s fine. So, you want to do registration. Do you know the details?」

「I’d be happy if you could explain it」


Harla-san told me about the guild.

Adventurer’s Guild is a Human, Beastman, and Demonfolk institution, it’s established as a neutral position on all continents. Because there are many Monsters around the world, it is supported by countries because it has a reason to secure a certain level of strength when something happens.

As a result, in the border of each continent adventurer is allowed to pass just by showing the adventurer’s card identification.

Once registered, you can place and receive quests.

The details are written on the leaflet on the wall of the guild, but if you can’t read it, you can come to this receptionist desk and explain what is appropriate for your level.

「I understand about it. Well, do adventurers have ranks?」

「No, there is no rank, so be careful when choosing a quest …. There are many people who lose their lives …」

「Is that so…..」

It became an unpleasant atmosphere suddenly.

By the way, quests can be ordered immediately, and once completed, you will be able to get rewards.

However, if you fail, you will have to pay some percent of the reward. This depends on the difficulty level of the quest and the client.

「Do you still want to register?」

「Yes, please」

「So, fill out this registration form, and the registration fee is 3,000 Lotto.」


Is there a registration fee?

I want to be an adventurer immediately and get money, but it doesn’t seem to work. Then, Harla-san’s facial expression seemed to change and leaned over looked at me.

When this happens.

「In fact, I just came out from my village and didn’t have money. I was thinking of selling what I brought from my hometown, but I came here first.」

「It’s Ok, you can selling it here too, but what is it you want to sell?」

I am relieved that Harla-san continued her conversation with me.

But what I want to sell is goods from Japan. Looking at the registration form that Harla-san has, it seems better not to show the notebooks and pens that Ren gave. Then, all that remained was a mirror or Ruri’s handkerchief and also my chocolate.

And also this chocolate must be consumed immediately.

「By the way, is food okay?」

「What is it? well, we can buy if it is preserved food or potions.」


I take three small package chocolates from my pocket and place them on the desk.

「Hmm? What is this? Its my first time to see it. the package is glossy and colorful.」

I looked at Harla-san who stares seriously at the chocolate package. There is small Japanese was written, I explained that it was a simple character used in my the village.

「Ohh, i didnt know it, and it’s seem kinda harder to eat.」

「Hmm.. By the way, what can you buy in the capital if you have 3,000 Lotto?」

「Oh yeah, you just came from village right? Let’s see. If you have 3,000 Lotto, you can stay overnight in an inn that usually used by adventurers. But it has poor security area. So it’s not recommended.」

I see, one night’s worth.

If that’s the case, it doesn’t seem to be a very high registration fee.


Harla-san, the receptionist, will be able to pay.

「I want to tell you something」


「This is called chocolate candy and it’s very rare in my home country…. Harla-san can eat one, and if you like it, I’ll give you the other two, but you will pay my registration fee, how about it??」

————————- Yes, my goal is to make Harla-san pay for me.

「What would you do if it wasn’t good?」

「At that time, you don’t need to pay my registration fee. And i would’n charge you for what you eat.」

「… That’s fine. But don’t complain if I say bad!」

「Of course」

I was wondering if she would accept it, but I was surprised because it was accepted.

If you are in Japan, you’ll be called the worst, but it’s in a different world. So worth try.

Harla-san opens the wrapping paper and confirms the smell of chocolate.

「I’ll check it for the first time ….」

And then, she bring it to her mouth.


Maybe she was surprised because the chocolate starts to melt when you try to bite it. Haven’t you discovered an unknown taste that can distract you?

I squeezed my mouth with my hand, I could see the cat’s ears moving. Harla-san screamed and raised her face.

「Hiroki-san … this is so delicious !!」

「Is that so? I’m glad」

Apparently, residents in this world seem able to accept chocolate.

Harla-san picked up the remaining two on the desk, and I was able to register as an adventurer safely.

「Oh, be careful because chocolate will melts when it’s in a warm place or in hot water.」


Harla-san nodded greatly and happily smiled and proceeded with the registration process.

「This is the registration form, I’ll help to write it if you couldn’t write, is there any problem?」

「Yes, it helps me if you do that.」

Harla-san picks up the quill and fills in the form.

「Your name is Hiroki right?. And what Is your occupation and battle style.」

「Yes, umm, I’m a Healer and i have a lot of status point in Recovery and Evasion」

「Hmm. Healer, Evasion … eh, Evasion?」

Harla-san blinked her eyes while listen to my words.

「Uh, i have in Recovery too」

「But you use it for Evasion too? Healers only give their status to recovery. Healers who used Evasion is…」

Harla-san knitted her eyebrows.

「Hiroki-san, do you have party members?」

「Eh, no. I’m alone, so I wish I could find it in the adventurer’s guild …」

「Uhh, I don’t think there’s an adventurer who wants to put a Healer with Evasion status in a party.」


But I’m sure it will be okay if someone wants to try it first.

I think so, but Harla-san said.

Healer who gave a status other than recovery did not have knowledge on battle, and it seemed that the amount of recovery was not good enough because other status values ​​had been raised, and no one would want it.

A complete Evasion Healer is invincible.

Residents of this world seem to know no good at all.

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