What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 16


Labra-chan and I were having our lunch in the cafeteria.

Of course, Catherine-chan also joined the two of us.

“Bara Hime-sama! Why are you doing by having your lunch together with these commoners?”

“Eh~ is there something wrong with this? It has been my dream to eat lunch with my friends?…. Or is it really inappropriate for me to do such things?”

“Th- that is not what I mean!!Please excuse my improper behaviour.”

Just now, I have been warned by this pretty noble lady.

Perhaps, it’s also bothering Labra-chan??

“Is it better for me to change my seat?”

“It is okay! Let’s eat together.”

Catherine-chan was really kind.

Labra-chan face seemed to be cramping a little bit from that.

I am really sorry for that.

“Hey, do you mind if I join you?”

“A~ Pervert.”

“Stop it! I will apologize, so, please stop it.”

With the appearance of the Prince, the two people beside me froze.

“Recently, Cardinal had been throwing cold shoulder whenever you see me! Anyway, I heard that you are going to meet up with Kokoru later on.”

“Princess Kokuru is my healing sanctuary! She is so cute!”

“If you married me, Kokoru will become you sister, you know.”

“You did not need to worry about that. There is something else that will suit that purpose well.”

“What with that something else?”

That Prince decided to sit next to me without any care.

“If Yard and Kokoru Hime-sama were to marry each other, then she will eventually become my sister. What’s more, there is no longer any need for me to marry a pervert. Isn’t that killing two birds with one stone!!?”

“Wa, Ha~a? Are Yard and Kokoru even in that kind of relationship?!”

“They are not……. but, Kokoru Hime-sama seem to favor Yard quite well…. it will surely grow into something!”

“And you are going to do something about it..”

“How could that be, I only wish for my cute brother to find his own happiness!”

“You are lying, do you really hate me to that extent?”

“……If you were to ask me whether I hate you or not…..”

“Stop it. You are the kind of person who could easily cut me down without any mercy. This pair of siblings sure love ganging on me!!”

I replied to him while grinning.

“If you were to bad-mouth Onii-sama, then I am going to poke your eyes out.”

The Prince who was staring at me started to avert his eyes from me.

“It is always Vert.”

“It is because he is my beloved Onii-sama…. More than that, where is Onii-sama?”

“……..Why is it Vert all over again?!!”

The Prince looked irritable when his gaze fell upon Labra-san

“It sure hard on you to befriend someone like Cardinal.”

“N- No….”

Labra-chan started to look nervous.

“Labra-san is my important friend, so, if you said something weird, I will kill you.”

“You and your family have been talking about killing the member of the Royal Family since forever.”

“……I have never said such thing to Broud-sama!!”

“So you make an exception towards Royal Uncle? This is the problem with you!”

“…. Of course it was like that! I have been begging you to stop with this engagement talk between us since forever!!”

“Why should I do such thing!!?”

“Why can’t you?  I really can not understand you!! Please quickly took my candidacy away!! My family had been wishing for it since forever.”

“That is what you have been aiming for, all along!”

While the Prince and I was currently at standoff, Labra-chan interrupted us with a small voice.


“Didn’t you hear about it? Cardinal and I were once meant to be engaged to each other, but that girl suddenly said that [You are really a stupid prince, therefore from here onward, I would like to withdraw from this engagement.] among other things and started to reject it.”

“I do not have enough time to spare to tie myself up in an engagement with a stupid person.”

I was grinning while replying to his statement when my big brother suddenly materialized in front of us.

“It appear that you are talking about something fun!”

“Yes! Onii-sama!!”

“It was not a tiniest bit fun to me~!”

My big brother grinned as he patted my head.

All of us then had our lunch together on the same table.

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