I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! – Chapter 22

The Varieties of Righteousness


Maryjun stopped moving, a smile still stuck on her face as if she couldn’t process what she’d just heard. Her gaze started to sway in uneasiness, her smile slowly being replaced with a frown.

“I heard a little of the conversation just now, and also how you dealt with it.”


Maryjun tilted her head and stared at Violette in confusion, unable to piece together what Violette was going to say.

Her gaze that always looked straight at her opponent resembled Claudia’s.

Both of their actions were motivated on their own sense of justice. They always stood by their beliefs, just like a pure-hearted simple minded child. If their status was any different, their good virtue was surely a trait that everyone would admire about  them.

Those kind of people must have been raised alone with all the love and care in the world from their parents.

Not as a noble, or even as a lady.

“Please refrain from acting like that from now on.”

“Eh… Why, Onee-sama…!”

“You are already a noble. If anyone is talking back to you, you have to deal with them with proper manners.”

“So even Onee-sama is mentioning social status… That’s just strange!”

“It’s not strange.”

Violette declared. She interrupted Maryjun and made sure that before Maryjun could even bear her fangs to bite back, Violette made her point loud and clear.

What Violette was trying to tell her was that these are the skills that she must possess from now on. Whatever her values and personality was, on the surface, she needed to laugh and treat them as a joke.

Even if Maryjun was the daughter of a mistress, the blood that flowed inside her was definitely one of the Duke’s family. Since Violette had no intention to succeed Vahan family, it would be Maryjun’s duty in the future to do so. With that in mind, it would be problematic  for Maryjun to continue acting like a commoner even more than this.

There was a difference between knowing what it was like being a commoner as a noble, and empathizing with the commoners after experiencing life as a commoner. The former was a magnificent ability, but the latter was just being ignorant to the ways of the world while getting caught up in one’s delusions.

“Know your place, Maryjun. Please bear in mind that you are now a member of the Vahan Duke House, and you are in a position where all of your actions bear responsibilities.”

Violette didn’t know if Maryjun understood her words. The possibility of her rebelling was likely, and if Violette said the wrong thing, Maryjun would even consider her as the same as those other noble ladies.

After all, the difference between a commoners’ perspective and the nobles’ responsibility should be two completely different things.

“What do you mean by that…? Despite the horrible things they said, are you telling me that I should just smile and bear it as a noble…!”

Maryjun’s sorrowful voice evoked something within Violette’s memories. Maryjun looked more hurt from the rejection of her ideas that she wanted others to understand, rather than being scorned by Violette, who clearly wanted to hurt her feelings. 

If Violette didn’t make Maryjun understand her position here, she would definitely come across the same situation again and again. To be honest, Violette didn’t have any intention to protect her every time.

Even if Violette vowed to atone for her sins towards Maryjun, she did not wish to become an overprotective older sister as well.

That’s why, she could only personally change Maryjun herself. The only solution was to make her become a proper noble.

“If that’s the case, then Onee-sama is also wrong!”

Maryjun, who had a desperate expression as if begging Violette to understand her, was truly a good person. She freely approached other people, purified the evil in their hearts, and forgave their mistakes. It wasn’t something that just anyone could do. Violette felt dizzy as she wondered if this was the result of being raised in the exact opposite way she was raised, even if both of them had the same father.

There was no responsibility carried inside her frankness. This irresponsible form of justice that Maryjun carried on until now would someday get crushed by the world of nobility.

“You are certainly right, Maryjun.”

Maryjun smiled at Violette’s words, believing that her thought reached Violette. She was just like a child who was joyful the moment her form of justice won.

Violette would never understand just how that face with such a sparkling smile viewed the world to be such a lovely place. 

Maryjun was right. Violette wasn’t lying when she affirmed that.

“──Then, can you say that those who disagree with you are all evil?”

But no  one could decide that there was one and only one kind justice in this world.

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