Miniature Garden Chemister – Chapter 24

“I’m truly sorry!”

“You don’t have to worry about it.”

Shia is apologizing to me with great vigor. It’s apparently because she couldn’t keep me company on the last day I was in town. But I returned on my own volation and since Shia is so young, she doesn’t have to worry about it.

When I remember that she’s only 10 years old, I shudder because she has very good etiquette. Only 10 years old. The nobility of this world is abnormal.

“Hinami’s house is as amazing as always.”

“Is that so? I think I’m more amazed by Alfred’s dragon though.”

“Well, because not many people have dragons.”

Alfred slowly drinks the mana potion that tastes like black tea while playing with his red hair with his finger.

While Kiruto is fidgeting while nodding on the side.

“But I did not expect for you guys to come again… I’m really happy.”

“We are friends after all!”

Shia answered me with a smile which made me extremely happy. Friends are really nice.

Oh that’s right!

I jogged down the corridor into the bathroom, opened the dresser and removed the robe.

Shia’s robe that I couldn’t return since I wore it on the last day I was in town. Of course, it has been washed.

“Ah! My robe… I’m sorry, I completely forgot about it.”

“I am sorry too. We both forgot about it though.”

“Thank you very much!”

“You are very welcome.”

Since I gave the robe back to Shia it should be okay now. No, when I returned home and went straight towards the roof, I was impatient. But it’s because Shia’s robe was left out to dry.

“By the way, what will Hinami be doing after this? I thinking that we could go into town.”

“Did you buy a house in the city?”

“Are you going to be selling recovery potions?”

“Surely anything that Hinami makes is amazing.”

Alfred and Shia asked me questions about my future rapidly.

“I’m going to open up a store in town.”

“A store! That’s wonderful!”

“Certainly, there are plenty of people who would love to buy Hinami’s restoration potions.”

“Is that so?”

Both of them seemed to agree with it, and I felt a little relieved. It seems like Kiruto approves also because he’s nodding his head.

I wonder if he’s not talking much because his contractor is here.

“We’re preparing the store right now.”

“I’ll go buy some!”

“Thank you!”

Oh, I see.

Shia is an adventurer, isn’t she? She was hunting when I first saw her. Even though she’s so small, she’s amazing.

Kiruto and Shia feel like they are a knight and a princess. But doesn’t she have a fiancee?

“Since Hinami is going to open a store I’ll introduce you to the merchant guild. Or did you already register?”

“Oh, I haven’t done that yet, do I need to register with the guild in order to open a store?”

“You don’t need to have one for stalls, but if you were to open a store you need to register with the merchant guild.”

“Oh… I did not know that, then can you please help me?”

“Of course. I’ll introduce you to a property as well.”

“Thank you very much!”

It seems like with this I was going to be introduced to the guild without a hitch!

With this, I am one step towards my dream of opening a store.

If Alfred did not tell me about the merchant guild, it would’ve been dangerous.

Is it the merchant version of the adventurer’s guild? I’ll tell Ikuru later.

“Since our preparations aren’t done yet, so when I go into town, can I visit?”

“I’m usually not home in the daytime, but I’ll tell Sebas so you can come anytime.”

“Oh! I’m usually home so please come at any time.” (Shia)

“Thank you.”

As we were talking, a good atmosphere has appeared. All of a sudden the front door opened. The small bell on the door rung as if it was saying that someone is there, it seems like Ikuru is back.

“Welcome back Ikuru.”

“I’m home. Is that a … customer?”

“Yes, this is my friend Shia, her older brother Alfred, and their escort Kiruto.”

Ikuru made a brief bow and lowered the backpack he was carrying on the floor. He then bowed again while looking at Shia.

“I am Hinami’s curse slave Ikuru.”

“I am Alfred Meruditida”

“I am the younger sister Cynthia Meruditida, Hinami’s friend!”

“I am Cynthia’s curse slave, Kiruto.”

Ikuru greeted them politely, and they also introduced themselves.”

I tell Ikuru that we were just talking about the store and that they are going to be able to introduce us to the merchant guild. “If that’s the case then I’m relieved” Ikuru said, it seems as if he’s happy also.

“It looks Hinami made a contract with a curse slave also.”

“Yes, because being by myself is lonely and because I’m weak.”

“Being by yourself in the forest would certainly be lonely. I’m a relieved to hear that you have a guard now. Since Hinami was the only one in the forest I was a little worried.”

Shia said with a smile “Thank goodness”, and it made me guilty. I didn’t know that she would be that worried about me.

I am worried about Shia though, she seems like the type to be reckless. But maybe it’s because I met her when she was in a pinch…

“So your name is Ikuru. You are a curse slave that specializes in magic but not weapons. However you are supposed to be a guard… an anvanced guard?”

“Yes. I use a staff.”

“A staff! What an unusual weapon.”

Is using a staff unusual? But Alfred’s words makes me think that swords are more appealing to use as a weapon. Certainly, when we went to a weapons shop there more very little staffs are shown.

“Since Hinami is my friend, I will ask you too.”

“Yes, of course.”

For some odd reason, Alfred feels like he’s my guardian…?

Alfred is only one year older than me, but he feels much more mature than me. Is it the social difference because I’m a commoner and he’s a noble? Or is because he acknowledged that I am a hopeless person? Or is it just all in my mind?

“Hinami, if you have any recovery potions you’re selling I would like to buy some before we leave.”

“Okay. Right now we have high mana potions, and princess protection potions.”

“Really!? You saved me since I am a magician, mana potions is essential for me.”

Oh, I see. Both Alfred and Shia are magicians

When Shia heard that, she laughed and said “It’s because brother is rough with potions, unlike most people.”

I guess if you’re rich you can use potions like drinking water. As I was tilting my head, Alfred explained the reason.

“It’s because I’m the only one on duty in a dangerous place, unlike other adventurers who pick a place that’s less dangerous. So if I’m careless, I can get a serious wound and at worst… it can be the place where I lose my life.”

“Wow! Why are you going to such a dangerous place?”

“Oh, it’s because my party is full of strong people so there is no problem.”

Alfred answered full of confidence. He really trusts his party members a lot. Shia was indeed talking about someone being in a hero’s party… it Alfred!

The fact that he is very willing to go to a dangerous place, makes me convinced of his confidence.

“So the potions that I want to buy today is for me and my party members.”

“I understand.”

“Well, if you’re going to open a store, have you decided on the price yet? I’ll buy it for that amount.”

“Oh, I haven’t decided on the price yet.”

Hmm. The price?

I thought about just going into town and looking at the prices there to decide on my price, so I have not thought about it at all. This is a problem.

“For now, oh that’s right… Alfred can introduce me to the merchant guild so should it be lower than market price?”

“Does Hinami not know the actual value of your potions?”


“Well try to think about the price before I leave.”

“Oh, okay…”

Alfred’s words have some weight to it. Shia’s older brother came here to tell me the harsh truth, but it’s comforting to hear it.

“Fufu, Hinami should have more confidence. Ah, but not too much confidence like my brother.”

“……Shia, I can hear you.”


While laughing, Shia tells Alfred “I’m sorry”. I think Alfred has a sister-complex because he’s glaring at her. But I’m certain that Alfred will always listen to Shia’s selfishness.

“Oh yeah, Hinami I brought you gifts.”


As she said that she opens the bag, grabs the gift, and handed it over to me. I automatically recieve it, but the weight… it feels light yet heavy at the same time.

“May I open it?”


I undid the ribbon on the bag, and as I open it the hand mirror inside comes out. When I opened the item that was folded in half, I was right in the fact that it was a hand mirror.

The design is very cute with a ribbon motif, and it fits in the hand perfectly.

“ Look Hinami.”

“Oh now we’re matching!”

Shia took out the same hand mirror from the bag and showed me. It looks like she got us matching mirrors.

“Here look, you should push here.”

She pointed at the ribbon part of the hand mirror, and I push the button wondering what it does. Then I hear ringing from Shia’s hand mirror!

“Yes, this is Shia.”

“Eh! Shia is on my mirror!”

“This is a magic tool, although it’s not that strong so the distance that we can communicate is small.”

“Yes, it’s amazing! But are you sure I can have this?”

“Yes, this is also a repayment of the potions that I received here last time… But the distance of communication… well, it’s enough to connect us when both of us are in town.”

“I understand, thank you very much.”

This mirror is like a smartphone in my world, I am super happy. As Shia says close friends should stick together, especially if they are an aristocrat. But because the communication range is small, this gift is perfect in terms of price.

Is that so? As expected though, it can’t be used from the forest to town because of the distance. But when I go into town, I’ll try using it.

This is indeed a fantasy world. There are things that you cannot even imagine back when I was in Japan.

“Please contact me at any time!”

“Yes! Shia can contact me at any time also! The next time I go into town I’ll contact you immediately.”

“Yes! I am looking forward to it!”

Two people are laughing at us and it makes us excited about the future. I hope I can have a good time in town.

Ikuru, Shia, Alfred, Kiruto and I spent the rest of time talking with each other. By the way, it seems like Alfred will come and buy my potions on a regular basis. Thank you!

Indeed talks go on longer if there’s another girl! You can get excited over cute miscellaneous goods and clothes in town that is popular.

Well, the men may have just listened…

“Well, it looks like it’s already evening I should start getting reading to go home?”

“Oh, it’s already this late.”

Alfred looks out the window and says that they should be returning soon. Time passes by when you’re having fun.

“Oh, I’ll need the recovery potions.”

“Oh, of course, what did you need?”

“If you have 80 health potions, 60 high mana potions, and 50 princess protection medicine I’ll take them.”

“Okay, I’ll grab them for you right now.”

Ikuru goes into the basement and brings the potions that Alfred needed immediately. Oh, that was quick? Why does it feel like Ikuru knows the basement better than me now?

“Thank you. I can’t hold them all as it is, so just put them into this bag.”

“Yes. Put them in there?”

Alfred’s bag was smaller than the bag that we have to contain the potions.

“Oh, this is because the bag has space magic applied to it so it can store more than it looks.”

“Wow! That’s amazing!”

Alfred keeps on steadily putting the potions into his small bag. I did not know that such a convenient bag existed… I should buy one next time I go into town.

When Alfred finished putting all of the potions into the bag, he gave me a super heavy bag. I opened the bag and all I see are shining gold coins… how much is actually in here?

“I can’t accept all of this.”

“It’s okay. You should take all of the gold and use it to open up your store in town.”

“No, no you should take some back.”

“Shia, Kiruto, it’s going to get dangerous outside since it’s getting dark so we should go home!”

“Yes” (Shia and Kiruto)

Alfred ignores my proposal and goes out the front door into the garden. As expected though, I can’t accept all of this gold, so I chase Alfred but he is too quick and is already riding on his dragon… it seems like he didn’t want to listen.

Well, what should I do?

“Hinami, that amount of money is a reasonable amount for your potions so just take it!”

“That’s right Hinami!”


“Since Hinami already knows the value of your potions, I’ll order some from you next time also.”

“Alright, I understand. Thank you, Alfred, and please come back with all three of you!”

The dragon starts to flap its wings and floats a little from the ground.

“Hinami, don’t forget to keep in touch!”

“Yeah! Shia stay healthy okay!”

After those words, the dragons flies away in the blink of an eye until it’s super high and becomes small.

The way it looks flying towards the orange sunset looks magical.

“It looks like Hinami made a wonderful friend.”

“Yeah… maybe so.”

When I hear the words of Ikuru, I feel wonderful again. However, when Ikuru returned, was he not surprised by the dragon in the garden?

No, since it’s Ikuru he would most likely say “it’s nothing” if I were to ask him.

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