Miniature Garden Chemister – Chapter 22

Ikuru and I are relaxing under the shade in the mangrove, while feeling a sense of accomplishment. The wind feels very pleasant.

Oh, that’s right! I totally forgot about the princess’s fruit. I can smell the two princess fruit laying on a low branch and it smells somewhat sweet… it smells like … the sweets being sold at department stores…?

Okay… my vocabulary is too small.

The princess fruits are washed with the water of the magical mangrove, and I take one for myself and the other one is handed to Ikuru. I will make tea out of it sometime.

The princess fruit sparkles like a jewel. Well, do I eat it as is or without the skin? I don’t see any skin so is it good as is?

“You can eat the skin.”

“Oh, there is skin after all?”

“Yes, it’s just a thin film so there’s no problem.”

It’s as I thought, Ikuru can read my mind.

Or do you understand me that much? No, I think he’s a mind reader.

I take a bite of the princess fruit as Ikuru said. As I bite in, the sweetness of the fruit spreads throughout my mouth.


What is this?

The sweetness of the fruit made me fill up with happiness like I am a beloved princess. It tastes slightly different taste than honey and sugar but it makes my heart go doki doki. Although it is very sweet, it’s not excessive, so you eat them an unlimited amount of times.

“…It’s sweet, but the sweetness melts right away so it’s easy to eat.”

“Yeah… I can eat it an unlimited amount of times.”

“Yes, certainly…”

Ikuru seems to like eating the fruit. As I am eating, I am giving some of the fruit to Maro also.


“Ehehe, it’s delicious isn’t it”

“Mi! Mi!”

“More? It can’t be helped.”

It seems like Maro likes it too. The princess fruit can fit into my palm, and when I put it into my mouth, it puffs up my mouth.

As I eat a lot, it becomes big.

I wonder what the princess divine protection potion tastes like?


Doesn’t it taste like slightly flavored carbonated water?

Did it fail? It’s regrettable if it does taste like that, because the potions tasted very good so far. Is the princess divine protection medicine like that or is my skill just bad?

“The princess divine protection potion doesn’t have a taste.”

“That’s right… so I failed?”

“No, it’s not a failure because the effect is in place.”

“Oh, what’s the effect?”

“Try checking your status.”

< Kusonoki Hinami >

15 Years old

Lvl. 1

HP 30/30

MP 45/67 (45+22)

ATK 10

DEF 10

AGI 13

MAG 20

LUK 50

< Skill >

God’s Miniature Garden

Rhapsody of Light ( Light Rhapsodia)

Angel’s Voice (Sanctuary)

</p> <p>The God Ligris’s Divine Protection</p> <p>“Oh, my MP increased…!”</p> <p>“Yes, the effect of princess protection potion is to increase your MP maximum by half from one fifth.”</p> <p>“Oh, since my MP has increased from one half does that mean it’s a good potion?”</p> <p>“Yes, the ones in town that are being sold only increase your MP by one third.”</p> <p>I see.</p> <p>It seems like I did not fail in making the potion so the taste is like that….? I wonder if it usually tastes like carbonated water? If I wash my face with this it would feel like those actresses in those commercials.</p> <p>Will I have a beautiful face if I wash my face with the princess divine protection medicine every day?</p> <p>“……”</p> <p>Although I didn’t say anything, I seem to feel that Ikuru’s gaze is weird? It must be my imagination.</p> <p>“It’s not as easy as you think it is.”</p> <p>“…There’s no such thing. It’s good for beauty…”</p> <p>“…So”</p> <p>I still see Ikuru’s amazed face.</p> <p>“… If you put the princess fruit into the potion itself, won’t it taste better?”</p> <p>“Eh!?”</p> <p>The princess fruit in the princess divine protection potion? It would taste much better that way since it’s carbonated water with fruit don’t you think? When I think of it that way, isn’t the princess divine protection potion a great success…?</p> <p>Isn’t Ikuru a genius for noticing such a thing? No, it must be. He’s an intelligent , strong and handsome person, why would he enter a contract with me…? </p> <p>“How will you insert the fruit? The mouth of the bottle is not that large… will you move it into a cup and then put it in?”</p> <p>“That’s right … since it’s small, you cannot put the fruit in.”</p> <p>“Mi!”</p> <p>“What’s wrong Maro?”</p> <p>“Mimimimimi~!!”</p> <p>“!?”</p> <p>Suddenly, Maro jumped at the princess fruit as he screamed “Mi!” .</p> <p>Wait a minute, wait wait wait Maro! The fruit is poisonous! Huh, it seems like it doesn’t affect him?</p> <p>As I got worried about Maro I started to stroke it, but I pulled my hand away right away. He started to emit this cold air around him that was as cold as ice.</p> <p>“Impossible…!”</p> <p>“Mi! Mi~!!”</p> <p>“Eh, wait what’s wrong? Ikuru do you know what’s happening?”</p> <p>Pakin!</p> <p>(TN: SFX for something breaking)</p> <p>In that instant, the princess fruit on my knee was wrapped in light and shattered.</p> <p>“Eh?”</p> <p>As I touched the shattered princess fruit, I saw that it was extremely cold and that it had froze.</p> <p>I wonder if Maro did this…? I looked at Maro with a proud gaze. I threw out my chest proudly.</p> <p>“Mi!”</p> <p>“Snow rabbits can use ‘snow magic’ although, it’s extremely difficult for humans to use so not many people can use it.”</p> <p>“Isn’t Maro amazing!”</p> <p>“Mi~!”</p> <p>“You can put these into the protection medicine can’t you?”</p> <p>“Oh I see!”</p> <p>The crushed pieces of the princess fruit is certainly smaller than the opening of bottles for the potions.</p> <p>If you collect the scattered fragments and put it into the bottle it makes a bubbling sound and melts into the princess protection potion.</p> <p>What happens when the snow melts? I remembered that this was done in my Japanese class in elementary school. As if it was spring, the princess fruit melts and shines beautifully. Isn’t this the phenomenon you see when the snow thaws?</p> <p>“Why don’t you try drinking it?”</p> <p>“Yes…….!”</p> <p>Th – this is…!</p> <p>I drink the princess protection potion vigorously and it hydrates my throat. The sweet fruit combined with the carbonated water created a perfect harmony that left me speechless.</p> <p>(TN: Kind of like Italian soda?)</p> <p>As I was drinking, the fruit passed through my throat. Although it was sweet, I could drink it no problem.</p> <p>“Very delicious!”</p> <p>“Indeed… it’s better than I had expected.”</p> <p>“Mi!”</p> <p>Ikuru and I praise Maro by stroking him. Stroking him makes him feel good doesn’t it?</p> <p>Maro is a very cool and cute pet.</p> <p>“For now, is it safe here?”</p> <p>On the roof Ikuru and I plant the poisonous grass and then we took a break on the roof. If Maro or the chicken eat it, it will be a huge problem. So I decided to plant it onto the roof where animals can’t reach and raise with with the other herbs.</p> <p>By the way, I’m too scared to make poison so I haven’t made it yet. Because I’m afraid… of making any mistakes!</p> <p>But when I think of the future… will my level increase? Currently I’m at the weakest level, level 1. Furthermore, it seems like my statuses are much lower than the average person.</p> <p>I think that the strategy that Ikuru came up where I “apply poison to a stone and defeat the enemy” seems like it’s the best option for me. It’s a game where well… the monster is in a poisonous state and weakens gradually. It makes me feel like I am… cheap.</p> <p>Save points to get the door of the miniature garden.</p> <p>Get a house in town.</p> <p>Level up.</p> <p>… I’m a little afraid, so I’ll think about leveling up later. If you arrange the equipment properly, will I be less scared? Wait a minute? I … I only bought weapons for Ikuru! Don’t you need armor also? Because no one said anything, I did not notice at all. But, is it normal to have no armor… I will check it properly later.</p> <p>For now, I just need money and points. How should I sell restorative potions … ah, but Mr. Alfred said that he would introduce me to a shop. All of my potions were bought last time but it might be better to sell more and introduce different types this time.</p> <p>“Fuu…”</p> <p>The sun is setting and the forest is dyed orange when you look around.</p> <p>Are the birds that are flying returning to a … nest? Or are they dancing to express gratitude for first day of month?</p> <p>“Hinami, I can make dinner today.”</p> <p>“Thank you very much Ikuru!”</p> <p>“But it’s just going to be roasted meat with soup and rice.”</p> <p>“It’s more than enough!”</p> <p>Anything other than soup does not taste well. The seasonings are only sugar, salt, pepper, and olive oil, so it is difficult to season it well. But having just salt will make it taste much better next time. Next time I go into town, I will look for soy sauce.</p> <p>I look down at the sunset for awhile with Ikuru and then we go back down into the living room. Oh, it smells good! By the way, I am hungry.</p> <p>As we are eating, Ikuru and I are talking about today.</p> <p>I thought it would be peaceful, but the contents of our talk was not.</p> <p>“There was a couple of hard wolves, then slimes and snakes. There isn’t anything worth mentioning…”</p> <p>“Slime… I understand somehow… As for snake … it’s a snake?”</p> <p>“Yes, it’s a snake demon, I left the items that it drops in the basement. I’m not sure if it dropped anything special.”</p> <p>“Is that so? I’m glad that you are safe…!”</p> <p>It seems like there are different types of demons in this forest. I did not know that at all…! It seems like there three different types of demons here, it looks like the hard wolf is the strongest? When Ikuru explained it to me, he had said “ Because the other two types of demons are weaker than hard wolves, it was no problem.”</p> <p>I thought this earlier, but it seems like slimes are the weakest in every world?</p> <p>“I’ll try looking for the Kukuri tree a little more tomorrow.”</p> <p>“Yes and I’ll earn points.”</p> <p>“Well, don’t overdo it.”</p> <p>It’s all right leave it to me! Is what my smile is saying.</p> <p>Yes, I think it’s a great feeling.</p> <p>“Oh, I almost forgot!”</p> <p>“What?”</p> <p>“I didn’t prepare Ikuru’s armor!”</p> <p>“Oh, that. Because I focus on speed, I do not need to have a lot of armor. Besides there are only small fish in this forest so it’s not needed.”</p> <p>“Is that so…?”</p> <p>“If I go to a more dangerous place, it would be nice to have light equipment. For now this is good enough.”</p> <p>I see… it’s Ikuru after all.</p> <p>I need to put on heavy armor…! So I’ll save money and give him a light armor. It seems like protection isn’t needed for the monsters here… amazing.</p> <p>“I got it! Next time I’ll buy an excellent armor!”</p> <p>“A normal armor is fine….”</p> <p>“Well, you shouldn’t hold back on armor!”</p> <p>“Yes yes.”</p> <p>As expected, he gave me an amazed look.</p> <p>There is nothing more important than protection.</p> <p>“Oh yeah, have you decided on what kind of house you wanted to buy in town?”</p> <p>“Can’t you just get an ordinary house?”</p> <p>“You need to pick its purpose and location. If it’s just to go into town, you can get a cheap place in the back alleys, and if you want to sell potions you need to pick a good location where you can sell.”</p> <p>I see!</p> <p>I guess Ikuru is thinking about it more than me…! Or it’s just me that’s not adult like…</p> <p>“I haven’t really thought about it, but I would like to open up a shop.”</p> <p>That’s it. I think that having a “store” is a dream for girls. When I was small I wanted to have a flower shop or a cake shop. I had a lot of dreams like that.</p> <p>So I would like to fulfill my dream in this world. My dream was to raise beautiful flowers, of course. But because I have already fulfilled this dream, I no longer have a dream.</p> <p>“What kind of store would you like?”</p> <p>“Huh… a pretty and cute store?”</p> <p>“……”</p> <p>“I’ll have cute items, and the interior of the store would be cute and pretty also! I’ll talk to customers a little and…”</p> <p>“So you want a normal store?”</p> <p>“So!”</p> <p>Ikuru seems to a little troubled with my answer. Did I say something strange? No I guess… it’s weird for me to think this way.</p> <p>“Because Hinami’s potions are so effective, you can sell them to nobles and countries so you don’t have have to bother with a store?”</p> <p>“Eh…”</p> <p>“You can also have a store and sell them yourself while making connections. That’s more of Hinami’s preference.”</p> <p>“I see…”</p> <p>It’s the forms of marketing…!</p> <p>As expected. Ikuru is way ahead of me.</p> <p>But sales…? Should it be a store or direct delivery…? But wholesale doesn’t seem as interesting as a store. It could just be my impression though. If anything it’s because I would like to interact with customers. It would be good if it had a calm and relaxing atmosphere like a cafe.</p> <p>I nodded in confirmation as if I were alone, but Ikuru stopped me.</p> <p>“Hinami is silent but your face is shining…”</p> <p>“Well I am smiling happily!”</p> <p>But it’s true.</p> <p>I would like to engage with various people of this world! I want to live a happy and enjoyable life.</p> <p>There is only one form of marketing that I would like. A store that will interact with people! It’s been a dream of mine since I was little to have this type of store!</p> <p>“I’ll open a store where you can interact with customers!”</p>

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